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Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Episode 13,435
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Tripp tells Ben to go away. Ciara states they had proof he set the fire to try and kill her. But Ben calmly claims he was set free as there was no real proof. He is an innocent man who would never hurt Ciara ... Eve greets pleasant Paul in his room and asks whether he has seen Brady. He heard he was there but he was asleep. He asks for their wedding date. She sighs there might be no wedding ... Sami runs into Brady at the hospital and updates him on John remarrying Marlena, who still seems mad at her. Brady reminds her she did shoot her. Sami declares she was drugged and wonders whether he has heard from crazy Kristen. No and with any luck she has left ... John is horrified to hear that Kristen went searching for Marlena. Hattie bumbles and stammers. Meanwhile Roman is down and Kristen starts to get up. Not so fast cos Kayla gets the gun and warns her not to move ... Sami now sees Will at the hospital. He marvels John must be thrilled Marlena is awake ... John tries to reach Roman. No answer and he smells trouble. Hattie hopes Marlena is in a safe place. John takes off like lightning ... Kristen stands up and laughs Kayla the good doctor could never shoot anyone. Kayla shouts to shut up. Kristen suggests she attend to her two patients, blows Marlena an until next time kiss, and slithers out with a smile. Marlena watches with horror from her bed. Kayla rushes to Roman’s side ...

Ben and Tripp glare at one another as Ciara gets confirmation from Hope on the phone that the print on the can was planted. Hope said she did not do it. Ben scoffs and excuses himself to shower. Ciara has tears in her eyes. Tripp looks furious ... Sami apologizes for not answering Will’s calls and confesses she was running after Kristen leads. He is all ears but she sighs they were just dead ends. She asks after Paul and is sorry to hear he may not walk again. Will sadly states he has a long hard road ahead. Sami notes he is strong and he has got Will on his side. Will hangs his head. She probes. Will admits he remembered being with Sonny and he ... Sami deduces he still loves him. Will sighs he does but the right thing to do at this point is to remain with Paul ... Paul is all smiles and positive when Brady pays him a visit. His brother is here whatever he needs. Paul thanks him and explains Eve was looking for him. Brady leers he never wants to see that liar again ...

Hattie gets an unexpected visit from Eve and takes a few moments to remember Brady’s fiancée ... Roman wakes up and is alright. John rushes in and gets emotional about the women he loves being awake. They shed tears of joy together. He gushes he is here sweetheart and marvels over the miracle. Roman makes light of his head cut to Kayla and goes after Kristen. Kayla offers to take the tubes out so Marlena can breathe on her own. John squeezes her hand and thanks God ... Sami admits to Will she is convinced Kristen was telling the truth that EJ is alive. That is why she has to find her. She questions whether Will can really give up on the one he loves. Will points out he and Sonny are doing the right thing for Paul. Sami calls it a mistake. Will, however, cannot turn his back on the guy who saved his mother and now cannot walk. Sami warns him not to live a lie ... Brady blames Eve for his losing custody of Tate. He feels betrayed. Paul suspects Eve was scared, which was why she did not tell him the truth. But Brady this time is unforgiving ... Eve admits to the woman she thinks is Marlena that she fought with Brady. Hattie sips champagne and suggests she pull up a seat so she can shrink her. When Eve explains what happened Hattie is hard on Brady for judging her to a higher standard ... Ciara asks Tripp to give her time alone with Ben after he emerges shirtless from the shower. Tripp grudgingly goes in the other room. Ben pulls on a sweater and thanks Ciara for her hospitality. Still wearing nothing but Tripp’s shirt she tells him to leave. Ben looks into her eyes and assures her nothing changed. Now they know someone set him up. He hopes she believes him. She states it is not that. Ben breathes a sigh of relief. She turns, her eyes filled with torment, and tells him his presence is confusing to her. Besides she now has a boyfriend ...

Sami suggests Will not sacrifice his love with Sonny. Will insists he is doing the right thing and hopes she will support him ... Paul pours out his heart to brother Brady about his suspicion that Will is staying with him out of sympathy ... Eve is stunned that “Marlena” is not siding with stepson Brady. Hattie claims it is clear she was trying to help him. These men themselves are far from perfect and he does not even deserve another chance. Eve thanks her. Hattie is all about girl power ... Marlena is now without the ventilator and whispers JOHN. He emotionally admits he feared he would lose her and holds her head. She smiles as he swears she is safe now ... Ciara informs Ben it would be unfair of her to let him stay cos of Tripp. It would be best for all of them if he moved out ... Paul asks Brady if he believes Will is only with him out of obligation - but before he can answer Sami comes in with Will. Brady excuses himself. Sami thanks Paul profusely for saving her son and then gives them their privacy. Will sits with a smile and suggests they watch the game on TV. Paul agrees but he can see something in his eyes ... Brady now runs into Eve, who updates him on “Marlena” siding with her. She states Brady’s sins are way worse than what she did ... Visitor Sami seeks a word with her mother to say she is sorry. Hattie boasts about her rock from John. Sami begs for forgiveness ... John gives his baby some water. He raises the gun when the door opens. Tis Roman, who admits Kristen is gone but they cannot call the cops cos no one can know Marlena is here. Marlena gasps WHAT?!

Ben sadly sighs he will leave. Ciara says thank you. He praises her for all she did for him and smiles she has a friend in him always. Her eyes fill with tears as he tells her he shall miss her. Tripp, now fully dressed, watches ... Will turns off the TV and tells Paul they should talk ... John notes sweetheart does not need more excitement. Kayla confirms that. Marlena whispers Kristen said no one would find her. John explains they had to hide her. Marlena senses there is more they are not saying ... Hattie forgives Sami and hugs her. Sami cries she would do anything. Hattie asks for a burger from Buddy’s Burger barn no pickles. Sami finds the request unusual but Hattie ushers her out ... As Kristen spies from around the corner in her hospital scrubs, Brady warns Eve they are done and he is moving out of their suite. They go their separate ways. Kristen silently follows Brady ... Sonny waits for Will to speak. Will informs him he found them a wheelchair accessible place. Paul is over the moon. Will hugs him with a sigh ... Tripp interrupts. Ciara hands Ben his bag and explains he is going for good. She wishes him luck and he walks out. Triumphant Tripp tells her she did the right thing but her eyes betray her emotions ... John wants a word alone with the woman he loves. Kayla leaves with Roman to stitch up his head wound. John suggests rest but Marlena wants him to start talking. He updates her on the directive he had to fight. She smiles he hid her. He has high praise for Roman and Kayla helping. She thinks the others think she is missing but John stammers not exactly. Meanwhile Hattie puts on country music and starts to dance in her room. Enter Sami with the burger. Hattie freezes. Sami does the math ... Brady tells Eve’s picture good riddance and drops it in the trash. He picks up his bag and opens the door. There stands Kristen, who murmurs HELLO HANDSOME to his perfect poker face ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 2