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Monday, November 6, 2017
Episode 13,206
1485 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square waiter Tripp is happy to see waitress Claire, who sighs at the specials list as it is too long. Tripp coaches her how to remember. He helps straighten her apron with a goofy smile ... Kate wants a name. Theo talks technical. She asks if Andre is the one hacking DiMera. Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Abigail and Chad disagree that it could be Andre ... Susan insists Sami's son sleeps with the angels. Now they both miss a son. Sami tries to attack. John and Marlena stop her. Susan threatens to call the cops. Sami tells her Rolf said Will was alive and the loon's eyes widen with worry. Sami notices ... Paul soap stares at bartending Will in Memphis. Lucas was spot on about seeing him! Paul steps toward him ... Claire asks Tripp to teach her how to carry plates the cool way. He does and she tries. He has high praise so she asks him to snap a pic. Alas his phone is home so he takes his break to bring it. She will cover for him ... Theo explains the hack originates from an office at the docks. Kate decides it still could be Andre and takes a call from drunken Lucas in Memphis, who mumbles Will is gone and both Adriennes dumped him! She says to snap out of it and find Sami ... Susan questions Rolf's claim and leers he lied so get out and let her grieve. John and Marlena usher Sami out. John glances back at Susan one last time ... Paul tearfully calls out to WILL, who has turned around at the bar ... Abigail asks Chad what evidence he has that Andre has dragged Theo to the dark side. Chad talks chess. Abigail assures him Theo would tell him. Chad adds Kate agrees with him. Abigail soap stares ... Theo is sorry about Lucas. Kate wants to catch the culprit at the dock. Theo lets her know the location is completely closed and armed, the building of an LLC. He offers to break in and search for the server. Kate notes that would be breaking the law. Tripp is in! He closes the door behind himself ... Paul gets an unexpected call from John, who updates him on the latest. As per Susan, Will is decidedly dead. Paul glances at the busy bartender and tells his father they should speak in private. John agrees. Paul watches Will's back. He did not turn around upon hearing his given name ...

Tripp stammers sorry for the interruption as Kate politely introduces herself, claiming they were talking possible tactics in case of a corporate cyber attack. Theo is surprised he is not at work. Tripp stammers he forgot his phone and hastily excuses himself. Theo assures Kate Tripp is in no position to judge and she gets intrigued ... Abigail teases Chad he might have improved his chess game, hence Theo's win. He complains about Jen's Spectator questions that are causing problems with the press. She tells him to take care of it and smiles she is available for PR work ... Susan hears a sound and grabs the gun. Elvis aka Roger is back and she proudly points out what she told them about Will ... Sami is in Lucas' room. He is in a fog but she is furious about Susan. Lucas wants to hear all about it so she tells him the story as per Susan. Lucas wants to know if Will is alive. She knows not ... John and Marlena meet Paul at the hospital. Marlena and John believe they are back where they started from unless Paul came up with another lead. Paul starts to sweat ... Chad is glad that Abigail left her job. She loves being with family and plans to get her career back on track. They kiss and he wants her to start ... Lucas sits and laments Susan lied? He tries to stop Sami from spying on Susan by blocking her path ... Paul updates John and Marlena on his movements until he went to the bar. He admits he saw ... someone there ...

Back at the loft Kate worries about Theo breaking in. Besides Abe would never forgive her! Theo suggests it is not wrong to stop the hacker. Kate wants him to wait until she explores other options. He now gets a call from Andre and she urges him not to take the call. Theo does as asked but admits he is uneasy about lying to brother Chad. She assures him it will all work out and hopes Tripp will keep his silence about their meeting or else big bad wolf Andre will be onto them... Chad lists all of Abigail's qualities and whispers they need her at DiMera. She teases she is unsure as they have a personal relationship. Chad gets fun and frisky with the woman he loves ... Sami shoves a bottle at Lucas so he will step aside. He gasps Susan is dangerous and reminds her the kids need her. He wants Will to be alive as well but Susan could still have offed him. Sami suspects she would have gloated. Lucas reminds her John is ISA and her confession would have landed her in jail. Sami starts to cry she cannot let her hope go now. Lucas stands by her side ... John peers and asks who Paul saw at the bar. Paul remembers what Lucas warned him about nice guys ending up alone. And so Paul only says he saw Lucas. It is a lie to save his relationship with Sonny ... John and Marlena saw Lucas as well. They are aware he is off the wagon. Marlena adds they have to accept Will is not alive as they wished and move on. Paul nervously nods ...

Claire cutely balances her plates at the square cafe. Tripp is impressed but then the plates come crashing down ... Chad wants Abigail to accept his job offer. She teases she has to negotiate so he takes her to the bedroom. Stefano's portrait looks pleased ... Susan reasons she had her son stolen from her and she blames Sami for his death! An eye for an eye. Roger thinks she was wrong to say she plotted to kill Will. She wanted to stop them but Roger has his doubts. She hugs her loverman ... Lucas gasps they have got to let go and go on for the children that remain. Sami cries she wanted Will to be alive and urges Lucas to let her help him. Ali needs him and she wants a project. Lucas turns away. She begs him with her baby blues and he cries he can let her try to save him after what they went through. They hug and she sobs on his shoulder ... Paul hastily suggests they all head home to Salem. He will stay with Sonny until he is strong enough to travel. Marlena notes there is no hurry and suggests she tell Sonny what they learned. Paul will do it. Marlena thanks him and goes to bid Sonny goodbye. John is pleased for Paul that he and Sonny will be able to wed and gives him a hearty hug. Paul gulps ...

Tripp offers Claire part of his hefty tips. She thanks him and gives him a hug. Tripp melts. Here comes Theo! She assures him that was a friendly hug. Theo asks for a word alone with Tripp. Tripp assures him he and Claire are only friends. Theo knows and has a favor to ask - tell no one he saw Kate at the loft. They were working on something sensitive. Bewildered Tripp agrees ... Kate storms into DiMera mansion and wants to talk business with Chad alone. He smiles Abigail can stay for she will be working in public relations. Kate is not pleased but gets straight to the point. After Jen's article they have to do damage control. Chad offers to make some calls. Abigail is in to spin. Kate's eyes narrow. This was clearly not part of her plan ... John stands by as Marlena updates Lucas and Sami that they feel Will is not alive. Sami calls Susan's claim crazy but John is a man of logic. Marlena sadly states it seems their Will really is no more. Sami fights back the tears ... Susan shows big Elvis the teddy bear her little Elvis used to sleep with. He humors her about the vampires and states they are in the past. He now suggests they head down to the bar to keep an eye on ... Susan squeals in delight ... Meanwhile Paul has returned to the bar where Will is still working. He remembers lamenting Sonny would leave him if Will were alive. Back to the present. He pauses, asks God to forgive him, and goes for good. Will glances back when the door slams, then keeps cleaning the bar ...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, November 6