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Thursday, October 12, 2017
Episode 13,189
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chloe has written CLUB CHLOE on the club sign. Julie is furious ... Victor ask what Bonnie means. She heard his phone conversation about him ordering the hit on Deimos ... Nicole ends a loving call promising to return with Holly soon. Then she walks into the Kiriakis mansion, where Brady is about to have another drink. He kisses her and sniffles he was worried. He plays along and asks how Brandon fares ... At the pub Marlena and Roman wait for Kate to reveal the name of the inmate who stated Will was alive. John enters and Marlena is glad to see him. Kate notes it is John who has a lengthy history with he who claimed Will was alive. John is listening ... Brady sarcastically states how lucky Brandon is. Nicole has something to say and it is hard to start. She does care for him. She pauses and he presses. I LIED TO YOU ... I WAS WITH ERIC! Brady's blue eyes turn cold as ice... Marlena and John wonder. Roman gently urges upset Kate to say who claimed Will was alive according to Clyde. T'was Stefano DiMera's most trusted mad scientist. DR. ROLF! John purses his lips and raises his head. They all digest the dramatic implications ... Elegant Maggie watches Julie and Chloe clash. Julie asks her to tell Chloe she is right. The redhead in the stylish suit hastily excuses herself. Julie tries to pull rank ... Marlena is astounded. Roman notes he was Stefano's top man. John wonders whether Rolf began the conversation with Clyde. Kate explains Rolf did not even know when they started speaking that Clyde was the father of the notorious necktie killer. He claimed he was the one who revived Will. John raises his handsome head ... Bonnie repeats to Victor what she heard him say. He notes Xander did not kill Deimos anyway and tries to brush her off. Bonnie - still pretending to be Adrienne - asks then who did. Victor's eyes turn cold ...

Brady bitterly tells Nicole what a fool he felt when he called Brandon but she was not there. She admits she went to the country to convince Eric to come back to the center. He demands she look him in the eye and confess what came next so she does. I SLEPT WITH HIM ... Roman points out when Gabi found Will there was already no pulse. Marlena states Sami and Lucas even saw him in the morgue. John wants to know when Rolf says he revived Will. Roman wants to know where Will is. Kate has no answers as Clyde knew nothing more but he believed Rolf. She admits she also has doubts but why concoct such a tall tale? John finds it highly unlikely. Roman wonders what his motive was. Marlena now mentions the S word. STEFANO. All of a sudden it seems possible ... Victor tells Bonnie he would not have left Sonny to languish in the slammer if he knew who had really killed Deimos. He gets why she is peeved and wonders what her next move will be. She warns he could be locked away for a long time ... Brady gets sarcastic with nervous Nicole, who is sorry. He assumes she is after his forgiveness. Wrong! He cannot believe it as she woefully admits it is Eric she now wants for she looooooves him. Brady looks like he has been slapped a thousand times. Nicole praises him for all he did for her and Holly. He adds he actually sent Eric to rescue her and assumed she hated him. She admits her anger about Daniel was but a wall. Brady feels used. She sadly states she is grateful and he reminds her he covered up that she killed Deimos ... Victor warns Bonnie to back down. She is sorry that she gave him heartburn and agrees they are family. She smiles her one request is that he divorce the redhead and wed her ... At the club Julie and Chloe try to work together. They begin with the name and Julie argues Doug's Place speaks history and class. Chloe talks being hip rather than historic. Julie snaps her suggestion sounds like a diva's vanity trip. Besides it meant much for her Doug to have the place named after him. If she wants to break his heart then Chloe should tell him herself! He is a talent and a gentleman ...

Back at the pub, Marlena states Stefano was still in Salem when Will died. Roman assumes Stefano was attempting to clear Chad's name. If he was aware Ben was the killer he could have exonerated his son. John breathes but Stefano was a man obsessed with revenge. Kate wonders whether he would have held Will as revenge against Marlena. Stefano brought John back from the dead so it is possible he did the same with Will. Marlena whispers could their grandson actually be alive? Roman has doubts so the gang remind him of all the diabolical dramatic deeds Dr. Rolf accomplished. John is ready to race to Statesville to see him. Alas Kate is sorry to say Rolf is no longer there ... Victor believes 'Adrienne' has lost her mind. Maggie was right cos she is one fickle heartless wench! He refuses to divorce the redhead he loves. She threatens to expose his scheme to kill brother Deimos. Victor refuses to cave ... Brady hisses at least he was luckier than Nicole's notorious lover Deimos as he did not end up dead. Nicole begs him not to blame Eric for what happened. Brady laments he lost Kristen and Theresa and then believed his best friend was the love of his life. He did not realize she too was a lying beech. Nicole gasps ... Kate explains Rolf was released a year ago. No one knows where he went. John steps away to get in touch with the ISA to track him down. Roman must step away to prepare to open the club for the day. Marlena cries to Kate could it be? Kate cries Rolf could have, then cries it is too soon to have hope. They do not yet know enough. Marlena cries. How she would love to hold Will and hear his laughter again! Roman returns and adds they would never let him go. John comes back inside with big news. The gobal ISA search for Rolf is on! Roman muses it is getting real. Kate suggests she tell Sonny. They will all stay in touch. John now must go to Paul. Marlena warns it will be hard for him to hear. John hugs his crying doc and declares they will bring Will home if he is really out there. Then he goes to see his son. Roman grins about what could be. Marlena blinks through her tears that there is a chance. Roman insists they call Sami ... Bonnie tells Victor she recorded his conversation and could take it to the commissioner Hope, who would have to do her job. He must marry her if he does not want that to happen! Maggie arrives and asks what they are discussing ... Nicole cries she wanted to be honest and will never forget Brady's kindness and courage when he helped her. He bitterly asks what comes next. She intends to head to the farmhouse with Holly, where she will live happily ever after with Eric. He refers to her sordid past. Nicole does not realize the depth of his rage ...

Chloe and Julie are both passionate women. Chloe reminds her they are co-owners and she does count! Julie agrees they will work together. Chloe asks what she was looking at. Color samples for the office. Chloe selects lime green. Julie grimaces. This is not going to be easy ... Maggie wonders whether Victor is alright. Bonnie stands and states she was telling him her worry for Sonny, then smugly suggests Maggie sit with Victor. They have much to discuss! When she departs Maggie asks her husband to explain ... Marlena agrees it is best that Sami hear this from them. Roman suggests she call her now so Marlena takes out her cell phone and dials. She states this is mom and she has something to say. Something important so Sami should sit down ... Nicole hates hurting Brady. He orders her out with Holly and sits down in his sorrow. When she walks out he frowns. She shuts the door and calls Eric that the deed is done. Now they can be together ... Brady stares into space as the fire in the fireplace behind him burns hot. He feels consumed with rage. So emerges his dark side ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 12