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Episode 13,744
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of wicked Gina pushing poor little Jen off the Bistro balcony. She falls like a ragdoll at Jack and JJ’s feet ... Julie complains to Dr. Kayla about losing the live feed of the wedding that was cut off but she knows there was no wedding … Gabi tries to make Eli feel better but all he wants to know is why Lani left him standing at the altar … Lani unhappily opens her door to suited Abe who doubts she really does not love Eli and asks for the truth … JJ puts his jacket on Jen. Jack calls for an ambulance. Haley assures them she is breathing as JJ gets a pulse. Jack begs her to hang on … Still in her bridal gown, Lani breaks down. Papa Abe points out she could have told Eli about her second thoughts. She remembers Gabi threatening Julie … Eli opens up to Gabi about his hurt over Lani’s about face. The detective senses something else is at play … Rafe arrives and asks how Jen fell. Jack cries he is the detective so he should find out! Then he gets back to Jen and takes her hand in his, reciting words of love. Sleeping beauty Jen sleeps on. He reminds her they have overcome all obstacles and implores her not to leave … Gina gets Rolf’s flash drive. She notes no one could survive such a fall and starts to go but Rafe appears, addressing her as Hope. What happened? She gasps Jen fell and hears she is alive, then pretends to be relieved. Rafe wants to know what the hell happened …

Haley holds Jen’s head and Jack holds her hand as the ambulance is heard approaching … Kayla wants Julie to stay calm but she is worried about Eli’s broken heart … Lani sighs no one can do anything. Abe sits with sweetheart and admits he loves Eli as a son. However, his loyalty lies with his daughter. Did Eli cause her harm? She weeps he only loved her … Gabi warns Eli that Lani is unworthy of his love. Eli suspects Gabi has her own agenda as she blamed her for Stefan’s death. Gabi assures him she overcame and even let Julie have Stefan’s heart. Regardless of her argument, Eli starts to suspect she secretly wanted Lani to dump him. She pretends to be supportive and offended. Eli apologizes and ignores a call from Julie… Abe asks weeping Lani whether she loves Eli. He sees in her eyes she does. He decides to call Eli. She exclaims she had no choice and cannot marry him. Abe does not understand … Gina gasps she heard Jen scream as she was exiting the elevator. Then she ran to the balcony. Rafe stops her from leaving …

Dr. Kayla has Salem patient Jen in a room, nurse Haley at her side, and orders the family out. Jack and JJ watch with worry as her blood pressure drops and her heartrate increases … Lani tells Abe tis too late. How Julie must hate her now! Abe assures her Julie is probably praying things will work out. Lani laments at least she got a new heart. She asks papa to hold her and cries like a baby … Eli listens to Julie’s heartfelt message and goes to see her … Rafe stops Gina from leaving, reasoning Jen must be at the hospital by now. She acts like Hope wanting to see and support her cousin. Rafe counters Jack wants answers and wonders what happened, how Jen fell over the balcony. Gina calls it a freak accident. He is perplexed by Hope’s unprofessional approach. She just wants to go to Jen. He will stay and search for clues. Hopefully when Jen wakes up she will be able to enlighten them … Jenny’s bp is back to normal. Kayla explains she seems to have internal bleeding from an injury. She needs surgery to stop it. Jen opens her eyes. Jack assures her he is here. Jen starts to tell him …

Lani apologizes for being a disappointment but Abe insists she could never disappoint him. She is an amazing person. Lani laments she does not deserve his praise but appreciates it. Abe’s love is unconditional and he holds his daughter close as she cries … Eli updates Julie on Lani’s bizarre behavior. Julie is convinced she is crazy in love with him just as Eli loves her. She urges him to fight. Their love is worth fighting for! They exchange I love yous and he goes to find his runaway bride … Rafe takes pictures at the crime scene of the balcony. He has his doubts that Jen just fell … Gina comes back to Rolf and blames him for her big problem. She shows him the flash drive and fumes Jen cracked his code. Rolf cannot believe it. She hisses Jen knows he made her Gina but took an unfortunate fall before she could tell a soul … Jack asks what Jen wants to tell him. She whimpers the balcony. Jack promises her she will be fine and stops her. He promises they shall overcome for this is their time. He will dance with Mrs. Deveraux! Jen struggles to speak and says she loves him. He loves her always and forever. Then he kisses her sweetly on the cheek and she loses consciousness again …

Gina touches her pearls and points out Jen fell from a second floor balcony. Rolf wonders. She admits she pushed her. Now she wants Belgian chocolates. Rolf hopes no one witnessed the push. She insists no one else was up there, then complains about the dreadful detective that was snooping around. Rolf realizes it was Rafe. He then hears that Jen survived thanks to her EMT son and his girlfriend nurse being nearby. Gina wants to head to the hospital. Rolf rages then why did she come to him. She wanted to hand back the flash drive and vows to make Jen keep her silence … JJ and Haley are awaiting an update on Jen’s surgery. Haley hands him Jen’s engagement ring that was removed for the operation. JJ recalls how Jack was getting their meaningful wedding bands just before … Haley urges him to believe. He cries is he trying but he is scared. This was supposed to be their happiest day, not what could be their last … Jack sits numbly at the hospital. JJ approaches and hands him Jen’s engagement ring. Jack fears the worst for a spilt second. JJ lets him know Jen is still with Kayla. Here comes concerned Rafe. Jack solemnly states she sustained a broken leg and internal injuries but is with Kayla as they speak … JJ asks about clues. Rafe replies the kitchen staff were all inside but the manager will send him security footage of the terrace. There was a laptop up there which seemed to be for music. Jack gasps was there a flash drive inside? Rafe replies in the negative and adds Hope was arriving just when it happened but she saw nothing suspicious. Jack gets to thinking. Rafe wonders why Hope has not yet come, as she claimed she was heading to the hospital. JJ has not seen her at all … Abe opens the door to Eli and informs him Lani left. Eli wanted to talk to her. He knows for a fact she loves him. Abe agrees but alas has no answers … Lani comes back to her now empty wedding venue and picks up a fallen flower. Gabi appears and leers now they both have to wake up alone. Lani argues she made Eli suffer and she knows there is still something she can do. She hits her in the face. Gabi warns that was a mistake. Lani walks away and doubts she will do anything … JJ assures Jack that Jen will make it. Gina arrives acting like a concerned Hope. Jack informs her Jen is still in surgery. Gina asks if she said anything. Jack admits she tried to but he wanted her to conserve her energy … Hours pass and Jack is impatient. Kayla comes out with an update. Jen made it through surgery but sadly fell into a coma. Princess Gina puts a gloved hand on Jack’s shoulder as ominous music plays … ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, November 6, 2019