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Thursday, November 9, 2017
Episode 13,209
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Roman admires a photo of Will as a lad. Sami joins him and teases his Irish grandpa. He is sorry about Memphis. Sami cries Susan said Will is dead and he hugs her ... Kate threatens to sue the paper if the lies about DiMera are printed and hangs up. She woefully holds a framed photo of Will. Andre appears, pleased he closed a deal. She updates him on Susan satisfying John and Marlena that Will is not alive. She has decided to accept it. Andre talks closure and reaches out. She hisses not to touch her. Andre is astonished by her behavior ... Chad explains to Theo that Abigail is now handling the rumors about the company sabotage. They are after facts. Chad asks him to come clean about any clandestine projects ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady toasts to the end of Eve as Victor enters ... Eve is extremely impatient at the station with Eli and Rafe. She warns Rafe he is wrong again. She vows to send Brady straight to Statesville ... Victor questions Brady's victory. Brady wants his top job back but Victor calls him a fool... Eve refuses to say more without an attorney and Justin is away on vacation. Eli urges her to answer where she was the night that Deimos died. Rafe remembers the party. Eve insists she was not there. Eli suggests she make sure. Rafe now lets her know without an alibi she is facing murder in the first degree ... Diva Chloe enters the new club to stop Lucas from drinking. He lets her know the sad news about Will and takes another slurp ... As Marlena arrives Sami announces to Roman that Susan lied and Will could be alive!

Chad recounts how Theo acted like he had something to say the other day. Theo flashes back to Kate warning him that he would start a war by exposing Andre to Chad. Abigail stands by her man. Chad asks his brother if he has been taking orders from Andre. Negative and he is busy sooooo ... Andre wonders WOT is bothering Kate. She remembers Chad warning her that Andre could be the company betrayer. Back to the present. Kate pouts they are wed in name only. He assumed they were also friends and notes something changed. WOT? ... Victor sarcastically questions Brady and his genius. Brady smugly states Eve would be the prime suspect as she inherited. He assures Victor he removed Nicole's fingerprints from the amulet. Besides Nicole is long gone, he needs nothing to hold over her head. The Greek tycoon tells him off for planning under the influence. In addition he missed many landmines like Eve might actually have an alibi ... Eve looks through her iphone for the details of what she was doing on the day in question. She suddenly stops and mutters Brady bugged the wrong woman ... Chloe is sorry about Will. Lucas thinks of him every day. Chloe can relate cos she lost Holly, though it is not the same. Lucas tells her to listen only like the bartenders do. Besides he is drinking about the real Adrienne dumping him and the rest of his rotten life. Chloe now gets a call from a friend in need. She is on her way. Lucas continues to numb the pain with drinks ... Marlena and Roman sit with Sami and try to talk her out of pursuing Susan. Sami insists there was no logic to Susan's story. Roman muses someone might have come back from the dead. Marlena reminds her the others kids, who are with Carrie and Austin, need their mother. Sami vows to get to the truth for Will, who needs her more, or at least to die trying ...

Brady does not believe Eve has an alibi. Victor blasts him for not considering the details cos if Eve has an alibi the suspicion will bounce right back to him ... Chloe is at the station to confirm that Eve was with her, though she had no idea she married Deimos ... Marlena woefully tells Sami no one on the earth knows anything more. Sami suddenly decides to deal with the dead and takes off. Roman warns Marlena they will not be able to stop her now ... Chad and Abigail stroll at the square but he is still suspicious. Abigail believes Chad is too tough on Andre. Chad insists it is an inside job. Abigail doubts he would want to ruin his own family empire. Andre would never jeopardize the family legacy. Chad scoffs they shall see ... Kate complains the DiMera saboteur has been hard at work again. Andre asks if she has any leads. Kate recalls Theo's intel that the server was from an office at the docks and lies she has nothing. Then she gets a text and curses about the latest move that will cost them. She stares down Andre and declares this means war ... Eve smugly recalls on that day she and Chloe were enjoying a tenor at the Lincoln Center. So says her calendar. Chloe has the selfies to prove they were there. Eve insists they free her and praises diva Chloe her dear friend. Rafe forces a smile ... Brady is starting to sweat. Victor warns him that to prove his own innocence he might need to expose the real murderer, aka Nicole ...

Rafe admits to Eli he did not believe Eve was the killer. What he really wanted was to mislead the one who planted the amulet, which they now have in their possession! Eli is baffled. Rafe reasons the amulet ended up in her bag at the Kiriakis mansion. Here comes hurricane Sami in pink! Rafe leaves Eli to deal with Eve and asks Sami what she needs. A word in private cos she has a huge favor no one else can know about ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady gets another drink and declares Eve will never pin the crime on him. Victor warns him Eve will go after him and she is no fool ... Eve smugly suggests to Eli that Brady tried to set her up. Henderson does as told. Eli mentions Victor. She points out they are one and the same - Brady and Victor. He should look into how Brady came by that amulet ... Marlena and Roman know not what Sami is up to now. So far she has been arrested twice! Marlena remembers when Ben burst into the church with the news of Will being alive. They believed it was a bold faced lie but Sami is filled with hope and will not let this go. Marlena and Roman wonder how much more they will be able to bear ... Sami takes Rafe to the park and points out Susan is lying. The only way to get to the truth is to exhume Will ...

At DiMera mansion Abigail tries to change the subject from Andre. Chad gives her a kiss. Andre interruptus with news of anotha hit. So much for that merger. Chad has an idea ... Kate waltzes into the loft to see Theo and announces she has changed her mind about something ... Eve returns to the Kiriakis mansion and asks Brady to make her an expensive double scotch. Victor grimaces. She thanks Brady for convincing her to get to know Chloe cos she was her operatic alibi. She gushes she came home to roost. Victor soap stares ... Rafe recalls how angry Sami was about Paul and John planning to dig up Will! But that was then this is now. Now she wants answers and her mother's instinct will not let her rest until she takes action. Rafe reasons Lucas was against it. Sami would rather not stress him out and suggests they bypass Lucas. Legally she can. She pleads with Rafe, with whom she once shared the loss of Grace and then her miracle of Sydney. Rafe sighs and agrees to help her. After all, how could he refuse? ... Chad wants to get a step ahead. Andre is in. Chad advises him to confess. Andre's face falls ... Kate laments the last resort is for Theo to break into the office down at the docks ... Eve enjoys her drink and tells Brady he needs to sober up to deal with the police, who will want to know how he came by the amulet. She believes either Brady or Victor murdered her husband - or another! Brady is visibly shaken ... Chloe comes back to hyperventilating Lucas, who laments he wanted to see Will again in another drunken stupor. Chloe takes him home ... Rafe is on the phone. Sami sadly remembers Lucas' heartbreak, his warning not to hold onto false hope. The children who are alive need them ... Rafe ends his call, stating he sped things up. Will can be exhumed. Sami asks when. RIGHT NOW! And so begins the bombshell ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, November 9