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Monday, October 16, 2017
Episode 13,191
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady orders Nicole to take the call and drop Eric or else she will be exposed re: Deimos ... Hope admires her new plant at the police station and admits to Rafe she reinstated JJ. Rafe is not impressed ... At the club Gabi complains to Eli that her daughter dreamt of Will but he is dead ... John makes the sign of the cross at the cemetery as he and Paul prepare to dig up Will. Sami stops them in their tracks and demands to know what they are doing to her son, who is supposed to be resting in peace ... Nicole frowns and answers the call from Eric, fibbing she is fine. She loves him and will see him soon. Brady gets sarcastic about her act, remembering when she spoke and smiled at him the same way. She laments her love for him was real but he blasts her for lying to every man she meets. He rages and demands her decision. She gasps she has got to see Eric face to face first. Brady says more mean things and claims she created the new him. He dares her to end it with Eric or else she shall pay with prison. Then she will lose Holly forever ... John apologizes for the appearance of things and starts to explain. Sami has already heard about Ben and Clyde's claim. John now says the R word. Dr. ROLF. Sami pauses but is still peeved, even more so when Paul, the one she believes broke up Will's marriage, speaks. He agrees with her that Will could not be alive but John argues he is living proof it could be possible with the doing of Dr. Rolf. Paul tries to convince Sami that this is the only way to prove Will is not alive. Pause ... Gabi tells Eli how much Ari adored Will. She fears she will get her hopes up and then fall. Eli lists all the people she has in her life including Sonny and amazing mama Gabi. She giggles. Hostess Chloe greets them and makes a joke about Julie calling the shots. Eli sure wishes she would use her power of persuasion with the Salem PD cos he needs a job ... Rafe disagrees with Hope letting JJ back on the force and implies she cut him a break cos he is family. Hope sighs and asks what he would have done. Rafe talks rules and setting an example but he is still proud of Madam Commissioner ... Nicole attempts to appeal to the Brady she used to know. No luck. He will not back down. She cries and questions how he could do this. He blames her for ruining everything so he will destroy her life as she destroyed his! Either she breaks off with Eric or he exposes her ...

At the cemetery Sami finds out Lucas said no. Sami accuses them of going behind both Sonny and his back. John suggests she call Justin and give her approval so they can get to the truth. Will she? She glances at Will's grave as John and Paul await her answer ... Hope stands by her decision since they are already understaffed. She adds she loves the cactus Rafe gave her and they share a cute couples moment with a kiss in her office. Now about his new partner. She mentions Eli and Rafe refuses ... Gabi thinks her brother is wrong not to want to work with Eli. Ei thinks he got even more mad cos of their kiss. She muses she liked it so he teases her. Then he has to take a call ... Nicole cries Brady is trying to do exactly what Deimos did. Brady thinks her toxic love has that effect. She reminds him he is the better man. Brady is admittedly torn though he is sure Nicole is not good relationship material for any man. She implores him to let her be with Eric. He leers no and forces her to choose. She cries and calls him a s.o.b. Then she weeps he won and she is leaving Salem. He claps his hands and cries to go now. She hits back by calling Eric the better man. He begs to differ for Eric certainly has no halo. Nicole curses him and takes off in tears. Brady tries hard to ignore his own idle tears and stomps on her framed photograph ... Sami decides she must do what needs to be done for Will. She makes the call ... Rafe gets the call from Sami as he argues with Hope. Sami growls she wants to report a grave robbery.

Eli's call with Val ends and he asks where Gabi went. Chloe explains she paid the bill and left. He curses ... Gabi pays Hope a visit at the station ... Rafe joins Sami, John and Paul at the cemetery and tries to talk her out of pressing charges. John sighs and apologizes to his stepdaughter. She remains furious and he leaves with Paul. Rafe notes she has not changed and hugs her. She cries on his strong shoulder ... Brady has shattered his relationship with Nicole and unhappily flashes back. The future seems bleak so he starts to down booze. Lucas arrives and asks for some as well. Brady gasps ... Hope agrees with Gabi that Eli would be a great partner for Rafe. Eli appears and urges Madam Commissioner not to be swayed ... Rafe asks how long Sami is staying. As long as she needs to protect Will. He offers to be here anytime she needs him. She smiles and admits she will not be staying with Marlena. Rafe offers her a ride to anywhere. She smiles and opts to stay with Will a while. He gets it, whispers he will see her, and walks off. Sami sadly sits at her son's grave ... Lucas wants a drink and a word with Sonny, who is not around. Brady is sympathetic and they drink together. Lucas is sympathetic about Nicole. Brady boasts he won cos he ruined her happily ever after with Eric ... Nicole asks bff Chloe to watch Holly a while. Chloe can see something has happened ...

Nicole confesses she and Eric came together last night. She complains to Chloe Brady did not take it well. Chloe assures her he will eventually understand. Nicole again asks her to watch Holly and she appreciates what she told her before. Chloe assumes she and Eric will now have their happily ever after. Nicole hugs her and thanks her for being a friend. She woefully goes off to see Eric .... At the Kiriakis mansion Lucas suggests he help Brady at Titan. Brady turns him down. Lucas offers inside information about Countess W. Brady is sorry but he can do nothing until Victor makes his official CEO decision. Lucas gets it. Brady will let Sonny know he stopped by. Lucas makes off with a bottle of booze. He is in bad shape ... Eli believes the department should go by the book when hiring. Hope likes his integrity. Rafe arrives and assumes Hope went and hired him. Gabi hauls her brother into another room for a word. She calls him and Eli similar and points out they would be the perfect partners. Rafe sighs his sis is all fired up and warns this is not her fight ... Sami sits and sadly addresses Will's grave. She sighs every single breath she takes she misses him. She would trade her own life to see his smile again ... Eli heartily shakes Hope's hand. Rafe comes in and concedes the two women might be right. Hope offers Eli the job as Rafe's partner. The two men shake hands and Rafe warns him no more stunts. Hope smiles ... Brady boozes it up and hopes Nicole is doing what he told her to. Otherwise he will ruin her ... Nicole woefully approaches Eric's door as tragic music plays. Knock Knock knock knock ... Sami swears to Will's grave that she will get some answers so he is left in peace. Lucas arrives and is none too pleased to see his ex. He slurs she must have come to give them hell and takes another drink. Sami's blue eyes blink in bewilderment. Lucas falling off the wagon was not what she was expecting to find ...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 16