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Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Episode 13,207
1385 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Gabi fusses over new hire Eli. Rafe arrives and wonders what Gabi is doing there. She notices the cut on his face and he admits it got tough with a perp. He alludes to also being available for Arianna so no need for Eli and steps away to take a call. Eli realizes Rafe is less than thrilled to have him as his new partner ... Chad wakes up in his grand DiMera bed and takes away Abigail's ipad. He wants the honeymoon to continue. She giggles as they kiss in bliss ... At the pub Kate explains to Theo on the phone that she must tread carefully now that Abigail works at DiMera cos she could go running to Andre. Jen arrives and sits with Kate. She is sorry about Will but not about what she wrote. She offers her the chance to make a statement about why her deals are going south. Kate denies the charge and sarcastically suggests she contact their new PR person who happens to be Jen's daughter. Jenny soap stares ... Eve returns from a ride at the Kiriakis mansion. Reading Victor asks about her daughter. She laments her daughter is gone. The Greek is sorry and now asks her to get the hell outta his house ... Jogging Brady stops to stretch at the park. He soon spies phone talking Eric passing and stops him. He has something to say to him! Eric gives him a suspicious stare ... Victor orders Eve to start packing. She points out as Deimos' widow she is family. She talks her new position at the company and calls herself CEO. Victor frowns for this is the first he has heard of it ... Eric ends his call and confirms to Brady the search for Will was a bust. They are both sorry. Eric explains now Sonny and Paul may move on with their lives. Brady likens the situation to theirs, moving on without ho Nicole. Eric would rather focus on helping at Horton Center but Brady the buck betrayed gets in his face and taunts him. Jen comes around the corner and breaks up the almost rumble. Jen reminds them they are brothers. Brady gets a call and arrogantly takes off ... Gabi presents Eli with a gift - gourmet homemade cookies. She appreciates him being there for her little girl and through the Will drama. He asks how she is doing. Gabi admits she is disappointed that Will was not alive after all. Smitten Eli kisses her. Rafe emerges and glares at the scene ... Abigail reminds Romeo Chad that she has to get up early to find out what the company mole has been up to. They disagree about Andre again. Chad convinces her to stay a while longer ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor suspects Eve has lost her mind. She smugly states Deimos bought up all outstanding shares of Basic Black and left the company to her. She smugly presents him with the paperwork as proof. Brady bursts in. She intros herself as the new Mrs. Kiraikis, back on top ... Rafe gives Eli the evil eye. Gabi gets cross. Rafe reminds them this is a police station no kissing booth. Gabi questions that. Rafe wonders whether he is here to work. Eli has 5 minutes to spare and thanks the girl for the lucky lunchbox ... Abigail lets Chad know she will take no orders from Kate or him and agrees when he boasts he is handsomely irresistible. They kiss and he calls her the boss ... Brady does not believe it so Victor hands him the iron clad papers. Corporate Eve insists she will take the company to new heights. Victor refuses to give her a dime. Eve tells them that Titan is obligated to pay 80% of Basic Black operating costs, thanks to Nicole. She leaves them to consider and pokes fun at the studs ... Once she is gone Victor the Greek orders Brady to get that woman out of their company out of their lives for good ...

Rafe ends a call at his desk and asks if Eli is on break but Eli has just gotten through a pile of cases. He works fast on investigating perps, given his FBI training and photographic memory. Rafe growls to get them coffee. Eli is not amused ... Shirtless Chad and Abigail snuggle in bed. He suggests they shower and take breakfast together. She gets a faraway look in her eye and asks for honesty. Is he really alright with her being at DiMera? He assures her they are the couple who can have it all ... At the pub Kate approaches Gabi and praises her entrepreneurial skill. Gabi brings up the letdown of Will not being alive. Kate fears for Lucas but ... back to business! She wants to make the head of the Gabi Chic an offer she will not be able to refuse ... Jen and Eric sit at the park to discuss Brady. Eric admits he senses Brady was the reason Nicole left town though he decided to let it go. Nicole is gone and he has to move on. Jen primly sips her coffee ... Victor removes Brady as CEO of Titan effective immediately. Brady doubts Sonny would do well in the job. Victor feels when he returns he will be ready to work, as the ghost of Will has bene laid to rest. He blasts Brady for missing Deimos' backdoor business move. He also knows he has been drinking! Brady makes light of it and offers to attend a meeting. Victor doubts he even wants to stop drinking and advises him to deal with Eve as asked. Brady realizes if not he is out ... Eli reminds big man Rafe they are equals and refuses to be treated like a rookie! Rafe is still mad about his sister. Eli insists he saved her life and suggests his real issue is with Commissioner Brady ... Kate tries to talk Gabi into selling Gabi Chic to DiMera to continue her good work with them. Gabi has heard rumors about DiMera being in trouble. Kate coos their new DiMera spin master will put the rumors to rest. Gabi is stil anxious about working with Chad. Kate assures her she would not have to see him and offers to reconvene after her meeting. Meanwhile she can consider the offer. Gab will indeed ... Eric credits the Horton Center people for seeing him through. Jen counts herself as one of them. She tries to make him feel better about Brady. He thanks her for always being there and she gazes at him ...

Brady accuses Victor of testing him. The Greek grumbles he cannot cope with reality. A CEO must face his demons! Brady lies he has not taken a drink for days. Victor offers to reverse his demotion if he takes down Eve. That is what he needs to bring him back into the big leagues with the likes of focused and smart Sonny ... Gabi stands to leave the pub when kissing Abigail and Chad arrive. They are sorry about Will. She gasps sometimes what one wishes for does not come true. She wishes he were alive for Ari, who misses her daddy ... Brady drinks and talks to himself about destroying Eve the beech. He deduces there is one way. He wickedly laughs and takes another drink ... Eli suspects Rafe is hates being bossed around by Hope and is taking it out on him. Rafe denies it. Eli now answers his phone. Duty calls as they have a lead on case. The partners are on their way ... Gabi excuses herself and turns down Abigail's invitation. She is surprised to hear that Abigail is the new head of DiMera PR. Gabi admits Kate offered her a job at DiMera as well. Chad looks mad ... Jen thanks Eric for being there for her and he calls her a great person and friend. He will see her around ... Kate leaves Abigail a catty message to get reporter and mother Jen off her back ... Eve enters the Kiriakis living room and sweetly suggests a restart with Brady. Rafe and Eli arrive and wonder what he has. Brady brazenly claims Eve is the one who killed his uncle Deimos Kiriakis! ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, November 7