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Episode 13,742
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Drunken Eve pouts when bartender Roman gives her coffee. No more drinks. She complains no one invited her to the big party …Haley and JJ are spiffy for Lani and Eli’s wedding reception. He lets her know she is his one and only with a sweet kiss … At the square cynical Justin is not surprised another wedding was a Salem bust. Adrienne giggles and they kiss … Jack admits to Jen he feels so sorry for the almost bride and groom. Jen gushes he sounds like the old Jack. Will hands her back the flash drive the IT department decrypted but did not actually open. He wonders what it was about … As Stefano’s portrait watches phone Rolf reveals he is nervous about Gina’s whereabouts. When she returns he ends the call and she complains about John. Now she is hungry. He hands her highness a tray and worries she gave herself away. She boasts she fooled them she was really Hope and is sorry to say Jennifer has something that belongs to him. Then she enjoys her chocolate pastry … All Jen knows is Rolf is up to no good. Will smiles he can track down any story should she need assistance. Jen is grateful. Marlena has returned. Alas there shall be no wedding. The guests gasp in unison. Jack muses maybe there will be … Marlena adds the reception shall go on at the Bistro. Sonny thinks it would be weird to have a reception with no wedding. Jack and Justin seem to get the same idea …

Glamorous Haley stops kissing JJ and admits she is anxious about attending the big event. He assures her she will be alright and grins. At least his dad knows him now … Adrienne and Jack are both on board with having a wedding. Jen smiles like a Salem sunrise. She loves the impulsive Jack way. He exclaims tis a yes and they happily hug. Adrienne explains she wanted her and Justin to wed … Roman demands Eve’s keys or else he is callin the cops! She hands them over and complains about being left out. He warns booze makes folks feel worse. She gets sarcastic about Jen and Jack’s happily ever after. Roman is not listening. She hisses Jen should have been the one who fell down the elevator shaft … Rolf rages about Jen’s betrayal. Gina wants to know what secrets he hid on the flash drive … Sonny and Will soap stare as Jack and Adrienne attempt to decide who will wed by playing rock paper scissors. Smart cookie Maggie suggests a double wedding …

Back in the throne room, Rolf is sorry to reveal to Gina that Hope is in this very room. She is horrified to realize she is Hope … Sonny stammers he was once in a double wedding that did not go well but Maggie had a wonderful double wedding with Mickey … Marlena knows the couple who almost wed on this day would approve … And so Justin, Adrienne, Jack and Jen become jubilant. Sonny and Will smile at the happy scene … Back at the pub Roman is appalled by Eve’s evil death wish against the fair Jen. Eve hisses in high school she stole her guy. Roman marvels she is mad about Frankie? She snaps it is about Jack now. He argues Jack ran away the minute he remembered her so she should move on, smart beauty that she is. She cries she cannot let Jennifer win and staggers out. Roman leaves Jen a message to warn her drunken wicked Eve is on the warpath … Rolf assures Gina she is Princess Gina but Bo Brady’s shooting of her made her rather beyond repair. Therefore he put her essence into Hope Brady. T’was a chip he placed in the back of her neck. Gina looks at the woman in the mirror and agrees this body shall do. She then wonders what his reasons were …

Recently arrived JJ and Haley find out from Will that Eli and Lani are actually not getting married. Jen and Jack appear with an announcement about their double wedding. The two super couples are ready. Jack enlists his smiling son to be his best man. It feels like the perfect day … The wedding march is repeated and Marlena presides again. Happy Jack/Jen and Justin/Adrienne stand ready … Eve staggers up to speak her piece. Jack and Jen cannot get married! Jack politely asks why not. She claims to be carrying his baby. Everyone stares in stunned silence. Eve taunts poor Jenny and JJ tries to usher her away. He thinks she is too old. Jen steps up, knows she was lying and states nothing will ever stop her and Jack’s love. Eve confesses she is not pregnant. She hates feeling humiliated again and screams to go ahead and wed until death do they part … Gina suspects Rolf wanted revenge on Hope for what she did to Steffy. The mad scientist admits he wants her to rule again. She hopes Hope will never be able to take over this body again … JJ threatens to toss Eve in the trash. Maggie orders her to leave. Eve hisses they make her sick and runs off. Maggie marches after her … Time to continue. Jen and Jack rewind and she gushes she wants to spend every day of her life with him. As JJ gets a tear in his eye Jack takes Jen to be his spouse for as long as they live. Now Jen does the same. Marlena turns to Justin and Adrienne who also pledge their endless love in wedded bliss. Sonny smiles and the couples kiss, pronounced husbands and wives. Will catches the red bouquet as the crowd applauds …

JJ gets the happy couples ready for the photo shoot. Haley uses her iphone and tells JJ to join his folks. Adrienne and Justin happily rejoin Will and Sonny, who must pick up Ari before returning for the reception. Justin suggests they tell Vic but Adrienne thinks they should do that themselves … Jen now gets a long distance call from Abigail in Paris. Their daughter also wants a word with Jack, who cries tears of joy. This time their happiness is forever … Rolf assures Gina that Hope is gone. She gushes she will reign in peace and prosperity … but Jennifer Horton poses a threat. She finds out from Rolf that the encrypted files revealed what he had done with Hope/Gina and takes off to take care of her … Jack wants Jen to return to his room with him as he forgot something. She gushes they will be together for all the days of their lives, kisses him and sends him on his way … Maggie has seen Eve to her door. Eve shuts the door on her and bitterly breaks down …

Jen arrives at the beautifully decorated Bistro early smiling with Jack on her mind. She looks out the balcony and then sits down at her computer to sneak a peek at Rolf’s flash drive. She opens a file and proceeds to read, gasping WHAT! Gina glides up from behind … Marlena comes to the pub to fetch Roman for the reception and updates him on the change in plans. Jack/Jen and Justin/Adrienne just got hitched although Eve tried unsuccessfully to stop them. Looks like Jack and Jen are getting their happily ever after … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Maggie updates Justin on dropping off Eve. He asks her to convince Vic to come to the reception. Adrienne appears in her bejeweled dress and he admires her beauty. They kiss in bliss and decide to come home early … Jack hands JJ the wedding rings he forgot to bring and states once upon a time they were stranded on an island and he professed his love. These bands were made from part of that ship that swept to shore with them. The ring shall remain on Jen’s finger until the day that he dies … Jen is startled by Hope and innocently shows her Rolf’s secret files. Only she has seen his plan to make Hope Princess Gina. They must do something! Too late. Gina whispers she already is Gina and pushes her down the balcony. Jenny screams to wake the dead, falling in front of horrified, Haley, JJ and Jack. Hope/Gina hides behind a velvet curtain ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, November 5, 2019