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Episode 13,741
1000 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


The romantic wedding of Eli and Lani gets underway with Marlena presiding. Lani manages to make a cryptic appeal to Gabi, who gives her a cryptic reply about pressing the button for Julie. Poor Eli has no idea he is moments away from having his relationship ruined … Floral Adrienne chastises Justin for returning home so late. They are expected at the wedding. He grins he has got something – bigger than the bottle of champagne he brought. He was at the courthouse and ran into Jack, who was getting a marriage license for himself and Jen. Adrienne is elated. She enjoys the sweet champagne. Justin now presents her with a wedding license for them. He teases he tricked her into signing the other day as she signed other legal documents. She giggles and he hopes she is still willing to wed him. She wants to be his wife more than anything. They kiss in bliss … Eli praises pretty Lani for making Salem feel like his home. He felt from the first moment she was special. Sadly they lost David and almost Julie but it made them stronger. He praises Gabi and then states son David is watching this happy moment from heaven. Lani weeps as he calls his soulmate. He vows to love her for all the days of their lives and she further breaks down. Gabi glares, still live streaming. Marlena keeps going. Eli says I do. Lani imagines saying the same and then imagines Gabi blowing up Stefan’s heart in Eli’s beloved grandmother. Marlena calls her name and she blinks back to reality. She cries she is sorry she cannot do this and runs off in her ethereal gown. Eli goes after her. Jen admits to Jack she does not understand. Sarah and Maggie are both bewildered. Xander makes a snide remark. Gabi ends a call with Julie, so sorry and promising to find out what she can. The she tells herself her work is done but Will has overheard and wonders what she means …

Adrienne decides she and Justin will make it in time for the reception and pushes her happy honey on the sofa … Abe and Tamara wonder what went wrong. Jen did notice Lani was a little nervous though that is nothing out of the ordinary. Marlena thought they seemed solid and suggests it could be a case of cold feet … Gabi babbles she meant there was no more wedding and nothing to live stream. Hopeful heart Sonny wants to believe Eli will return with Lani … Lani weeps alone at the park and begs Eli to leave well alone for she cannot marry him. He demands to know why not. She blames Gabi … Tamara and Abe agree they will both support Lani … Xander wonders how long they have to wait. Maggie thinks Marlena will have an update soon. Xander wants to get some drinks. Sarah is not impressed. Maggie now tries to talk her out of leaving town again on account of Eric. Sarah gets upset and storms off. Xander alludes to being able to fix things and goes after the girl … Sonny and Will wonder what comes next. Gabi suggests Sonny text his folks not to come until they know something. Back at the Kiriakis mansion love birds Adrienne and Justin get dressed and get ready. They do not notice Sonny left his mother a message about the wedding being on hold. Jen joins Sonny and wonders why they are late … Marlena is about to have a word with stressed Sarah when Xander appears. Marlena is still mad at the man who attempted to shoot her at her own wedding and tells him off …

Lani lies to Eli that she believes she does not deserve happiness after she ruined Gabi’s life. She shot Stefan the love of her life. Eli assumed they had already discussed this and kisses her. He knows her shooting Stefan was an accident and wonders why such sorrow. She weeps she ruined lives and claims she is not worthy of Eli. He insists they return and takes her hand. She lies the truth is she does not love him enough. Eli looks like he has been slapped a thousand times …

Jen and Sonny smile when Jack updates them on Justin getting a wedding license … Xander attempts to act innocent but Marlena saw the footage he got rid of. She also knows he was trying to hurt her son. When she hears Sarah is his date she warns her against turning to such a man … Lani lies she mistook her grief for love and she tried to love Eli but she does not! He thinks they can make it work but she turns him down. He gasps she means they are over? She weeps and whispers she is sorry … Tamara and Abe head off to find their daughter. They have a bad feeling … Jen feels for Lani and Eli but admits to Jack she is excited about Justin, Adrienne and also them. Jack asks if she will get cold feet with him. Wild horses could not keep her away! She also believes since they found their way back together, there is hope for Eli and Lani to work things out … Sarah pouts but gets mad when Xander calls Marlena a busybody. Sarah assures her they only had this one date, declares she departs tomorrow and walks away. Xander lets Marlena know he now has a problem with her. Marlena stands her glamorous ground … Eli wants to talk but Lanai weeps they are done. It must be so. She cries she is sorry and takes off again as Abe and Tamara arrive. Eli cries and tells them to go to her. Then he sits by the flowers and hangs his head. Here comes woman in red Gabi, who innocently asks him what happened. He sobs on her shoulder. She smiles and holds him close, gloating …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, November 4, 2019