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Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Episode 13,461
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Susan rejoices Elvis lives but weeps for his state. She now sees the DNA test results Sami left behind and marvels they are a match! She will never let anyone take Elvis away again ... Sami is still at the hospital with Belle insisting Susan be kept in the dark. Smiling Marlena is wheeled over by John to see her girls. Belle blasts 'Hattie' ... Hattie almost clobbers visitor Bonnie, believing her to be the devil ... Chloe hopes she was not wrong. Lucas laments he loved and lost the baby forever ... Rex is overwhelmed as he holds Emily ... Sarah is an emotional wreck and admits to Maggie she could kill Rex. The redhead tries to talk her down. She is baffled he cheated on her. Why? ... Mimi asks Rex if he really is ready to be Emily’s dad. Pause. She assures him there is no obligation and she can raise the baby without him. He asks for more time and she tells him to talk to his fiancée. Mimi takes her baby back in her arms and lets out a sigh as he leaves ... Belle tells off Hattie, who is not Hattie but Marlena now. She notes she has wisdom and joy and repeats what else Belle said before her surgery. Belle cries and hugs her mom. Sami joins in and John grins. He is pleased the sisters are together and adds Hattie agreed to go back to Statesville. They were en route to the switch. Sami gushes first they have to hear her EJ update ... Susan realizes that Sami stole her DNA from her hair on the Marlena doll and gets madder by the Salem second ...

Marlena and John are elated Sami has EJ back. She is waiting to tell the kids cos the recovery could be complicated. They are here whatever she needs. Belle reasons as Marlena’s proxy she had to try and follow her directive. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do. She weeps she knew not she would wake up and apologizes. Marlena will have none of it and tells her she did the right thing ... Susan stews Sami kept Elvis a secret from his mama ... Bonnie requests Hattie’s help cos she is gonna be dragged back to Statesville! Hattie sighs she is no Marlena, she is Hattie and is also headed back to the slammer ... Mimi accepts it's her and Emily alone again. Enter long faced Lucas and Chloe ... Maggie advises Sarah to seek answers from Rex. She would rather not. Enter Rex, his eyes filled with soap regret. He asks to speak to Sarah, who agrees and insults him. Maggie leaves them alone. He apologizes. She bitterly demands to know why he cheated and lied ... Lucas takes a look at Emily and decides to go. Mimi laments Bonnie left her no choice and wishes she had not hurt him. Chloe counters it could have hurt her daughter too. Mimi sighs she is still judgmental but Lucas blames only Bonnie ... Bonnie believes Marlena has the perfect life. Hattie begs to differ. She plans to do her time and move on. Bonnie, however, plans to run. Hattie suggests she come with ... John steps away to speak briefly with Belle. Sami admits to Marlena she is afraid EJ might not be the same ... Susan imagines her Marlena Barbie begging to be let out of the bag so she can breathe ...

Rex points out he was under pressure and he and Sarah had problems. A pal invited him to a card game where he ran into Mimi again. They were drinking and one thing led to another. Then he realized all he wanted was to be with Sarah. She is not impressed by his takeaway from sleeping with his ex ... Mimi is sorry. Lucas sighs the baby got to him. She is leaving Salem with Emily tonight. There is nothing for them here. Lucas asks to hold her one more time. Mimi obliges. And so he bids the little girl who stole his heart goodbye. He believed she was his chance to be a better dad but it was not meant to be. He wishes her happiness, weeps he loves her and will always be there and she gurgles ... The Marlena Barbie begs Susan for help so she gets her out. She imagines Marlena’s voice declaring she thought she would die! Susan speaks to her and finds out Sami would have told her nothing. She wants to take Elvis away so Susan must stop her ...

Belle and John believe each owes the other an apology. She states but he saved her mom, whereas she gave up hope. He hopes he and his daughter will be alright so she gives him a hug ... Bonnie is done with the slammer. Hattie warns her she will be caught and locked up longer. But if she comes back she might get an easier time. They could serve their remaining sentences together. She convinces Bonnie they could be a team until they get out together ... Mimi summons Belle to her room to apologize for her demands. Belle assures her she did not mind. Mimi is forever grateful ... Sarah rages at Rex for proposing after he cheated. He talks forgiveness. She snaps he is not serious and demands honesty. She asks if Mimi was the only time he cheated and he hesitates. She slaps him across the face hard ...

Rex would do anything to change things. Sarah complains he was the one who gave her a ring and starts to suspect he was only after the perfect wife. He asks what he can do. Nothing for the baby will be a constant reminder of his betrayal ... Bonnie joins Mimi and Belle and asks Belle to negotiate her surrender ... Marlena assures Sami that life and love mean hope, just like what happened again for her and John! Sami gets it and also gets a call. She gasps her gratitude and tells Marlena the best burn clinic in Italy has a room ready for EJ. Marlena marvels EJ will be fine with her on his side. Sami hugs her and goes to give him the good news ... Susan’s doll suggests she not let Sami get away with deceiving her and taking EJ away ... Mimi is surprised by Bonnie doing things by the book. Belle agrees to help. Mimi is impressed. Bonnie thinks Mimi was the best thing that ever happened to her and vows to be a good grandma. Mimi will miss her mom. She shares the sentiment ... Rex is sorry and assures Sarah he loves her and wants her to be his wife. She insists they are over and returns her engagement ring. Then she storms out ... Hattie has her bag packed when John arrives with Marlena. Marlena sincerely thanks her. Hattie is surprised. Marlena will always be grateful she saved her life. Hattie admits she has been envious of her for years. But now she appreciates who she is. Matter of fact Hattie has decided she could do with less drama ... Sami enters EJ’s room but the English patient’s bed is EMPTY.


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, November 6