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Friday, October 13, 2017
Episode 13,190
1520 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Brady downs another drink as drums play. Nicole informs him she is packed so this is goodbye. Holly is also ready. She hopes the hurt will go away and marvels how wonderful he was. Brady accuses her of only caring about Eric and scoffs to go to him. Then he sits in Victor's armchair ... JJ bears a gift for Mrs. DiMera and baby as she holds him. They discuss her happiness and Ben the wedding crasher claiming Will is alive. They feel for Sonny. Abigail hopes he and Paul will be able to overcome ... John summons Paul to the square to update him that Ben could be credible. Paul looks perturbed. He knows he means Will might be alive ... Nicole is sorry. Brady snaps to stop talking. He feels like a beau betrayed. Nicole sadly states she was in denial all that time for she could forgive Eric after all. He counters he killed Daniel. She laments her love for Brady was more like ... Brady finishes a friend but he is no friend to her! She defends Eric and he sneers he is a saint. She asks him to be mad at her not Eric. He get vulgar about their table talk and warns her they will never be together again, her and her beloved Eric. Nicole soap stares uncertainly ... Eric happily rearranges the flowers and then opens his door to mama Marlena. She bears news. There has been a development about Will. Eric soap stares ... Brady refuses to let Nicole run off into the sunset with his brother. Matter of fact if she goes with Eric she will end up in prison for murder. It is no idle threat for she is now his Kristen, his Theresa - just another wanton woman who let him down in love ...

Eerie music plays as the DiMera fireplace fire crackles and Abigail asks JJ what will become of Ben. He admits he is off the case off the job. He has been suspended by Madam Commissioner ... Meanwhile Lani enters busy Hope's office. She admits the last 24 hours have been tough ... Paul points out Rolf is but a madman and Will was buried! John agrees it is a longshot. However, Rolf could have done it. He did it before - matter of fact to him! Paul gasps and wonders why Rolf would have done so with Will. John cannot say though anything is possible with the DiMeras. They must therefore follow this lead. He gathers it is hard for Paul to accept and places his hand on his shoulder ... Marlena informs Eric that Sami went silent on the phone when she called her about Will. Eric recalls Rolf brought John back to life. But this could be a longshot. Still, Sami is en route to Salem ... Nicole is simply stunned Brady would betray her. She points out he has no proof. He holds up the amulet and she adds his fingerprints are on it it, not just hers. He counters he has her confession ... Marlena notes Sami will need the support of her twin. Eric replies he is not far at the farmhouse. Marlena suggests they dine together on their upcoming birthday. He gushes he already got the present of his dreams cos he and Nicole have reconciled. Marlena eyes him with worry ... Meanwhile Brady boasts he taped Nicole's confession on his cell phone and plays her candid conversation with him about how and why she killed Deimos ... Paul asks how much Sonny knows. John explains Kate is meeting him now to fill him in. Paul is torn by the tragedy of Will and wishes Lucas would let them exhume. John adds they cannot ask Sami either. Desperate for answers, Paul declares they must do as they did with Stefano DiMera - do the digging themselves!

Lani and Hope discuss the Rolf story. Hope senses it could go either way. Lani now brings up JJ being suspended. As his partner and his sweetheart she is here to speak on his behalf ... JJ remembers Page and admits to Abigail he pulled his gun on Ben in his interrogation. Hope was within her rights to suspend him. Enough about work. He asks her to open her beautifully wrapped gift. It is something for the couple with everything. She opens the beautiful box ... Nicole accuses Brady of not letting go of her. He tells her to head for the door. She blasts him for this bombshell. He bitterly blasts her righ back for the heartbreak bombshell. Matter of fact he and Deimos proved Holly was hers, only to both end up in a bad way. She cries she is sorry. Brady is even more bothered by how Tate will take it. He already recognizes her and Holly as family. She angrily asks if he is making her stay with him even though she loves another. Eric ... Marlena does her best to say she is happy for Eric, who has stars in his eyes. He explains Nicole told Brady and Marlena wonders how he reacted. Eric still loves his brother. Marlena notes one can only control one's conduct, not how one feels. She has been there and Eric thanks her for her understanding. She believes the brothers will be able to work things out. Eric agrees and adds he does not want to create conflict for her and John ...

John will not go against Lucas, who wants his son's grave respected, not to mention the law. He asks Paul to be patient. Paul is afraid the distance between him and Sonny will get bigger the longer this drags out. It is not possible to compete with a ghost. He now begs his father to do this for him. John feels more badly by the Salem second ... Hope is listening. Lani wants her to know how badly JJ feels about what he did. She also wants her to know that Ben taunted him. She asks Madam Commissioner to give him another chance ... JJ has given Abigail the toy train he was given by Bo. Tis for Thomas. Abigail teases he can have it for his own kids one day but he thinks there is already a new generation and picks up Thomas with ease, explaining he is counting on him to look after the family heirloom ... Nicole wonders what Brady wants. He calls her a name and orders her to break Eric's noble heart just as she did to him ... Marlena smiles Eric is sweet to worry about her and John. But he only has one life to live and should be happy. She now remembers the situation between Sonny and Paul. If the miracle of Will is true then he and Sonny will have a second chance. She admits it is hard not to wish for and they hug ... John takes a deep breath and Paul continues to state his case. He promises to be respectful of Will's remains. They all need to know the truth. John asks when he wants to act. Paul doesn't miss a beat. Tonight's the night!

Hope starts to reply to Lani but JJ arrives with another apology. He promises he learned from his mistake and starts to leave. Hope stops him ... Eric walks Marlena to the door. The crickets are chirping and she promises to keep him posted on the search for Rolf. She smiles Nicole must be on her way. Mama Marlena loves her good son so much! He shares the sentiment and says he is here for Sami. Then they say their goodbyes ... Brady tells Nicole not to tell Eric he is forcing her hand. She must lie she has no feelings for him and then leave town with Holly for good! That way he will never have to see her lying cheating face again. Nicole gasps who has he become? The man she and the others made him. His terms are not negotiable. Either she abandons Eric or goes to prison. Nicole cries and shakes her head ... John and Paul are at the foggy cemetery by Will's grave with a wheelbarrow and two shovels. John ignores an incoming call from doc. But he notes she will know soon enough. Time to get to work ... Hope warns JJ if he makes another mistake he is fired. But Lani is missing a partner so she is reinstating him. The Deimos Kiriakis file has become a cold case. JJ promises to do right by the department. Hope warns him she has to be harder on family ... Eric is waiting and wonders where oh where Nicole is. He calls and her phone rings at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady coldly wonders which she will choose. Nicole gives him an angry wounded look ... Paul apologizes to Will's grave before they begin. As John is about to put his shovel in the ground mama Sami appears and grabs it. She tells him not to even consider doing it and gives him an angry wounded look. John and Paul both freeze ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 13