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DNA = Does Now Add up!

Friday, November 2, 2018
Episode 13,459
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sami speaks to her love, EJ the English patient. She vows to stay by his side as he breathes. Kate enters and she is amazed. Sami admits they are still uncertain. But the DNA test is underway ... Curious Dr. Kayla wonders why Chloe wants to double check that DNA test. Cos she feels Bonnie is not the mother nor is Lucas the father ... Bonnie dreams of being in bed with Lucas and wakes up hugging a pillow ... Shawn is with Belle when they run into Lucas and baby at the square. Lucas scowls nice seeing him and steps away. Belle suggests he give up the baby to Bonnie cos the mother generally wins. Lucas refuses to give up his daughter ... Rex is dapper in his suit and admires his fiancée in her cream colored creation. She wishes they would not have to leave Holly but he assures her Eric is here. She is sad that those she cares for are suffering ... Sami updates stylish Kate on her DNA sample from Susan which came from her Marlena doll that had her own hair. Kate notes now they wait. Sami hates waiting so Kate suggests they sneak a peek under the hood. Sami is appalled by her audacity ... At the club Roman assists Maggie as she sets up. They marvel over Rex and Sarah, both approving of the match. They agree the pair should stay in Salem and he smiles about Brady and Horton unions ... Rex praises pretty Sarah and her caring. However, they should celebrate their happiness. No one would oppose. She giggles and he sneaks a kiss. No more guilt. Now she looks forward to their party tonight. She admits Susan made her feel self-consciously fat since she thought she was pregnant. Romeo Rex puts her mind at ease and they kiss in bliss ...

Lucas counters Belle does not seem so confident about her case but she denies it ... Chloe has explained the situation. Still Kayla refuses to do what Chloe has asked ... Sami ushers Kate and her faux fur away from her man. Kate tells her to have hope. Sami appreciates that she has hope whereas her tragic twin Eric has none ... Lucas suggests Belle go see Sami, who could use support and blasts her for not apologizing for accusing her of shooting Marlena. Then he storms off. Belle sighs she is so sorry for Lucas. Shawn wants to know what is really going on ... Mimi warns Bonnie to watch her big mouth and advises her against any more booze. Bonnie suggests they dine together and her daughter can pay for the steak. When she pretends her blood sugar is low, Mimi worries about her loose lips and agrees ... Chloe argues with Kayla and states the lab is already running the second test. Chloe wants different markers as the baby could be Bonnie’s granddaughter ... Kate wonders when the DNA results will be ready. Soon. Kate wishes she could stay but she has to attend the flat celebration of Sarah and Rex. She would rather know about Sami’s fireworks ... Back at the club Roman and Lucas discuss the latest, including Sami’s high EJ hopes. The baby gurgles and Lucas gushes she is so great. Lucas feels like a lucky man indeed ... Chloe has convinced Kayla to allow the second test to be completed. But what would Lucas say about her sneaking behind his back?!

Back at the square Shawn wonders why Belle is so sure Bonnie will win. She admits Mimi said some things ... Here come Bonnie and Mimi. Shawn compliments Bonnie on her beautiful baby. Mimi ushers her mom away. Shawn wonders why Mimi was so weird. Belle assures him it was not because of him ... In front of Doug’s Place, Bonnie cannot wait for her juicy beef steak. They now see a sign that the club is closed for a private party. Rex and Sarah appear arm in arm ... Belle looks like she has a headache. Shawn alludes to their history with Mimi and Rex in town. Feels like old times. Belle stammers what Lucas said affected her. She should be nicer to Sami now especially as an alone and desperate Sami leads to destruction ... Sami gasps to Kayla that her test is the emergency. Chloe claims hers is. Sami assumes she is testing Lucas’ paternity and warns Chloe, who counters she is not the one who might break his honorable heart ... Glam Kate arrives to the party and admires Lucas’ bundle of joy. He texts absentee Chloe, asking where she is ... Mimi babbles she heard Rex got engaged and acts happy to meet his fianceé. Bonnie is thrilled to meet Mickey’s daughter, who notes they were not biological dad and daughter. She finds out Mimi is an old friend of her fiance and assumes she was invited to the engagement party. Not exactly. Kind hearted Sarah impulsively invites them both. Rex grins a tight lipped grin …

Sami is speaking to the sleeping English patient about their past. She tells a story about Johnny the good big brother. It has been hard trying to find their father. Johnny has been a rock for his little sisters and is becoming a man to make his papa proud. Belle arrives and asks how she is doing. Sami snaps she is alright so stop the pity cos she does not need it! Belle apologizes and wants to help. Sami only needs her EJ back and breaks down. Belle holds her close. The wait won’t be much longer ... Maggie greets guest Kate, who wonders where Victor is. He needed a night off from socializing. Kate has a bad feeling about Susan and other such troublemakers tonight. Maggie insists the private party is invitation only ... Rex takes Sarah aside and states Mimi is his ex from loooooooong ago. And her mom is suing his brother for custody of his baby. But they will all be adults about it ... Outside Mimi gets mad at Bonnie, who fixes her makeup. She whispers the woman Rex is engaged to does not even knows she slept with Rex recently. Bonnie reasons the baby will be there with Lucas so Mimi starts to smile ... Sarah and Rex make the rounds and have a few laughs with Roman. When Bonnie and Mimi walk in Kate and her cocktail point out it is a private party. Bonnie wants granny Kate to know they were invited ... Mimi has the baby on her lap. Rex returns the baby booty she lost and admires the bundle of joy. Mimi is sorry about her mom barging in. Rex assures her nothing will be able to ruin his happiness on this night. Meanwhile Kayla hands Chloe the DNA test results ...

Sami is having a sisterly moment with Belle when Kayla comes in with the DNA test results. Sami gasps and takes the first look. And the envelope says ... Back at the party Maggie proposes a toast. Kate gives Lucas apple cider but Bonnie wants booze. The guests all raise their glasses. Maggie makes a toast to Rex and Sarah, the newly engaged couple and their formidable future. Rex thanks Maggie and addresses Sarah, his everything. He cannot wait for their happily ever after. Maggie hopes it will be in Salem and Kate agrees. The baby makes a sound so Rex makes a toast to Lucas and his baby girl. Mimi looks ready to cry. Chloe now walks in with her envelope of truth, her eyes filled with both dread and determination ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, November 2