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Episode 13,745
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla suggests JJ and Jack head home to sleep. Jack cannot leave Jen’s side and JJ wants to know when she will wake up. No one knows. Jack is after answers … From her throne Gina reads of Jen’s sad state and hopes she will stay that way. She assures Stefano’s portrait she did what she had to … Ben shouts as he wakes up from the same dream he had Halloween. Jordan offed Ciara so he offed her … Nicole woefully opens Sarah’s test results that were intended for Eric. She knows Xander was right. She could lose Eric over it but how she can keep such a secret … Maggie has lemon bars for Sarah and Xander got Ari to help him make a bon voyage banner. Sarah is touched … Kristen is touched when Brady sweetly brings her a healthy breakfast in bed, then panics about blood on her sheets …Kayla explains Jen’s body is dormant to help her heal. Jack just wants to find out how she fell from the balcony …. As Kristen cries Brady runs out for help …Downstairs Sarah loves the lemon bars but she is still not staying. The redhead reminds her Jen is in a coma. Here comes Brady panicking about Kristen bleeding. Could be the baby! He asks Sarah to check on her. Sarah goes upstairs and suggests he stay …Nicole imagines Eric hearing Sarah is having his baby. He would leave her for Sarah and his child. Nicole now blinks back to reality. Eric is standing before her for real. He wonders what she was reading in her hand …

Sarah calms Kristen down and takes a look … Maggie agrees with Xander that Brady should stay away as Dr. Sarah asked. But when Xander quips Kristen is too old to bear a child, Brady goes berserk … JJ updates Jack on Hope saying she only heard Jen scream. Jack decides to go talk to her cos he knows she must have seen something. Exit Kayla. JJ watches as his father woefully slips the ring on sleeping beauty Jen’s finger. Jack will wear the wedding band he had made and wait for the fair Jen to wake up. That is when he will put that ring on her finger … Gina answers the phone to Kayla acting like she is worried about Jen. Kayla explains Jack would like to ask her about when Jen fell. Gina assures her she is on her way … Shirtless Ben is bothered by his dream about murdering Jordan after she murdered Ciara, who now tries to calm him down about his repeat nightmare. He feels Jordan is now near. Ciara thinks she knows the cops are after her. At least David is with Rafe’s police protection. Ben is perturbed Ciara does not have police protection. She promises everything will be alright and he soap stares. Dangerous drums pay …

Nicole puts her paper away and pretends it was merely a fundraising projection. Eric is heading off to see Jen. She smiles to send her love. He kisses her and grins he will see her soon … Dr. Sarah decides Kristen is simply spotting, no worries. Kristen gazes in gratitude and notes she must know firsthand … Maggie breaks up Xander and Brady. Brady goes to check on Kristen. Maggie blasts Xander. He asks her to forgive him. She just wishes he would be nicer …Gina arrives at Jen’s room acting like a concerned Hope. She is sorry it does not seem she will wake up anytime soon. JJ insists she will. She talks prayer. Jack vows to find out how she fell and reminds her she was there. JJ asks what happened. She heard her scream as she exited the elevator and Jen had fallen. No one was there and it was an accident. Jack doubts it … Ben sighs on the phone with Rafe and asks to keep him posted. He had no news on Jordan. Ciara wishes he would leave well alone. The police will pick up Jordan. He gasps they might not get her. She assures him Jordan is the crazy one and gives him a hug. He wonders how he could deserve her. She wonders how she could deserve him. He breathes she is the most beautiful woman inside out and always believes him. She adds she always will and they kiss in bliss … Maggie laments Sarah is still leaving. Xander knows something that might make her stay … Kristen remembers Xander warning her not to repeat Sarah’s secret and changes the subject. Here comes Brady. Sarah assures him she will be alright. He wishes the good doc would stay. Kristen wishes her the best and Sarah goes on her merry way …

Jack does not believe Jen lost her balance. Gina argues she might have been drinking. Nope. He knows she was pushed. Gina wonders by whom. By one person … Back in the Kiriakis living room Maggie warns Xander not to meddle with a scheme to make Sarah stay. Sarah comes down and decides to depart for the airport early. The redhead is reduced to tears. Sarah hugs her goodbye and she breaks down. Xander woefully watches … Nicole takes off with Sarah’s test results … Kayla is sorry to inform Eric she has no news on Jen. Kristen and Brady arrive and Kayla takes her to her OB’s office … Jack the newsman knows Rolf might have found out that Jen was about to open the decoded flash drive. Gina doubts it. He argues the flash drive Will gave Jen from the IT department is now missing …

Ben holds Ciara in bed. They both wish they could stay this way. He complains the world is too complicated. She agrees and wants to head to the hospital for her family. He insists on taking her as Jordan remains a clear and present danger … Back at the Kiriakis mansion weeping Maggie steps away to wrap up the rest of the lemon bars for Sarah. Xander gives the emotional girl a gift. A framed photo of HIM. She smiles it is sweet. He wants to drive her to the airport. She called a cab. He asks for a hug and gets a weepy one. He gallantly hands her a white hanky and she dabs her eyes. He gazes at her and warns they will wonder what might have been. She asks him to look after mama Maggie. He agrees, says to be safe and leaves for work, slamming the door after himself in his heartbreak. Sarah feels she must go and touches her tummy … At the hospital Eric assures Brady he is in his corner. However he has concerns cos Kristen cannot be trusted. He wishes Brady luck. Brady admits he will need it. Eric offers to pray not just for him at the chapel but also for his baby. Brady is grateful. Kristen watches … Jack curses he knows Jen entered the restaurant with the flash drive but Rafe found it nowhere. He suspects Rolf. JJ suspects Jen could have dropped it and they decide to go back and search starting with the square. Gina sighs they are grasping at straws. Jack asks the woman he believes to be Hope to stay with Jen. She agrees and wishes them luck. They exit and she eyes her prey … Kristen comes back to Brady and tells him she has to stay here for some routine tests. She suggests he have some food at the cafeteria and fetch her yogurt. Dutiful Brady departs. Kristen soap stares … Maggie has given Sarah the last lemon bars. Violins play and the doorbell rings. One last hug and Sarah heads to the door with her suitcase. There stands Nicole … Kristen sits beside Eric in the chapel. She bears big news … Ben comes home to an open window. A cold wind blows. He closes the window and remembers he locked it before leaving … Ciara arrives at the hospital and asks JJ and Jack about Jen. No change. Jack lets her know mama Hope is with her now. They are on their way somewhere. But back in Jen’s room Gina concludes she cannot allow her to wake up, picks up a pillow and eyes her with evil intent …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, November 7, 2019