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Episode 13,463
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben drinks with Chad and wonders why he wants him for helping Abigail. Chad notes he needs a monster to help get her out of that mansion. Ben drinks some more ... Abigail wants Kate to get lost and tells her off for lying she was Gabby. Kate insists she wants to help Chad. Abigail lets her in to learn what she is really after ... Abe is stern at the station with Belle, having heard at the courthouse where John got his annulment that he married John and Hattie. Belle was in the dark about it as well ... John and Marlena greet Paul and Will at the hospital, happy Paul is going home. John praises Will for standing by Paul. Marlena was on her way to see EJ before Sami takes him to the clinic. Will starts to say ... Sami reasons with scalpel Susan that EJ needs her funds to fly to a private burn clinic in Italy. Susan accuses her of lying again ... Kate insists Abigail was Gabby and must not remember. She suggests they talk over tea. Abigail agrees and goes to tell Harold. Kate gets out the bottle of sedatives she is supposed to use ... Ben does not want to be a monster. Chad adds he is also ruthless. Ben gets another drink. Chad has heard about his homelessness and believes this could be his big break. Ben agrees to do his bidding but no one dies! Chad dangerously declares they shall see ...

Abe has heard the whole Hattie switch story from Belle. He wishes he had been in the loop. Belle reminds him breaking Hattie out of the slammer was not exactly legal. Abe notes John and Marlena are still not married and offers to make it happen today. Belle giggles. She will gather Sami and the clan ... Will and Paul update John and Marlena on Susan saying strange things about the morgue and Sami searching for EJ. John is on his way with Will ... Susan gasps she cannot let her son go again. Sami is sympathetic but notes he needs them both. How about working together? ... Chad slips Ben his advance. Gabi walks in and overhears him mentioning a job. She demands to know what Chad is doing with the killer. He is getting him to help bring Gabi back. Gabi objects and calls Ben a psycho. But Chad is not listening and leaves. Gabi panics ... Abigail has tea for herself and Kate. The guard appears and announces he did not let Kate in. Abigail will speak to Stefan and walks the guard out. Kate places the sedative powder in Abigail’s tea. Outside Abigail gets the guard to agree to say nothing to Stefan about her allowing Kate in the house. She returns to Kate, who pretends to be bored ...

Sami sighs she has to take EJ to the Italian clinic and suggests Susan visit when he is settled. Susan seems to agree. Sami suggests they stop the fighting. Susan gushes they love the same people and wants a hug. Sami says to put the scalpel down. She does and they embrace for EJ’s sake ... Marlena is worried while she waits with Paul. Will soon returns with Susan and John, who informs her that Sami was left with EJ for a little longer. Marlena asks for a word with John so they step away. Here comes Belle announcing she is planning a surprise and needs Sami stat ... Stefan joins Sami with bandaged EJ. She claims he should have turned Kristen in. He suggests she owes him the second half of the money she promised. She has decided he does not deserve it and EJ needs it for his recovery. Their deal is dead ... Chad is stopped by the guard at the DiMera door. When he steps away Ben gets the guard from behind in a chokehold and neutralizes him. Chad comes back to the door. Ben is cool as a cucumber. Chad hands Ben the guard’s gun. Ben refuses to off anyone, offers to hide the guard in the bushes and also offers to go get Abigail. Chad believes he should be the one she sees not Ben ... Kate urges Abigail to leave Stefan. Her phone buzzes again so Abigail advises her to answer it. Kate steps away and gushes she should have her tea before it gets cold ... Stefan wonders how long Sami will be staying. Not long. They are Italy bound. Stefan offers to do anything for his brother if she should need his help. He leaves and Sami suggests EJ rest for the journey ahead is long. Enter Belle asking Sami to assist with a certain surprise ...

The gang gather at the romantically decorated square. Belle left messages. So far Susan, Belle, Abe, Will and Paul are happily present. Abe hopes Sami will be able to get Marlena and John there fast ... At the hospital Sami assures Marlena that EJ is with the specialist. John kisses Marlena on the head when they hear she is leaving soon. Sami suggests a final meal at the town square café. She even had an outfit sent for Marlena ... Abigail slyly switches her tea with Kate’s ... Kate hangs up on incoherent Gabi and goes back to Abigail, who plays along and drinks her tea. Kate tells her she can take care of Stefan. She can take care of everything! Abigail smiles as the diva devil drinks up ... Stefan comes home to Chad standing outside the DiMera front door and demands to know what he is doing. Chad babbles so Stefan starts to call for his guard. Ben gets him in a chokehold. Stefan is down! Chad places the house key in the door ... Kate gets sleepy and dazed. Ding dong! Abigail goes to open the door ... John and Marlena see a sweet surprise at the town square when they arrive with Sami. An impromptu ceremony has been arranged! Abe assures them he is authorized to marry them and that license is still valid. John kisses doc’s hand and asks if she agrees. She gets emotional and announces she will stand for him. He helps her up and she smiles in her white pantsuit. Abe begins. “We are gathered here today ...” John wants to cut to the chase. Paul has the rings. John takes Marlena as his lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold ... until soap death do they part. He gallantly kisses her hand. Marlena gets the ring from Sami and has high praise for her hero who saved her again with the help of family and friends. Tom and Alice get an honorable mention. Marlena looks forward to all the days of their lives and takes him to be her lawfully wedded heroic husband ... Abe pronounces the pair husband and wife. John kisses his bride but suggests they wait with any more celebrating until she is stronger. Will says the same about Paul. Susan gives Marlena her doll. Sami says goodbye to Will and assures him she is just a call or email away. She tells Paul to take care of him. Sami and Belle have a sisterly goodbye. She hugs John, marveling how many times he has saved her mom and then shares an emotional embrace with her ...

Back at DiMera mansion Kate is out cold ignoring her ringing phone as Gabi tries to reach her. Abigail opens the front door and is less than thrilled to find Chad in the shadows. He insists he is on her side and is here to help ... Marlena suggests to her groom they go for anniversaries now that they are wed. He drawls the next one is in Paris. She loves the sound of that and they kiss in bliss ... A classic clip of Alice Horton is shown, remembering the past with Tom. She thanks the fans who welcome Salem into their homes for all the days of their lives. HAPPY 53RD ANNIVERSARY DAYS AND HERE’S TO MAKING IT TO 100!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, November 8