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Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Episode 13,208
1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Gabi has told Chad and Abigail that Kate hired her for DiMera as well. Chad gets tense. Abigail stops smiling ... Kate drops by Dr. Kayla's office. Kayla is sorry about Will. Kate comes on a hospital matter. The board members seek the name of the anonymous donor ... Tripp sits at the square admiring Claire on his iphone. Steve appears and teases him ... Claire is at the loft amazed at all the hits she has on her song. She tells Theo she is trending ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady the cad has brazenly lied to Rafe and Eli that Eve killed his uncle Deimos. Eve is flabbergasted. Rafe gets impatient but Eli is interested. Brady points out she married Deimos and her motive was she inherited everything! Eve glares daggers at him ... Claire cutely shows Theo all her likes online. Theo is happy to see her smile. They kiss and she thanks him for standing by her always. Theo claims he is responsible for all the followers as well... Rafe wants details. But Eve wants to wait for her lawyer. Brady points out how she came by when he and Victor were burying Deimos' ashes. Eli assumed Nicole was with Deimos before not Eve. Brady sneers she swooped in. Eve screams she murdered no one. Brady now drops bombshell number two. Proof ... Chad and Abigail sit at the table and Chad mutters Kate made no mention of this to him. Abigail asks if Gabi accepted. Gabi sits with to discuss and assures them she will refuse the offer if they have any objection... Kate claims the board is considered putting up a plaque for the generous donor. Kayla explains the person wants to remain anonymous. Kate warns the board wants to be assured that money is clean. Kayla now tells her the money came from Ava Vitali and her son Tripp left it to the hospital. Kate acts like she does not approve ... Tripp talks Claire and the fact that he wants a better job in the future. Steve is impressed he is his own man. Tripp could not have gotten his job or place without Claire, though alas she is with another ... Claire now hears from Theo that he bought her followers hence her success. The blonde blows up ... Eve claims Brady can prove nothing. Brady produces the amulet that Deimos took from Sonny. It was missing from his body. Rafe notes the killer must have taken it. Eve denies seeing said amulet. Brady does his best stare and leers she is lying ...

Kayla counters Kate sounds hypocritical. Kate states as a board member she would rather avoid scandal. Kayla has high praise for Tripp the good asking to donate it all. He did so anonymously and assumed that was that. Kate smiles she will not judge the son by the sins of the mother though Kayla admits he is no saint. Kate's eyes narrow as she remembers Theo alluding to the same thing. She purses her lips and asks Kayla to elaborate ... Steve suggests Tripp join him in the P.I. biz. He could train him. Tripp sighs he regrets ruining his volunteer position at the hospital ... Theo thinks Claire is overreacting but she calls his approach shady. Claire fears if found out she will be considered desperate. She takes off furious and he reminds her of their plans for later. She makes no promises now ... Gabi repeats what Kate told her about being drawn into DiMera, how she would have more free time. Chad notes she would need to deal with Abigail regularly. Abigail suggests they discuss over dinner but Gabi has date plans with Eli already ... Eve scoffs and suggests Brady give his tall tale a rest. Brady claims it was when he asked Henderson to toss her things out on the lawn that it happened. He summons the seasoned butler, who insists he saw the amulet in her big bag on top of the bed. Eve opens her purse to prove him wrong but there is the amulet! Brady gives her a smug set up stare. Eve turns to him. If looks could kill!

Kayla backtracks and tells Kate that Tripp has overcome. She offers to arrange for his donation to be moved to another cause. Kate cackles not necessary, thanks her and waltzes out. Kayla has a bad feeling ... Steve suggests Tripp could work at another hospital, though he would not want him to leave Salem. Tripp grins he is staying and then spies stressed Claire. Steve excuses himself. Claire ignores Theo's call and Tripp hears how there is trouble in paradise ... Eve gasps she did not have the amulet before and accuses Brady of planting it. Henderson stammers about the curse. Eli gets his glove on. Eve lists all she did for Brady but it is when she mentions Basic Black that Rafe gets suspicious. Eve accuses Brady of trying to remove her from the picture, Rafe asks the billionaire heir if that is the case. Brady confirms he and Victor hate Eve being in the company but he did not frame anyone, he only ordered Henderson to throw out her stuff as he wanted her gone. Eve accuses him of a set up. Brady claiams he wants the killer behind bars. Eve screams he hated Deimos. Brady blasts her for letting Sonny languish in prison for the crime she committed. He is after justice ... Abigail appears pleased to hear that Gabi is giving Eli a chance at romance. Gabi wishes Rafe would be more open and updates them on the unlikely Salem PD partnership ... Eli whispers to Rafe they need a warrant but Rafe refuses to wait. The time to act is now. Brady now provokes hot head Eve, who snaps she will kill him. Words in the heat of the moment. However ...

Gabi remains reserved about accepting the job. She has heard stories of DiMera sabotage but Chad insists things are fine. Gabi will get together with Abigail to talk later and goes on her way. Chad suggests they speak to Theo directly to find out what is happening with the family empire. Meanwhile Theo leaves a message for Claire, promising to fix the mess he made. He sighs and gets on his laptop to do damage control ... Claire is upset about the bought followers from Theo, She wishes he would understand the way Tripp does. Tripp tells her Theo was trying to help. She feels crushed cos her spike in numbers were not real. Tripp believes they might become fans the same way he did ... Kayla flashes back to Steve and Tripp telling her of his wish to donate the Vitali money, She had been against it. Steve now surprises sweetness with something from the cafe. She asks about Tripp. He tells her of their talk. She tells him of her visit from Kate cos the board members wanted to know who the anonymous donor was. Steve is horrified she shared that with Kate, who is now seen lurking around the corner ... Eve gets testy cos Eli is writing notes. Rafe will dust the amulet for prints. Eve starts to sound paranoid about Brady's set up. Rafe lets her know she is not free to leave. As she had the amulet in her bag the cops have questions. Eve curses at Brady and warns him he will not get away with this. Brady acts indignant ...

Kayla assures Steve Kate was alright with Tripp remaining an anonymous donor and did not dig. She mentions the bad things that happened before with Tripp, unaware that Kate is listening around the corner ... Claire thanks Tripp for his vote of confidence and hugs him. He blushes and she goes on her way ... Theo says come in when someone knocks at the loft. Enter Chad and Abigail. Theo is busy trying to fix things with Claire and tells them to hurry. Chad wants to know whether anyone at DiMera asked him to go behind their backs. Theo soap stares ... Eve is fed up at the station and tells Rafe to let her go ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady lets Henderson leave and takes a victory drink. He laughs like his dark side is just getting started ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, November 8