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Episode 13,746
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John wishes Marlena a happy anniversary and they kiss in bliss at the square. He smiles their last wedding was the last and he bears a gift. He calls her the best gift he ever got. A romantic kiss follows and she swoons… In the chapel Kristen starts to tell surprised Eric about Sarah … Nicole enters to show Sarah her test results. She knows she is having Eric’s baby. Sarah’s beautiful brown eyes stare … Eric scoffs Kristen can talk to God. However, she seeks contrition by telling HIM the truth …Sarah is stunned that Rolf brought the test results to Eric’s home. Nicole notes only she saw them and cries she could not bring herself to tell Eric for fear of losing him. She now tries to swear Sarah to secrecy as well so Eric never knows … John gives Marlena a centerpiece hourglass that was at their almost reception. He drawls he even took it to her to help her wake up. She is touched. Here comes devastated Jack. They are sorry about Jen and ask how they can help. Jack asks John how he stayed sane when Marlena was in a coma … Flower bearing Ciara wonders what her mother is doing. Gina stops in Jen’s room still holding the pillow … Rafe comes to see Ben, who complains about his open window. Ben now notices the cracked glass on Ciara’s sweet framed photograph and gasps SHE was here … Jack updates Jarlena on Jen having Dr. Rolf’s flash drive of secrets. After her IT team decrypted it Rolf confronted her. Marlena holds Jack’s hand in support. John asks whether Jen had it on her when she was found. Jack did not find anything but he fears her fall was no accident. She was pushed! John can see he suspects Rolf. Jack vows not to stop until he discovers the whole truth …

Gina covers by claiming Jen needed another pillow. Ciara wonders what happened. Gina gasps it was an accident … Nicole admits to Sarah she is too insecure to tell the man she loves the truth. Sarah is stunned and overwhelmed … Kristen wants to be a better woman for her child. No more lies no more secrets. Sarah is pregnant with Eric’s baby! Brady has just arrived. Eric looks soulful … Rafe suggests Ben stay away. He will find Jordan. He warns if he goes rogue and Jordan gets hurt he will be in trouble. He orders Ben to take Ciara to a safe house out of Salem. He will text the address. Ben agrees and Rafe gets another call to duty. He departs leaving Ben holding the broken picture … Ciara complains about her Ben drama. Gina acts like Hope and suggests she stay with Jen for her dear daughter has too much on her plate. Ciara is scared and gives her mom a hug … Back at the square John offers to do some digging and grins knowingly when Jack asks how. Jack gets it. He laments for a long time he did not recognize the real Jen but now he does and he might lose her. John has something to say …

Sarah cries Nicole knows she is leaving town and no she does not want Eric to know. Nicole cries she is sorry but she loves Eric so much and they suffered … Sarah agrees and adds she does not wish to come between them out of Eric’s obligation. She would hate anyone assuming she was using the baby as a hold on him. She now urges Nicole to get rid of the paper so no one else knows. Nicole sighs someone else knows … Eric cannot believe Kristen. Brady silently enters. Kristen claims to have done the math herself since she and Sarah are now under the same roof. Brady assures his brother he did not know. Eric flashes back to Sarah’s fainting spells. Kristen announces to the former father of the church that is going to be a father to a baby… Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sarah assures Nicole that Xander will tell no one. Nicole updates her on Xander paying Rolf to plant the test results where Eric would find them. He knew that Eric would make her stay in Salem. Sarah fumes. Nicole adds he changed his mind and raced over to stop the big reveal. Sarah now wonders whether Nicole will ever change her mind … Back in the chapel Kristen can see Eric knows she speaks the truth and suggests he seek out Sarah before she goes. Eric takes off. Brady wonders about Kristen’s truth …

John gives Jack a pep talk about the power of love. He stands by Marlena and shows how he turned over this magical hourglass nightly and daily on his night stand to await the day his beloved came back to him. That day happened and his waiting was over … Ben leaves Ciara another message to stay away from the gatehouse. He has packed a bag and is coming to get her. He locks the door but someone seems to be lurking in the autumn leaves … Jack emotionally thanks John. Marlena suggests he give Jack the magical hourglass. He does just that and tells him to believe every day is the day Jennifer Rose will open her eyes. Only that day shall he return it … Gina has her pillow ready again but Ben opens the door, desperately seeking Ciara. Gina pretends to be Hope as she stammers Ciara mentioned forgetting her phone at home. Ben gasps she was going back and bolts … Gina now takes a call from Rafe, who summons her to the station. It concerns Jennifer … Brady accuses Kristen of trying to get rid of him so she could sneak after Eric. She reasons she had to tell the father first. Brady is baffled by Sarah’s secrecy. Kristen suspects she did not want to cause trouble for Eric and Nicole … Nicole promises Sarah she will never spill her secret. Both women watch as the flames in the Kiriakis fireplace reduce the paper to ash. Enter Eric …

Eric suspiciously wonders why Nicole came to the Kiriakis mansion. She came to say goodbye. Sarah starts to leave cos her cab is waiting. Eric demands to know if she is pregnant … Brady wonders why Kristen would want to tell Eric about Sarah’s baby. Because she wants things to be right between the brothers and was in her own way trying to make amends. Brady suspects she was just trying to win him over … John and Marlena holds hands over the table. She hopes he does not mind she wanted Jack to have their hourglass. He gushes that hourglass helped them through the dark days. He hopes it will work the same magic for Jack … Jack sits by sleeping beauty Jen and places the hourglass at her side … Rafe asks “Hope” to help him out at the station since she and Jen are so close. Hope brings up Ciara and the woman who tried to kill her … Rafe asks her to watch the security footage from the bistro …Ben comes back to the gatehouse but the place has been trashed. He spies a manicured feminine hand under some furniture and speaks Ciara’s name … Jack announces to Jen he is turning the hourglass over until she comes back to him. The sands flow … Marlena walks with John at the square marveling at all they have overcome. He muses much can happen in a year. She recounts Tom Horton’s words. LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE HOUSEGLASS SO ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Then she smiles and they stroll past the Horton plaque … Rafe shows Hope the shadow on the footage. Someone came out on the terrace after Jen fell … Ben feels for a pulse and cries the hand is cold … Jen sleeps as the hourglass sands flow … Eric blurts out that Kristen DiMera claimed Sarah is pregnant. She calls her a liar and he demands she reveal her real reason for leaving town. She counters he has no rights with her. He probes why she was having fainting spells. Nicole cries cos she is pregnant … Jen’s hourglass sands flow … Back in the chapel Kristen wants Brady to see how much she changed. She regrets the pain she caused the good people of Salem and calls their baby a miracle. God blessed a soap sinner like her with a child and she shall be worthy. Brady nods, stops her from leaving and passionately kisses her.

Sleeping Beauty Jen whispers "Jack" and opens her baby blues. He is over the moon at the miracle. She wonders what happened. She fell and was in a coma. He is grateful she finally came back cos it has been … How long? A whole year!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, November 8, 2019