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Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Episode 13,462
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi gets back from her Gabi Chic Popup. JJ, who is babysitting Thomas, asks how it went. Well. She assumes Abigail was committed by hubby Chad. JJ updates her on Stefan being the new hubby. Meanwhile Chad bangs on the DiMera door. Stefan will not let him in ... Sami snaps to Dr. Kayla where did EJ go! At the nurse’s station nearby Will informs Paul he is being freed today. They can head home to their new place. Susan waits until they kiss and hobbles to the elevator. Will calls her name and wonders why she is there. She flashes back to finding EJ and stammers she wanted to visit Paul. Paul is touched. She refers to someone meeeean. Will stops her when she starts to complain about Sami. Susan suggests she should do more for Paul given she made him fall from a window. Will asks how long she is staying in Salem. Not long. She hugs them both and splits in a hurry. Paul and Will both think that was weird ... Sami assumes the worst. Kayla suspects EJ was taken for a test and calls the floor nurse. Sami can see the room was cleared out. Kayla confirms he had no test scheduled. Sami gasps they have got to find him. Kayla goes to check with security and asks Sami to wait. But she doesn’t. No one tells Sami DiMera what to do ...

Chad is desperate to get to Abigail. Inside Stefan ends a call and assures Abigail he is having security remove Chad from the property. He ushers her away from the door. The big bald guard with a gun outside escorts Chad from the premises. Inside Abigail feels guilty about going against her family. She is aware Stefan wants two things – his baby and alter Gabby. He argues they were in love ... Gabi insists to JJ that alter Gabby must have married Stefan. Nope. JJ knows it was real Abigail who was attempting to avoid being committed. Gabi gasps she has to go to the office. JJ refers to their almost kiss and apologizes. She thinks they were both just upset. He feels their friendship is sacred. Gabi goes on her wicked way ... Sami stops, out of breath, and updates Will and Paul on having and losing English patient EJ. Will states they just saw Susan and she looked guilty as soap sin ... Susan has used the security keys to move Elvis elsewhere in the hospital. She tells him mama is baaaaaack ... Chad heads home and growls to JJ that Stefan had him thrown off the grounds. JJ agrees they have to get Abigail away ... Abigail insists Gabi set her up. Stefan has his doubts. He asks what her end game is. For Chad to lock her up for good. Stefan now remembers being suspicious of Gabi and her grudge. But she played the bff and pointed the finger at him. He asks Abigail why she would go after her instead of him since he set her up for Andre. Abigail solemnly states she might want more than revenge. Much more ...

Gabi takes her complaint to Kate, who suggests she stop playing games and reveal who the real father of the baby is ... Will senses Susan would not harm EJ but might get over protective. Sami hyperventilates. Will notes she would want to keep her son safe if she found him which means far from Sami. Sami starts to call the cops ... Susan apologizes for putting sleeping Elvis in a creepy place but the coast was not clear. The madwoman wants to take him home to Memphis along with her Marlena doll. Time for a doctorly disguise ... Will stops Sami’s call to the cops. Paul agrees cos Susan could snap. Paul remembers her mentioning the morgue. Sami suspects she will sneak EJ out that way and races off to reclaim him ... Chad assures JJ that Kate would not have lied about Abigail acting violent ... Gabi reminds Kate she wants Abigail to be locked up all alone. That is when she will drop the baby bombshell. Kate sighs and assumes that is also when she will step up to help Chad. She could be selling herself short of a real relationship! Gabi remembers her almost romantic moment with JJ. Back to the present. She is not waiting for anyone! Kate sips her wine and adds she could always prove Abigail was a mental menace to society. Gabi wants Kate to do her bidding again ...

Abigail assumes Stefan is next on Gabi’s hit list. She warns him the alter of his dreams is gone. He disagrees. Abigail states Gabi can no longer set her up since she is in the safety of his house. Stefan wonders ... Kate gets another drink as Gabi orders her to return to DiMera mansion, drug Abigail again and trash the room, claiming the girl attacked her. Then she can call the cops and she will be arrested for attempted murder. Kate refuses ... Kayla hands Paul his discharge papers. They discuss the drama with Susan. Will sighs Sami went after her ... Sami bursts into the morgue, where Susan is already wearing her doctorly disguise, face covered, back turned, the patient also covered. Sami comes in asking for help. Susan plays along ...

Kayla informs Paul and Will that the morgue attendant is not around. No one has access to the keys. Susan will not be leaving with anyone ... Sami confronts Susan for stealing EJ. Susan complains Victor was the one who told her he was alive! Sami apologizes and claims she wanted to be sure. Susan gets shrill. Sami begs her to agree to do what is best for EJ ... Stefan ends an unexpected call from Seth Burns at University Hospital. Brother EJ is alive! Abigail is amazed Sami was right. Stefan wants to go see for himself. Abigail turns down his invitation. He assures her she will be safe while she waits. Abigail is now alone ... Kate will not frame Abigail! Gabi threatens to expose her to Chad for spying for Stefan. Kate counter threatens to reveal her lies about the baby, including her set up scheme. Gabi claims she will point the finger at Kate as the mastermind. Kate warns she will lose it all if the truth comes out and the truth always comes out in Salem. Gabi, however, is not listening to reason ... Chad repeats to JJ that Kate was convinced she saw Gabby. JJ is paged to work. Chad thanks him for looking after Thomas. Once alone, he calls upon the power of the phoenix ring on his finger. What would father phoenix do? ... Kate is outside DiMera mansion with the bottle of sedatives in her bag. She knocks. Abigail opens the door. Kate wants to talk ... Chad pours his guest a drink. He admits he rebelled against the DiMera ruthlessness but that was then this is now. Stefan stole his wife. He wants her back and informs BEN he is counting on him to help him do it ... Stefan shows up at the hospital demanding Dr. Kayla tell him where his brother is ... P.I. Paul is ready for release. He suggests to Will they should find Sami and Susan before ... In the morgue as EJ sleeps, Susan and Sami argue. Susan suddenly pulls a scalpel on her. Sami stops in her tracks ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, November 7