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Friday, November 3, 2017
Episode 13,205
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate is on the phone with Shin, outside excusing her inability to acquire a company. She whispers to herself she shall make the saboteur pay … Theo arrives at the DiMera mansion for Kate. Chad asks why he is there so Theo asks about Will. Chad answers and gets more suspicious when he suggests chess ... Hope is happy to have Abigail the administrator back at the station. Alas she came not to work but to quit ... John urges Susan to put the gun down. She demands the truth. Sami updates her on the Rolf brought Will back to life like Stefano story. John adds someone from this address was paying Rolf. Sami screams is her son alive ... Lucas sweats and starts to approach the bartender who is a dead ringer for his late son ... At the hospital Justin is astounded to hear Adrienne and Lucas are over. She gushes when he came to get her they kissed and it changed everything. Justin marvels she is back to him. She adds she does care for Lucas but given their romantic history she knows in her heart that they were meant to be, her and Justin ... Lucas asks Will whether he is real. Paul asks whether he has seen a ghost. The bartender is nowhere to be seen now. Lucas gasps he saw Will ... Indignant Susan admits Elvis is her man. John is surprised so she calls him jealous. Marlena notes no more Edmond. Susan is still upset over EJ's death. Sami snaps she loved him. They tell Susan this is about Rolf, Will and EJ. Susan whispers she would be within her rights to shoot the three trespassers. Sami bites her lip ... Chess Chad tell Theo to make a move. Theo leaves his queen unguarded, which is unusual. Chad wonders. Enter Kate. Theo excuses himself to go write a paper and leaves in a hurry. Chad notes he was nervous ... Abigail appreciates how the station gave her a chance but the time has come to follow her passion, whatever it may be. Hope assures her the temp they hired in her absence will be pumped to go perm and hugs her ... Justin gets emotional and all choked up that he is the one that Adrienne wants. Tis a dream come true! She confirms it and they share a reconciliation kiss ...

Paul thinks Lucas drank too much. Lucas gasps it must have been a hallucination. It would not be the first time. Paul offers to return him to the hotel. Lucas laments at least Will is somehow in is life unlike Adrienne. Paul points out he is not real. Lucas drinks more and is down on Sonny et al who got his hopes up for nothing. Will should be left dead and buried ... John calms down Susan, insisting they are on the same side. Sami laments she loved and lost EJ and asks about his initials. Marlena adds they just want to know what happened. Susan is sorry to hear that sweet Rolf killed himself. He went from a vampire to being a friend. They bonded over their hatred of big Stefano. Rolf had a crush on her. Marlena is amazed. Susan alludes to him doing her a favor. Furious Sami urges her to come clean ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad does the Theo math as Kate attempts to act innocent. He first suspects Andre wants to use his brainy brother to sabotage the company. Kate soap stares ... Adrienne refers to Justin's kisses as fresh and new ... Paul doubts Will walks the earth and is here to help find closure for the clan. Paul asks why Lucas came to Memphis. He drawls for a good time and good whisky. Paul can see he has hope ... Susan calls Sami a nut until Sami states EJ left her clues that led nowhere. Susan states EJ is dead as she will soon be. Marlena and John implore her to tell them the truth and then they will go. Sami asks about the room for EJ. Susan sadly states they were close and she misses her boy. Sami understands and weeps then EJ is dead. Susan screams it is all Sami's fault for no one listened to her premonition! Sami cries he was the love of her life. Susan cries she needed revenge. Sami wonders what she means. Susan gasps she killed her boy so she set out to try and take hers. Justice for EJ! She suspects she snapped. John wonders what she did. She fell apart. Marlena asks if that was why she came to Memphis. She felt closer to Elvis here but remained heartbroken so she set out to hurt Sami. She plotted with Rolf. John points out but Ben killed Will. Susan admits she saw Ben that night and called Rolf to come resurrect Will with his black magic ... Lucas weeps he cannot fall further from false hope. Paul fears the same thing could befall Sonny ... Kate stops Chad from calling Theo, slyly suggesting he would be onto him. She states to stay out of it, focus on his beautiful family future and leave the dirt digging to her. Chad thanks her and exits. Kate asks Stefano's portrait what he is staring at. She sighs she wishes to protect Chad. EJ knew as Andre does that business can be cut throat and if Andre is trying to bring her down there will be blood! Alas Stefano has no answer ...

Justin updates Adrienne that the doctor informed him Sonny is awake. She will message Paul. Justin tells her of Paul's fear that Sonny would leave him for a real Will. He can relate to his feelings of despair ... Lucas warns Paul that Sonny does not believe Will is dead. Paul is here to support Sonny. Lucas praises him for it but suggests they drown their sorrows as nice guys who finish last. Paul does not subscribe to that belief. Lucas suggests he be less nice if he wants to hold onto Sonny. Paul blinks ... Susan reminds the questioning group that they are mean mean mean and assures them she did not kill Will. When she found him Ben had killed him and thus robbed her of her revenge. John wonders what she did next. She paid Rolf to revive Sami's son so she could kill him herself ... Abigail returns to DiMera mansion and updates Chad on Hope understanding. She asks about Sonny, who is still in hospital. Chad adds there is nothing new on Will either. However, he noticed something strange with Theo ... Kate shows up at Theo's loft and snaps what the hell was he thinking ... Justin and Adrienne hold hands and soap gaze. He is sorry it was such a long road to rekindle their romance. Now to see Sonny ... Lucas yells for another bottle. Sympathetic Paul suggests he get sober and be nice to his own self. It is what Will would want. Lucas cries dead Will already told him. Paul urges him to listen. Lucas laments but he is dead. He stands and falters. Paul tries to stop him. Lucas wants to leave and tells him to find Sonny and be happy. Then he exits into the misty night ... Marlena questions whether Rolf would have done such a thing. Sami demands to know what happened after Rolf brought Will back as John stands by her to prevent an escalation. Does Will live???

Abigail cannot imagine Andre using Theo. Chad sighs about what he was hiding ... Kate warns Theo that Chad was suspicious. Theo explains he came cos he has truth. He knows the name of the DiMera saboteur ... Susan recounts that Rolf injected Will but claims it did not work that day. She babbles Will is dead to a very suspicious Sami ... Meanwhile the Memphis bartender takes the next serving shift as Paul waits for his order. His eyes widen in horror as he sees WILL for real ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, November 3