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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Episode 13,187
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad and Abigail laugh as they wake up under their bedroom sheets, in love and out of breath. He apologizes for the wedding drama. She is happy for them but sorry for Sonny and Paul. Back to their home honeymoon ... Wedding cake bride and groom figures remain at the club. Paul arrives to help Chloe clean up. She has baby Holly and is sorry. They already cleaned up. Paul laments he wanted to wed the man he loves and doubts Ben's claim Will is dead. He blames Ben for making Sonny start to doubt ... Sonny meets Kate at DiMera mansion and updates her. He implores her to speak with Clyde at the slammer to get some answers ... Meanwhile desperate drunk Lucas gasps over Will's grave he will not let anyone dig him up. Will appears and warns he will end up in there if he is not careful! Lucas assumes he is alive ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady fumes about Nicole not answering his messages ... Eric stops kissing Nicole as the storm rages outside but she does not want to fight the feeling anymore. He is the one that she wants! They passionately kiss again. Lightning crackles and she suddenly stops, lamenting over her lack of loyalty for Brady. Eric whispers he knows she feels like it is a betrayal and suggests she leave before it is too late. But it is already too late. She announces she loves him. She says it twice with tears in her eyes. They kiss again and he closes his eyes for she is his dream girl ... Brady bangs around the Kiriakis mansion and eyes a bottle of booze. Enter papa John seeking Paul. Brady explains he is at the station with Sonny. John updates him on Ben's story about Will being alive. Brady asks after Marlena. She is handling it well though his real worry is for Paul ... Chloe points out to Paul that Ben is not exactly trustworthy ... Kate does not believe crazy Clyde would ever confide in her. Sonny begs her to try and find out the truth. He tells her of Lucas' refusal to exhume Will. Kate snaps Sonny should not have given him such stress and takes off to find him ... Will sits with Lucas, who wonders whether he is real. Will states he was hard on Sonny and suggests his father take care of himself. He knows he refused his loved ones' intervention and wonders why. Lucas cries Will looks as clear as day ...

John can see Brady is stressed. His son comes clean about his conflict with Nicole. John asks if he reached out after. Brady tells him about the ignored texts. John suspects it was about Eric ... Eric opens his eyes, marveling how long he has waited to hear those words. Nicole loves loving him and she loves telling him. He loves her as well. However, she is with Brady now. Nicole now knows she was confusing her gratitude toward Brady with love. A crash of thunder agrees. Eric does not blame his brother for what he did in the name of love but Nicole only wants to think about them now. Their feelings have risen to the surface where they will stay forever. She declares her love and desire for him and Eric answers with a kiss as he weeps. This is the only woman he has ever loved ... Home honeymooners Chad and Abigail find Sonny downstairs and he is sorry. He came for Kate, who took off. They ask him to sit and Chad wonders. Sonny sighs and updates them on Clyde's claim to Ben that Will was still alive. They all soap stare ... Lucas cries he cannot come back. Will wants to help him and pours the booze out of his bottle. Lucas protests, then turns around to Kate. Will has vanished. Lucas laments Will was here. Kate sadly surveys her son, seeing the depths of his despair in that dark cemetery ...

Lucas insists Will was not a figment of his imagination. However, the bottle is still full. Kate howls Will is dead and begs him to accept her help ... Chad does not consider Clyde a reliable source. Sonny feels badly about calling off the wedding but he has to know the truth before he commits to Paul forever. There could be legal complications ... Chloe calms fussed Holly and Paul asks about Brady and Nicole. Chloe admits they needed to work things out. Paul hopes they will be able to. So does Chloe ... John finds out from Brady that his drama with Nicole is connected to Eric. Besotted Brady bitterly admits he made him leave town before it was too late ... Meanwhile Nicole and Eric are making love in the storm ... Lucas cries Will was really here and Kate crouches beside him, crying she is sorry she did not do the right thing for him before. She believed hitting rock bottom was the answer but not now. Now she begs him to fight to live. Lucas cries about wanting Will. She reminds him he is gone. Lucas cries Will could be out there all alone ... Chad agrees to appeal to Kate on Sonny's behalf. Abigail is sympathetic since this was also supposed to be the start of Sonny's honeymoon ... John realizes former mobster Victor gave Brady the wrong brand of advice. He urges him to talk to the girl and fight for his family before it is too late ... Nicole and Eric loooooove being in each others' arms in the afterglow. Eric quietly wonders what comes next and holds her close ...

Kate wants to take Lucas home and promises to investigate Ben's story but the drinking stops tonight! He empties the bottle on the ground and cries on her lap. Kate is highly emotional ... Chloe brings the baby home to Brady, who demands she come clean about Nicole's whereabouts ... Nekid Nicole wants Eric again and then stops, realizing she forgot to tell Brady that Holly was with Chloe. Now she checks her phone and finds all his calls and texts. She has to call him now! Shirtless Eric wonders what she will say. Nicole considers ... John catches up with Paul at the square. They discuss the drama of Ben. John believes these are mind games. Paul starts to wonder whether Sonny really wants to marry him. Sonny overhears and disagrees. John discretely departs. Sonny insists he is only after answers. Clyde is key. They now spy Kate and Sonny approaches her to ask again ... Chloe claims to know not where Nicole went. Brady now gets a call from her and wonders why she left. Nicole stammers there was an emergency. But brother Brandon was alright. She drove to Chicago and will update him in the morning. She will spend the night in Chicago. Brady is relieved she did not run off as they argued about Sonny. She denies it was that and will see him tomorrow. Brady sounds relieved. She hangs up and cries how guilty she feels. Eric holds her and is sorry for her stress though not one bit sorry she is here with him ...

Abigail feeds Chad in bed. Then they giggle and continue their home honeymoon ... Sonny is sorry to hear Kate found Lucas drunk at Will's grave. She has decided to meet with Clyde to give Lucas the closure he needs. But she would rather not discuss more at the moment. She walks off. Paul hopes Sonny will get the answers he needs. Sonny states they will be both their answers and assures him he loves him. Paul loves him back and they hug ... Chloe hears what Nicole told Brady and excuses herself to close up the club. Brady can see she is hiding something. She denies it and departs. Brady blinks with worry ... As Eric strokes her face Nicole admits she feels badly for Brady. But tonight she wants to stay in Eric's arms, where she belongs. They clasp hands and he wonders about the future. She breathes never mind until the morning and they make love again ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 10