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Thursday, November 1, 2018
Episode 13,458
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sami weeps at the English patient’s bedside as he sleeps. She wishes he would come back. Kayla enters surprised she stayed the night. Sami needs to know ... At Kiriakis mansion elegant Maggie updates elegant Sarah and Rex on Holly’s sadness. Here comes Susan. The intros are made. The house guest stares and suggests Rex is a baby daddy not simply a fiancé ... At the square Chloe ends a call with Eric assuring him she is here. She now spies Belle working on her laptop and remembers her belief that Mimi might be the baby’s mother not Bonnie. She interrupts Belle, feeling strongly about paternal rights and brings up that baby ... Meanwhile Bonnie is hung over as hell. Mimi is annoyed she wants more booze cos it could cost them the custody case. Knock knock! Lucas brings in the baby and wonders what the fighting was about ... Kayla can put a rush on the DNA but she will need a sample for EJ’s parent or a child ... Rex is baffled. Susan states she has had a premonition of Rex holding his baby. He stammers he held his niece but psychic Susan insists there is a baby in his story. She suggests Sarah push for the wedding or the baby could be born out of wedlock. Sarah assures mama Maggie she is not pregnant and calls Susan insane. But Susan knows better ... Lucas hands Mimi the baby warning not to fight around her. He asks Bonnie if it was about her boozing. She apologizes and lies she missed her baby at the time. He threatens to tell the judge if it happens again and insists the more maternal Mimi stay with the baby ...

Chloe wonders why Belle agreed to rep Bonnie who is not best for the baby! Belle explains she is arguing the mother’s side. Chloe suggests the real mother is Mimi and asks Belle her honest opinion ... Mimi agrees to watch the angel. Bonnie attempts to make nice with Lucas, who eyes her with suspicion. He excuses himself in a hurry ... Susan loves the Kiriakis breakfast spread and sits down. Rex wonders about the doll in her hand. She gushes she made and was gonna give it to Marlena and still plans to. When she eventually leaves Rex and Sarah erupt with laughter ... Sami hugs Lucas in the English patient’s room. They update one another and he admits he has a daughter with Bonnie from when he was boozing and mistook her for Adrienne. Sami acts happy for him. He shows her the pic and she admires her but suggests a DNA test. He explains it already indicated he was the dad. He adores his daughter ... Belle has a brief crise de conscience but will not betray bff Mimi to Chloe. Chloe lists all the clues. Belle gets tense and tries not to show it. She alludes to Chloe be clouded by her feelings for Lucas and suggests she is speculating. Chloe argues she saw Mimi being emotional about the baby unlike Bonnie. She adds she is not answering so she must also wonder. Belle reminds her Mimi is barren ...

Sami discusses her own DNA drama with Lucas. The closest most convenient sample would be from Susan the loon. Lucas tells her to be careful. She congratulates him on his daughter and they leave the room together ... Belle insists all Mimi’s docs declared she was infertile after her abortion. Besides, the DNA test proved Bonnie and Lucas were the parents. Chloe still has no concrete answer. Belle lies Bonnie is the mother whether she likes it or not ... Mimi fumes at Bonnie’s brazen flirtation with Lucas, who is involved with Chloe. Bonnie calls her ghoul girl. Mimi warns her mom she will not ride off into the sunset with her baby and Lucas ... Rex admits he felt a close connection with his niece. Maggie gushes he is going to be a great father. The talk turns to the wedding. The redhead offers to host their engagement party ... Susan walks out and is about to leave with her Marlena doll when Sami shows up. Susan is spooked and suspects she is after revenge ...

Mimi feels Bonnie is not worthy of her daughter and decides to take her for a walk. Alone. The baby comes first ... Sarah thinks it is too soon to celebrate after the loss of Nicole. Maggie knows Nicole would want them to grab their chance at happiness. It could even be tonight to celebrate Sarah’s homecoming as well as engagement. She will call only close friends and family. They agree so she flounces off to get started ... Chloe apologizes to Belle. She is concerned cos Lucas already loves the baby. They now spy Mimi holding her. Chloe dares Belle to deny she looks like a mother with her ... Sami claims she came to forgive Susan for Will. Susan is relieved. Tis water under the Salem bridge. Susan explains she just missed her Elvis so much. Sam gets it and is happy they are speaking but when she reaches out Susan gets spooked again ... Chloe marches over to Mimi for answers. Mimi is tightlipped. Belle stands up. Chloe criticizes Bonnie for giving her the baby all the time. Belle offers to walk Mimi back and tells Chloe to let the court decide what is best. Chloe sighs the tragedy of Nicole and Holly may have made her overly emotional and hopes they will tell Bonnie to take care of the baby. Done ...

Susan has a cold but wants to give Marlena her doll. She hears how Sami was cleared of shooting anyone. Susan brings up Marlena’s recovery, how the doll would help her. Sami is sorry to say only immediate family may see Marlena. Susan suggests Sami takes the Marlena doll. Sami offers to hand it to her humbly and reminds Susan that her son EJ was the love of her life. Susan smiles she was the same to him and gives her the doll, which has Susan’s real hair and her DNA. Sami has hit pay dirt without having to tell Susan anything about the English patient. She is on her way ... Lucas blasts Bonnie when he comes for the baby and finds out she is not there ... Clandestine Chloe gathers some DNA from the square ... Bonnie assures Lucas that Mimi wanted the baby to have fresh air while she needed rest. She suggests he wait and flirts, pointing out as parents they should get aloooooong. She gets closer and uses the r word. Relationship. He frets at her as she gushes they are in it together ... Mimi hears the latest from lawyer Belle. Chloe has a clue the baby is hers! Mimi panics Bonnie would send her to the slammer. Belle promises to protect her secret ... Rex sighs a soulful sigh. Sarah wonders. He stammers Susan mentioning they should marry soon got him thinking. They kiss. Susan walks in and calls them a cute couple. She refers to a baby again and admits she misses her own, Elvis ... Sami and Chloe come up to Dr. Kayla at the same time and implore her to run a secret DNA test ASAP ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, November 1