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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Episode 13,188
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Adrienne is in Statesville, no longer stuck in solitary. She spies "Marlena" and runs to hug her. Alas it is really Hattie ... At the Kiriakis mansion fake Adrienne is stopped from spying on Victor by Sheila ... At the pub Roman gets worried when he realizes Kate is with Clyde. Marlena brings him up to speed ... Clyde leers and licks his lips at his ex-lover when he is brought into a room. Kate meets his stare ... Brady states his case to Victor, why he is the best man to run Titan not Sonny. Vic notes Nicole did not come home all night ... Eric and Nicole wake up to the sun in bed. She loves being here but now has to deal with reality. He whispers he will understand if she decides they are done. It has been so long he does not want to let her go. She gasps not to and they kiss passionately ... Brady stammers Nicole went to check on brother Brandon in Chicago but Victor is suspicious. He feels Brady is in denial abut her deception ... Roman asks Marlena who asked Kate to confront Clyde. Marlena states it was Sonny but Kate wanted to help. She brings up protective Roman's kiss with Kate. He will only say she is with Andre but Marlena muses the marriage is a sham. She smiles, sensing he is still sweet on her ... Clyde is sat in a chair by a guard and Kate calls him psycho. Grizzled Clyde grimaces and wonders why she came. She reminds him he tried to kill her and lists his other dastardly deeds. He had no idea Ben escaped but Kate demands answers ... Hattie shoves Adrienne away. Adrienne assumes Hattie the beech did to Marlena what Bonnie did to her. Hattie boasts she is that beech ... Sheila thinks Bonnie is blowing smoke. But Bonnie overheard the old guy ordered a hit. Sheila wants her money soon or else ... Brady gets his back up when Victor warns him to watch out for Eric, who is out of town as is Nicole. Brady gets his grandfather thinks they spent last night together ... Nicole wonders how to let down Brady. She feels badly but she will not lie. Eric is the man she loves! Eric gazes at her ...

Kate updates Clyde on Ben the wedding crasher's claim that he said Will was alive. Clyde laughs he was locked up. Kate laughs they know he sneaked in to see him so why did he say Will was alive? Clyde watches her without a word ... Sheila believes blackmail is the best way but Bonnie wants a wedding with Victor ... Brady is bothered by Victor's suspicions. He states Nicole is hopelessly devoted to him and they shall be wed. Besides Nicole is grateful, she would not betray him. Victor believes he has already been taken advantage of ... The storm is over and Eric has coffee for Nicole in bed. She sighs she will drive back to Brady in Salem. She suggests they should not stay there when they go public with their reunion. Eric lists big cities. Nicole tells him they can stay here in the country. He teases she is no country girl. She smiles Holly would be happy here like him. Eric suggests he install a swing. Nicole adds goats and a garden. She is home when she is here with him. Violins play as they share a poignant kiss. She wants him forever. They kiss again but it all seems too good to be true ... Hattie admits to Adrienne she actually impersonated Marlena. Adrienne deduces she is partners with Bonnie and screams why do this to her. Hattie insists she is innocent. Angelica was the mastermind cos she was after Justin but then she dared to die ... Clyde is handcuffed to the chair. He wonders why Kate came. For the truth about Will. His loved ones want it. He leers he would need something. Kate calls him delusional cos no one would cut him a deal. She implores him to share what he knows if she ever meant a thing to him ...Eric and Nicole bask in their togetherness as Brady eyes the booze back in Salem. Temptation to replace one addiction with another beckons ... Sheila refuses to help Bonnie and demands her money. Bonnie agrees to blackmail Victor on this day. She enters the living room and wonders why Brady is having a drink of hard liquor. Busted Brady cringes. He then lies he was about to take the dirty glass to the kitchen. He tells her Victor went to the square and asks about Sonny. Bonnie babbles she is worried about her boy and excuses herself to call him. Brady downs his drink, sniffles, and calls Brandon. He now finds out Nicole was never even there ...

Adrienne asks about Angelica so Hattie tells her all about it, with her own sound effects. Adrienne admits she hated her. Hattie is mad she used her and Bonnie and complains she promised to get her Roman Brady, her romantic hero ... Back at the pub Roman is cross Kate went to see big bad Clyde. Marlena lets him know it was for Lucas. He is sorry to hear he is no longer sober ... Clyde calls Kate, the woman he once loved, a beech on wheels. She explains Lucas is lost and clinging to hope that Will is alive. She asks why Clyde told Ben. Clyde scoffs. She begs him for the truth as a worried mother. She weeps Lucas blames her for his drinking. Clyde listens. She laments she was not the best mother for him but she will fight for his future. She reminds Clyde he beat Ben. He looks away and she adds she knows he regrets it but both their sons are broken. She cries that was why he lied to Ben, to make him feel better. However he also gave Will's loved ones false hope. Clyde quietly replies he regrets what he did ta his boy Ben and he would do anything to fix him. But when he told Ben that Will was alive he was tellin him the God's honest TRUTH.

Clyde informs Kate he got the intel from another inmate, who insisted Ben did not kill Will cos Will is alive. Kate cannot believe it but Clyde claims his source was sincere. She asks for his name ... Adrienne finds out from Hattie that Bonnie is after Victor's bank account ... Bonnie ingratiates herself at Victor's table as he breakfasts at the square. She chomps on a sausage and babbles about sticky buns ... Eric and Nicole cuddle in the sunlight as he happily says I love you. She seconds the notion. She sighs she has to return home. All of a sudden Brady calls and she lets him know she is heading home. He innocently asks what was so urgent with Brandon. Nicole nervously pauses ... Hattie feels badly as Adrienne screams she has to help her get out ... Victor pays the bill and blows off Bonnie. She stops him and states she knows what he did last summer ... Brady asks Nicole what is going on. She replies she will see him soon and hangs up. Bitter Brady throws the phone across the room and curses in rage ... Nicole feels guilty as soap sin for betraying him and Eric holds her ... Kate numbly returns to the pub with news for Roman and Marlena. Clyde heard from an inmate with firsthand knowledge that Will was alive. And this person is already known to them ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 11