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Episode 13,463
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope has the planted accelerant. Rafe is helping her with the case. They both believe the culprit was Ben. She plans to prosecute him ... In bed with sleeping Ciara, Tripp ignores a text from Claire about ignoring her. He flashes back to Claire accusing him of planting the proof. She texts him again from the square. They must speak! Shirtless Tripp puts his phone down and Ciara teases him for the texting ... Stefan has a cut on his head. In the light of day he staggers back into DiMera mansion, where Kate wakes up with a headache. She realizes Abigail set her up to drink the tainted tea and sighs ... Chad has taken Abigail to the cabin where he is holding her captive. She demands he let her head home. He refuses as he believes she needs help ... Tripp snuggles with Ciara and lies that was work calling. She notes he has been working long hours. He states he saw her with Ben. She remembers their almost romantic moment and notes nothing happened. Tripp wonders ... Ben comes up to Claire and she notices his wad of cash. They have their coffees at the square and she suggests he flirt with his soulful eyes with Ciara. He chuckles. She smiles she wants Tripp to see it too. He admits her plan has served him well so far ... Kate ignores her missed calls and texts from Gabi and decides she is done. Stefan walks in demanding to know why she is here and where his wife is ...

Abigail explains she is pregnant and has appointments. Chad has arranged for Laura to meet them here and promises they will get her the best care for her mental health. He vows to protect her. She snaps she needs protection from him but he truly believes Gabby is back. She wants out. Only if she agrees to head to the hospital. He admits he only left Laura a message. Abigail snaps Gabi has been playing them all and she almost got proof ... Outside the club Gabi texts Kate again ... Kate wonders why Stefan looks like hell. Chad locked him out of his house and had him knocked out. Kate acts surprised and starts to go. Stefan warns her she has to start talking to him or the cops ... Hope and Rafe wait for the witness who sold the can of accelerant to confirm the picture of Ben as the purchaser. Alas he cannot ... Ciara snuggles with Tripp and tells him she took Ben to the pub to talk to Roman about a job but Roman was not there. Tripp does not approve. She assures him it was all Claire’s idea. Claire told him otherwise ... Ben sighs he opened up to Ciara about some stuff from his past. Claire wants to know more. They almost kissed but then she withdrew as she is with Tripp. Claire curses. Ben reasons Ciara has integrity and likes squeaky clean guys. Claire laughs not like Tripp. Ben wonders what she means by the comment. Claire stops and soap stares ... Rafe and Hope are disappointed. Hope was convinced it was Ben. Who else would have planted the proof? Rafe pauses ... After they get dressed Ciara warns Tripp that Claire is trying to cause trouble. He vows not to let anyone come between them and hugs her as ominous music plays ... Claire tells Ben that Tripp might have killed someone who was holding a gun on Ciara. Ben scoffs he saved her. Claire argues he saved her too and advises him to keep to the plan. Matter of fact she knows where he might find Ciara ... Abigail argues that Chad has not seen any sign of alter Gabby. He mutters she married Stefan. She insists Gabi is the one who is trying to set her up so she will get sent away and Gabi can steal her life. She updates him on Kate’s tea, how she switched the cups so Kate was knocked out, proving her point that she is being set up by the dynamic duo of Gabi and Kate. Alas he hauled her off before she could prove it to the rest of the world ... Kate calls Stefan delusional about Gabby. Stefan states she herself said the alter attacked her. Kate warns him not to get his hopes up about the baby. He suggests she helped Chad abduct his wife and vows to find the truth. He takes off to search for his expectant wife and Gabi storms in demanding Kate explain herself ...

At the square café Tripp wants to know why Claire lied to him about Ciara offering to find Ben a job when she was the one who suggested it ... At the club Ciara is having a computer problem. Enter Ben ... Hope and Rafe are flabbergasted when disheveled Stefan appears declaring brother Chad knocked him out and stole his wife ... Chad thinks Abigail’s story is over the top. She snaps at least Stefan listens to her. Chad warns her Stefan is not on her side, he only wants Gabby and the baby. Abigail blasts him for locking up an expectant mother. Their eyes meet and he murmurs it was the only way ... Kate makes Gabi close the door and complains Abigail switched the teacups. Luckily Chad burst in and abducted her away ... Abigail asks Chad what if she does get help and gets better, as he believes she needs to do. Would he be able to accept Stefan’s baby as part of their lives? He whispers he loves her again and again and adds they shall be a family. He will accept her child. She wonders when and admits she loves him but suspects he will not overcome. She begs him not to make her stay as he holds her face ... Kate warns Gabi that Abigail could have exposed them last night! She tries to quit. Gabi does not accept it ... Stefan orders Rafe and Hope to find his wife and arrest Chad. Rafe and Hope do not believe Abigail married him and believe the best of Chad, whom he is accusing. However, Hope wants his sworn statement as she wants to make sure her cousin is okay. She makes a call ...

Ciara asks why Ben is there. To apply for a job at the place where he bartended in the past. When he hears the owners are Ciara’s grandparents he gets glum ... Tripp denies doing anything wrong and shuts Claire down when she mentions Kayla. He turns away but she stops him and states she is on his side. He admits he did it, he set up Ben to save Ciara ... Hope leaves an anxious voice mail hoping Abigail is alright ... Rafe comes back and reminds her the girl is with Chad, who was probably trying to protect her the way he wants to protect Hope. She complains about D.A. Trask acting like she planted the proof. Back to the task at hand. Who fits the description of the proof planter and would want Ben locked up? Someone who cares for Ciara and wants Ben gone. Hope gasps it could have been Tripp ... Tripp takes Claire aside and she wonders how he lifted the fingerprint. He learned how to do it from a case papa Steve was working on. Claire calls it super spy and he swears her to secrecy She takes his hand and agrees ... Ben knows Hope’s folks would never give him a job and sighs, starting to go. Ciara stops him ... Gabi threatens to expose Kate if she does not do her bidding. Kate sarcastically suggests she clean up the place before the police come and suspect foul play. If they do she will not take the fall for her. Then she waltzes out ...

Chad melts and agrees Abigail can go. She looks up at him with her baby blues ... Ben stays. Ciara stammers their moment yesterday was only a moment as she has a guy. Ben gets it and wishes she was free ... Hope and Rafe approach server Tripp at the square. Hope has some questions. Claire stops in her tracks ... Back at DiMera mansion Gabi has cleaned up and put away the Gabby wig. Stefan watches her with suspicion ... Abigail assures Chad he is doing the right thing and thanks him. He mentions Stefan and she gets one cramp and another. He wonders. She whispers the baby is coming ...


The Salem Story on Friday, November 9, 2018