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Monday, October 1, 2018
Episode 13,434
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Ciara asking Tripp to take her to his room. He seeks clarification. She wants to make love. They kiss again ... At the station Rafe informs Hope that the print seemed to have been transferred from another surface so Ben was really set up ... Stefan sarcastically states to Sami how Kristen warned him she was a wacko. Sami threatens him to start talking ... As Hattie waits for John to kiss the bride, Kristen taunts the real Marlena with her gun. She tries to struggle in her bed ... Abe waits. Hattie wants a pic of their wedding kiss. Belle uses her phone. John is now unceremoniously grabbed and kissed by Hattie ... Kristen suggests she and Marlena have a girl talk. She taunts her for now being in the bind she was in after she shoved her through that tower window. But the buck stops here. Her hand moves to the ventilator. Marlena helplessly watches in horror ... Tripp is taken by surprise. However he feels their first time should be more ... romantic. Ciara needs no rose petals and reasons at least they are alone. She is ready if he is ... Hope argues it cannot be. Rafe assures her Shawn double checked. Someone planted that can of accelerant. Hope assumes he suspects her ... Back at DiMera mansion Stefan takes a drink. Sami only wants to know what Kristen said about EJ. Stefan flashes back to her starting her story and lies to Sami she said nothing. Sami threatens to call the cops cos he was aiding and abetting his sinister sister ... John finally breaks free and rubs his lips. Hattie gushes and blushes. John thanks Abe and Belle and suggests they go easy on the excitement. Belle has brought champagne. Hattie would love some to celebrate snagging the man of her dreams ... Kristen throws Sami’s framed photo, furious her shot did not kill Marlena and lists all the reasons she hates DOC. She accuses her of stealing her John and then ruining her romance with Brady, hence her hatred. Time to pay!

Back at the loft Ciara insists she is really ready. Tripp brings up Ben. She feels badly about that. He clumsily claims she does not owe him. She fears he does not trust in their feelings and blames herself. He suggests they stop talking so they kiss again and again. Then they head to her room ... Rafe swears he believes Hope. However, someone planted that proof which makes her look bad for finding it. She sighs it did seem too good to be true. Rafe now wants to know who planted it ... Stefan grins he had the place cleaned so Sami would only get herself arrested for trespassing if she called the cops. She claims he is like Stefano. Stefan likes the sound of that as they never met. Sami states EJ did not grow up with father phoenix either. But being a DiMera was hell. Stefan thinks his life looks bright as he has a child on the way. Sami appeals to him as a future father. EJ’s children need him ... Belle proposes a toast and repeats Marlena’s toast to her and Shawn when they wed. She gets choked up about Marlena stating she wanted another chance with John. Now here they are so here is to happiness. Abe excuses himself to work. First Hattie asks him to sign the marriage license, which she partially covers to steady it she says. Abe will file it at City Hall. John drawls to hold on ... Kristen strokes Marlena’s hair and smiles she will miss her. Then she aims the gun at her. Kayla opens the door and cries STOP. Kristen now turns the gun to her. Marlena watches the drama unfold from her bed ...

Ciara and Tripp slowly make love as the sunlight streams in ... Back at the station Hope notes many do not like Ben. Now their case is tainted! Rafe tells her they have to release Ben ... Stefan suggests if EJ were alive he would have found a way to reach his family. Sami warns him Kristen is no friend of his. He is still not budging so she offers him half of what she has of EJ’s share of the DiMera fortune. In return he must reveal everything he knows down to the last detail ... John wants a word with Abe. Hattie grabs his arm and insists they select a honeymoon location first. Abe goes on his way after the men handshake ... Kristen giggles and welcomes Kayla to the party. Kayla rushes to Marlena’s side. Kristen orders her out. Kayla blames her for costing Paul his ability to walk and stands before this Salem patient, declaring she will have to shoot her first. Kristen takes aim ...

Stefan is not interested in couch change and compliments Sami for trying to use what is really his money in her negotiation. She argues he would impress everyone by getting that share. He admits Kristen did mention EJ and he ... He stops that is all and alludes to the information being worth more than anything she could offer ... Hattie gushes she will never take her ring off. John states to sweetheart Belle her mom needs rest. Belle is glad they are good again. John knows she only had her mom’s best interest at heart. Belle hugs her father and smiles at Hattie. Once she is alone with the reluctant groom she brings up the c word. Consummate. John grimaces ... Kayla appeals to the good in Kristen but it is long gone. She warns she could get caught. Kristen cackles no one will come to rescue them. Enter Roman from behind ...

Ciara tells Tripp it was perfect. They agree they no longer feel alone. He gushes he loves her and she gushes she loves him right back, caught up in the moment of not feeling alone ... Rafe has tea for Hope but still she refuses to release Ben. She has to keep him away from Ciara. He warns she could face a lawsuit so before the situation blows up she should let Ben go. She gasps he is guilty. Rafe reasons they will prove it another way ... John calls Kristen crazy cos there will be no consummating a dang thing! She claims she was kidding cos she wants only Roman. But she will be true to John while they are wed. He warns her this is not real. She muses the mayor is filing paperwork with HER name on the license soooo if he tries to back out she will bring him down along with Kayla as well as Roman ... Kayla asks for a minute to bid Marlena goodbye. She gets half a minute and that is when Roman makes his move, fighting Kristen for the gun, as he orders her to let go. Kayla and Marlena watch helplessly as they hope for the best outcome ... Hope returns to Rafe announcing it has been done. He praises her for doing the right thing and they hug ... Tripp is in his boxers as Ciara feeds him quiche in the kitchen, clad only in his shirt. Then they kiss. Enter Ben, who is baaaaack ... Sami tells Stefan to think it over cos she is not giving up. She starts for the door ... Hattie admires her rock. John excuses himself to go see doc. Hattie now tells him about Kristen coming and spooking her. He demands details. She mutters she wanted to find Marlena and she had a gun. John is exasperated ... Meanwhile Kristen cries out like a wild animal and falls to the floor with Roman. The gun goes off with a SOAP BANG.


All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 1