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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Up by early afternoon  October 3


- Nicole is sitting at the table in Dan’s place. She flashes back to Dan vowing to stand by her as long as she and baby need him. She tells her unborn boy it is showtime as Dan enters. He wonders what she has been doing. Online research and she is ready to take back her destiny! She emotionally updates him on the traumatic nightmare she experienced, that EJ had taken away her baby. When she woke up, her heart was beating very fast. Dan gets his morning tea and tidies up. He appears only mildly interested in her latest idea. Nicole muses she could tell the truth, that EJ is the father, but that is no option. And so she found the answer online. Apparently an obscure law in the state of Utah allows a biological father
to be denied almost all parental rights in certain situations. Dan, however, refuses to let her move all the way to Utah by herself. He examines the printout and wonders how much she read. According to this, she must also have an adoptive father for her child. She throws her arms around, him, assuming he would be willing to do so. She assures him he would
be like a real father. Dan is flabbergasted. She argues EJ could make him lose his medical license in Salem so it would be much better for him to be faraway. It would work! Dan believes leaving town would be a last resort only. Nicole starts to cry and show how frightened she is. He shakes his head, noting his mother and his practice are in Salem. Besides, something could change in the meantime. Nicole continues to cry. He assures her he will stand by her and the baby. She cries she is grateful. Dan increases the distance between them and makes for the door. He must get to work and promises to see her later. He mutters they will find her another place to stay. Once alone, Nicole sighs it was worth a shot. Now she will have to find another way to keep Daniel away from the widow Jen. Her beeping phone reminds her of a doctor’s appointment and she decides she will do some shopping first.
- Maggie, Abigail, and Jen catch up at the house. Abigail asks her to tell Mel she misses her, then says she loves her, and leaves. Maggie calls her cute. Jen marvels at the silence in her home. The house guest from hell is gone! Maggie is not surprised that Jen gave her the boot. The redhead now explains she is visiting her today to make a request. “Please stop hurting my son!” Jen proceeds to complain about the evil Nicole causing trouble, her wanting to help Dan. Maggie elaborates. It ripped her son’s heart to shreds when she claimed to be disappointed in him! Jen laments he is not letting her get involved in his life these days anyway. Maggie sympathizes with the pain she must be going through, given her recent loss. She is sorry if she seems rather callous. Jen understands her wish to protect her son. She too was trying to protect him and that is why he got upset. Maggie thinks it is not true. Jen insists it is true. Furthermore, Dan has been dangerously dismissive towards her. Maggie cannot imagine but Jen insists it is true. Maggie does not mean to sound judgmental. Jen understands she does not want her son to be stressed. Maggie points out how trying it was for Daniel when he lost his ability to be a surgeon and then his daughter left the country. He needs to know those he cares about are there for him! Jen doubts she even counts in his life. However, mama Maggie knows better ...
- EJ meets criminal attorney Mr. Brown at the park and orders him to make the depositions Chad and Nick gave disappear. He will not be thwarted by bloody children! He knows for a fact those depositions are
a lie. And he needs a loophole. He informs him that the depositions were done by Justin Kiriakis. The lawyer is pessimistic . Justin Kiriakis is a pillar of the legal community with an impeccable record! EJ drawls then they can get a judge. Brown warns the days of DiMeras buying judges
are over. Those depositions are rock solid! Exit the top criminal lawyer and his briefcase. EJ sighs in exasperation and rolls his eyes.
- Rafe answers the loud banging at his door. Pretty Gabi throws her arms around him, gasping the nightmare is finally over! Rafe wants her to slow down. She gushes Chad made a deal and will keep his silence. There is no need to protect her anymore. Rafe grins.
- Sami shows up at Chad’s room demanding answers about what EJ promised him. Chad thinks their discussion is over and opens the door. Sami presses.  She knows EJ is playing him and offers to help him gain the upper hand. Chad admits his brother had promised to help him get Melanie back but it can no longer happen. Sami wonders where Gabi fits it. Chad advises her not to get involved but Sami warns him about EJ and his so-called promises. He only ever helps himself and Chad certainly has the right to know what he is really up to. Chad is no fool and considers her offer.
- At the pub, Abigail runs into an attractive surgical intern and strikes up
a chat. The girl now smiles her date is here and walks to the door, where Cameron puts his arm around her. Abigail’s face falls.
- Gabi boasts to Rafe that Nick the hero took care of everything after he heard Chad threatening her. Rafe does the math. Gabi explains they gave statements. Nick exonerated Chad and Chad then exonerated Gabi. The depositions are legally binding so Chad will never be able to change it. Rafe excitedly agrees this really does mean a second chance. She thanks him for standing by her and leaves. “Wow! This is great!” exclaims Rafe. He now reaches for his phone and whispers "Sami!"
- Sami is perched on Chad’s bed, listening to him intently. He will only say that what he had on Gabi was big enough to send her to prison. He confided everything to EJ, who promised to help him get Melanie back. That is all he knows. Then Nick changed things and EJ became angry. Sami snaps she knew it! She suspects EJ used what he had on Gabi to make Rafe stay away from her. That explains why Rafe said he had to stay away from her. Chad curses “Damn him!” and storms off. Sami laughs to go get him and gushes now she can call Rafe! But alas she
forgot her phone! She takes off like a bat out of hell. Meanwhile, Rafe
has been unable to reach her and he takes off too!
- Maggie arrives home to the Kiriakis mansion, where suave Victor has arranged for a luxurious brunch with his beautiful wife. She is touched
and thanks him. She wonders how on earth she got so lucky. “I cherish you, Victor.” He grins he is an old fool They laugh together.
- Jen eagerly approaches Dan at the coffee house. He babbles he was not going to stay but she thinks the time has come for them to talk and clear the air ...

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