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Monday, November 5, 2018
Episode 13,460
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


The engagement toast is made by Maggie at the club though Roman sneaks a sip of his champagne first. Glasses are raised and Romeo Rex clinks his with Sarah, with more thoughts to add. She is his whole world. Hearty cheers and even more erupt when Rex makes a toast to Lucas and baby. Chloe comes in with her envelope and asks Lucas for a word alone ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor's alone-with-a-drink-at-last time is crashed by Susan and her snack tray. He is playing hooky from the engagement party and wonders when the bothersome Miss Banks will be gone from his home ... Belle suggests she leave Sami alone to open her envelope of truth. Sami gasps it might not be the news she was hoping for ... Roman raises his glass to welcome brave Sarah to the Brady family. Kate glares at Mimi and Bonnie, who breaks a glass by mistake. Mimi gets a bad feeling. Rhinestone Bonnie wants another. Rex introduces Chloe to Sarah. Chloe wants to usher Lucas out. At the door she whispers her news will not wait. It is about that baby. Mimi overhears and informs Bonnie they need to leave now ... Victor acts surprised that Susan actually read a book about the ancient Greeks on her nightstand but offers to throw money at her to make her leave. She wants to see Marlena is alright first and sighs Sami said only family could see her now. The patriarch points out there are hotels. She muses Maggie prides herself on her hospitality and adds she fears Sami might not return her Marlena doll ... Belle apologizes to Sami for the latest. She regrets not being there for her and admits she had petty resentment. Sami has high praise for her sis and blames herself for their past problems. They agree to focus on the future and stick together the way sisters do. Belle suggests they also let Marlena be present for the test results. Sami starts to stammer and protest. Belle senses something and decides to ask Marlena. Sami blurts out Marlena is not even the woman in the hospital bed ...

Mimi insists Bonnie must leave with her and the baby now. Chloe demands to know what she is doing. Mimi reasons to Lucas that the party is not the right place for her mom’s baby girl. Lucas is baffled. Chloe snaps it is really Mimi’s baby girl ... Belle digests the tale of Hattie that Sami has just told her. Sami assures her their mom is recovering and will make it. It was John’s idea and he saved her life! Belle woefully wishes she would have known. She now learns that Roman was also involved. Sami admits Roman had to tell her the big secret since she was suspicious. Belle starts to feel like the family fool. Sami reminds her she was not on the right side, hence the secrecy. Belle sniffles. Sami repeats mom will make it. Belle suggests she now sneak a peek at her envelope of truth. Sami opens it and is overcome ... Victor is more bored with Susan by the Salem second and calls her company hell. She suggests he get a puppy to cheer him up. He begs her to leave for his sanity before it is too late. Susan suggests they watch an Elvis marathon on TV but turns it to the wrong station and sees the Mummy instead. She suddenly gets a strange feeling about Elvis being inside such bandages. Meanwhile Sami gasps it really is her EJ in those bandages. EJ was the English patient the whole time ...

Lucas mutters he was not with Mimi, it was Bonnie. Mimi keeps arguing. Chloe holds up her test results to prove her claim ... Susan wonders where oh where her bandaged Elvis could be. Victor sighs and updates her on Sami stashing the English patient at University Hospital ... Sami has an emotional one sided reunion with sleeping EJ and gushes she never gave up. She never will ... Chloe claims Mimi and Bonnie gave her no choice. Kate and Maggie appear and hear all about the DNA test with more markers that proved Mimi was the mother. Nearby Rex and Sarah wonder what is going on. He asks Maggie if he needs to talk to Lucas. Lucas does not understand. Kate explains Bonnie was using the baby story to stay out of the slammer. Chloe is so sorry. Lucas hyperventilates. Kate tells off Bonnie, who alludes to her blackmail. Lucas asks Mimi if it really is true. Mimi admits she is the mom. Roman stops Kate from attacking so Maggie steps up. She smacks Bonnie and her big mean mouth when she snaps she should have stayed dead ... Susan asks Victor to repeat that. He reasons she is the man’s mother so ... he updates her on Sami’s explosive Nashville adventure, which was where she found her English patient. Susan is furious Sami withheld this from her and gets mad. Victor downs his drink ... Belle is there for Sami, who worries about EJ’s long hard road ahead. He might not even remember her when he recovers. Belle teases no one would forget Sami and gives her a pep talk ... Bonnie is held back by Mimi. Roman informs smug Bonnie that the deal she made is not binding as it was based on a lie so she is heading back to the slammer. Kate asks Mimi if this was Phillip's baby. Rex does the math, steps up and announces he must be the father. The smile fades from Sarah's face ...

Sarah stammers and reminds Rex he said he and Mimi were ancient history. He sighs they were together one night in Chicago. Sarah sobs he said they were over. He states they hit a rough patch at the time. Broken Sarah screams and runs out. Roman blasts his son for not telling the poor girl sooner in a more private setting ... Sami updates Belle on getting the DNA from Susan’s crazy doll. Speaking of crazy ... Belle hears that Hattie actually married John and asks to see her real mother. The sisters step out of the English patient’s room, leaving him alone for a little while ... Kate scoffs at Dr. Rex for not using protection and waltzes out. Lucas leaves with his heartbreak. Chloe follows ... Mimi sits with her sweet angel and promises never to leave her side again. The baby sleeps peacefully. She picks her up and calls herself lucky. Rex takes a deep breath ...

Roman and Kate have a beer together at the pub. She pouts about her sons' problems with the worst women. She worries Lucas will not get over this. Naturally nothing changes for her since she is still the grandmother but Chloe hurt him big time ... At the park Chloe apologizes for going behind Lucas’ back but she has been there ... Maggie consoles crying Sarah at home ... Rex calls the baby beautiful. Mimi adds she is also good and smart. Rex teases she has her smile and gets closer. He tells Bonnie he is Rex but Mimi corrects him. This is really Emily and he is really her father ... Sami insists to Belle that Susan cannot know about EJ being alive. It is the last thing he needs now. Meanwhile Susan slips into the English patient’s room and cries to her son EJ that mama is here. She means it too. Just wait until she sees Sami ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, November 5