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Thursday, November 2, 2017
Episode 13,204
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the square JJ checks his phone as Lani notices. JJ is anxious that Abe is against him and complains. He now realizes he is right behind him with Val ... Maggie is relieved when Victor lets her know Sonny will be out of the Memphis hospital soon. She is also relieved the bad women of the past are gone as Bonnie is no longer under their roof. Eve enters gushing about her big news. Maggie is suspicious. Victor sighs ... Adrienne tries to talk to Lucas, who shuts his door and shuts her out ... At the hospital Paul leaves Sonny resting and gets a coffee, assuring worried Justin he will be fine. Justin updates him on John and Marlena leaving to save Sami from herself ... At the Elvis house, Sami is stunned when she spies the initials E.J. on the wall. Memories of a love lost ... Adrienne appeals to Lucas to open the door. She refuses to leave until he does and threatens to sing loudly. He opens the door and tells her to be brief as he wants to get back to the booze. Then he turns his back on her ... Justin fumes Sami went rogue again. Paul brings up the suspicious Elvis and suggests they all need answers ... Sami gasps EJ and starts to search the room. A hand on her shoulder makes her cry out ... JJ stands up and starts to stammer. Abe appears even more stern and sits with Val, who wonders about Will. JJ praises Lani for her legwork and she gushes they are a great team. Abe frowns and his daughter notices. He brings up JJ being suspended but Lani blames Ben for the provocation. Besides he has since been reinstated. JJ assures Abe he takes full responsibility for the mistake he made. Abe worries that a hothead on the job could get his daughter killed ... Back at the crowded Kiriakis mansion, Victor updates Maggie on his and Brady’s burial of Deimos when his body was unexpectedly released. Then came Eve with her unexpected news. Eve calls herself family. Maggie scoffs ... Lucas is about to drink. Adrienne suggests he will stop when he hears her news - she was not herself for months and never dumped him. That was Bonnie Lockhart ... John has spooked Sami. Marlena faces her daughter reminding her of the serious restraining order. Sami seeks answers about Will and then some. She indicates the initials on the wall and suggests this lead could actually be about EJ. Marlena questions if she thinks he is alive and living here of all places ...

The weeping widow Eve claims to have fallen for Deimos when he was down about Nicole. Victor accuses her of playing him for his deep pockets. Eve hates his comments and he hates her being there. Maggie wonders why emerge now. Eve sweetly states she wanted to come home to move in with the clan ... Lucas suggests Adrienne is not sober. She explains that Angelica was the mastermind. Her goal was to get revenge on her and win back Justin. Lucas wonders how long. Adrienne informs him that Bonnie drugged her coffee and made them break up. She gives him the shocking timeline ... Paul smiles to Justin how much he loves his son. Justin is sympathetic about the non-wedding. He knows Sonny loves Paul, who puts on a brave face and grins they could have had a great marriage. However, if Will walks the earth he has to face reality. Chances are high he will lose Sonny ... Sami senses some kind of connection and reasons to John and Marlena that maybe EJ or Will are here. John would rather leave but Sami refuses so he does a hasty search of the rest of the house. Sami searches the room and urges Marlena to join her ... Lani assures her father that JJ is a fine policeman. JJ admits Abe is right and he was wrong to let Ben get to him. He passionately points out that nothing matters more to him than Lani, who makes him want to be a better man. Abe is relieved ... Adrienne laments to Lucas about being locked up and ends the sad story. Lucas is overwhelmed. Does that mean she still wants him? Adrienne pauses and agrees she loves him. Lucas suspects she now loves another as well ... Eve lies she just wanted family support and orders Lars the muscular mover to take her boxes upstairs. Victor refuses to let her live there. Maggie suggests her timing is off and updates her on Ben crashing Paul and Sonny's wedding, claiming Will was actually alive ... Sami complains the pants she found are not long enough to be EJ's. Marlena is sorry and Sami starts to wail. Mother comforts daughter. John opens the door and declares he did find something significant ...

Eve pales as she remembers Paige. Perhaps she too could still be alive! She now takes off to get to the bottom of the matter ... Paul wonders what Sonny would do if Will was alive. Justin knows not. But it is scary to compete for the one you love. He himself wishes he had fought better for the woman he loved ... Adrienne cries about how she longed to come home to Lucas. But then Justin getting together with Bonnie made her realize how deep was his love. She weeps he was her rescuer. Lucas wants her to admit the L word. Adrienne agrees it was love and confesses she kissed him. She cries she is sorry. Lucas claims she was not the only reason he was drinking and turns down her pity. He announces they are OVER ... Abe concedes he is stubborn but he found Lani late in life and it makes him overly protective. Eve appears, hyperventilating to JJ, wondering whether Paige could be alive. JJ is sorry to tell her that according to Ben Paige was dead. Eve partly blames JJ. Abe feels she is being unfair. Upset Eve storms to the station for answers. JJ explains he should go after her. Lani acts like she understands but looks worried ...

Eve stomps into the station. JJ catches up with her and swears if there was a chance he would search for Paige. He is sorry she had false hope and she falls apart in his arms. Lani arrives and gives them a look ... Paul thanks supportive Justin, who praises him for making Sonny happy. He calls him a good and tired man so go get some sleep! Paul only agrees to get some fresh air and thanks his almost father in law again. Justin smiles ... Adrienne cannot believe Lucas ended it with her. He sighs he cannot handle any more disappointment, he has got to move on. He accepts she and Justin are in love. She cries she did not know she wanted Justin but Lucas knew all along he would lose. Now despite his drunken state he needs to find Will. Adrienne sobs she is sorry. So is he and he hangs his head, sits down. Adrienne closes the door after herself, out of his life ... John came across something unexpected - a closet of women's clothing. That means their Elvis lives here with a woman. Sami wonders why this woman's photo did not appear anywhere in their house. John deduces this woman has something to hide. Marlena blinks ... Victor asks Maggie to have Henderson toss out Eve's belongings. She shall follow! Maggie believes because of her heartbreak over Paige she deserves compassion. The Greek grumbles she gets 24 hours of Kiriakis compassion ... Lani approaches JJ at the station. He has released Eve, who is sorry. She dramatically declares she is staying in Salem ... Lucas is alone at the bar and drinks to Adrienne and Justin .. Adrienne joins Justin at the hospital. She updates him on her discussion with Lucas. He is surprised when she states she and Lucas are over because of him ... Sami snaps it makes no sense. No woman in the world would be so obsessed over Elvis. John and Marlena beg to differ. Sami cannot believe this creature who could have EJ as well as Will could actually be bat crazy Susan Banks. Here comes Susan with a rifle on the whole group ... Lucas calls over to the bartender for another drink. The busy bartender opens a box and unpacks the bottles at the bar. Lucas believes his imagination is playing tricks again for the bartender is a dead ringer for WILL!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, November 2