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Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Episode 13,203
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital John embraces Marlena. She updates him on the Memphis cops having Sami. He updates her that Sonny's CAT scan came back negative. They discuss the lawyer doc got her but John suspects Samantha will not cooperate. Meanwhile Sami complains about being cuffed to a Memphis cop. Here comes Lucas, not impressed she is back to her old ways ... Gabi leaves a worried message for Sonny, about Arianna and the father daughter thing. Eli approaches at the square and she admits she has an ominous feeling ... Sonny sleeps in his hospital bed and opens his eyes to Will, who smiles and squeezes his hand in support ... Lucas blasts Sami for leaving him out of the loop about Will. Sami calls him a drunk mess so they all agreed. Lucas taunts what did she go and do. She wants answers about their son is all... Sonny gasps WILL and wakes up to Paul at his bedside. Paul sighs he gave them a scare. He has been here the whole time. Sonny seems puzzled and worries what he said in his sleep. Paul claims he only cares he is better but Sonny wants to get out of bed. Paul informs him that papa John is in touch with Hope. However, they must proceed with caution. Sonny is after answers and snaps Paul cannot stop him from leaving. Paul prevents him from exiting his bed and risking his health. Sonny begs. Paul offers to approach Elvis with John and also speak to the doctor. He plans to stands by his promise to Sonny's folks that he will look after him. He now takes the latest call from Gabi and urges Sonny to rest. Sonny is about to bolt but then Adrienne and Justin arrive ...

John believes Sami will not be released if she does not behave. Marlena sighs she could not stop her and assured her she would ask him to use his ISA contacts. He sighs in agreement and adds it is a long shot. Marlena refers to her wrath ... Sami updates Lucas on the crazy Elvis impersonator who said Rolf brought him back from the dead. He denied knowing Will but Sami knows better! A cop returns with a restraining order against Sami from Robert Fisher. But Elvis has left the building ... Elvis is home and assures his unseen contact he fixed the problem ... Back in Salem Gabi updates Eli on what Paul shared over the phone. It would be a miracle for Arianna if Will were alive. Now she fears Ari will be unhappy about Sonny being hospitalized. Eli offers to come with. She praises him for his way with people, including her ... Sonny feels it was not necessary for his folks to come but they are now sticking to him like glue! He loves his real mom is back. Justin praises Paul for taking care of everything. Adrienne is amazed how much he loves her son ... John asks Paul for an investigation update but Paul is distracted and dismayed Sonny has high hopes about Will. He worries he could come crashing down. John wonders whether he is worried about what would happen if Will were indeed alive. Paul laments Sonny would leave him forever ... Lucas thinks Sami is making a mistake. Sami begs him to help her find Will, who could be alive and alone out there. They are his parents! Sami tells him to play the drunk as a distraction while she makes her great escape. She is counting on him ...

Sonny is desperate to be involved. Justin will deal with the crazy Elvis to keep his son out of trouble. Adrienne stays and holds his hand. Sonny implores her to help him ... Just as Marlena and John wonder how to get the right new lawyer for Sami, legal eagle Justin arrives to save the day. Marlena is grateful. Justin hopes Sami will not make it worse for herself. John laughs good luck ... Back at the station Sami and Lucas are having an argument. He blasts her for beating on a cop and more. She blasts him for his drunken stupor and adds Will would be ashamed. He tells her to take that back. She appeals to him as Will's father to help her ... Elvis shows his restraining order against Sami Brady to his still unseen lady friend ... Gabi is post ice cream with Eli and Arianna at the square. The little girl wants Eli to stay a while longer. When she mentions papa Sonny coming home, Gabi has to update her on his delay. Eli offers to read the story for her school in his place. Arianna only wants her daddy ... Back in Memphis Sonny sighs to Adrienne he is missing Ari's important father daughter day at preschool tomorrow. He curses the slowness of the case. Adrienne assures him they all want to find Will. Sonny blames himself for not being with him that fateful day. He starts to fall apart. Adrienne gives him a pep talk. Sonny's head suddenly hurts from the stress. Adrienne insists their love will always be there. Sonny thanks her and wonders what happened with Lucas. She did not see him before she left Salem and fears for him as he fell off the wagon ...

Lucas is cross at Sami for not being compassionate. Sami snaps she lost EJ and chased his shadow around the world whereas at least Adrienne is alive. She urges him to speak to someone. He screams he came here to check on her but has changed his mind about supporting her and heads off on his own to search for answers. Sami is no stranger to being alone and now regroups. She observes the officer who arrested her and apologizes for her sharp nails. She plays the widow and grieving mother card. The officer observes her. She wants the handcuffs off and he reminds her she attacked a cop, Sami protests until newly appointed attorney Justin arrives. He spoke with the D.A. and she can go as Elvis is not pressing charges but the restraining order prohibits her from approaching him or his house. She gasps she has got to get answers but humors her new lawyer, who stays to do some paperwork. Sami decdes to depart before she gives into temptation to punch someone ... Eli sweetly offers to read the skateboarding book to Arianna's class as Sonny cannot be there. Gabi now gets a call from Sonny, who is sorry. She heard all about it and hopes she is alright. He wants Ari to know he loves her and will call Gabi as soon as he has something on Will ... Sonny assures Adrienne it is all good. She now gets a call from Justin and thanks him for making sure there are no charges against Sonny. Sonny is relieved to hear that Sami has been released. He would hate for her to get in any more trouble ... Elvis is relieved strange Sami is outta their lives and offers to make his roomie her fav peanut butter sandwich. He says to follow him to the kitchen. She does not utter a single word ...

Gabi praises Eli for his offer and credits him with making Arianna smile again. It will be his first day of work but he feels Rafe will be fine. They kiss and Gabi gushes he is the best ... Paul returns to Sonny and states he is fine but his doctor wants him to stay in bed another day. Paul and the gang will get to the bottom of what Elvis is hiding. Sonny thanks him profusely and starts to explain what he meant earlier but Paul feels no words are necessary ... Adrienne arrives at her hotel room door, only to run into Lucas. Her eyes shine with hope ...Justin updates surprised John and Marlena on the restraining order. He is even more surprised Sami did not join her parents at the hospital as promised. Instead Sami is sneaking into the house of the Elvis impersonator. She opens a door, closes it and then stops in her tracks, staring straight ahead ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, November 1