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Episode 13,740
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack has breakfast sweets for sweet Jen in bed. He suggests she read the headline of the pa per cos something happened. He then surprises her with a marriage license application … At the Kiriakis castle Sarah struggles with her zipper and asks excited Xander to help. Tis broken, She gasps she cannot go to the wedding for she is showing … Princess Gina is in full formal attire for the wedding, much to Rolf’s worry. She is determined to delight John with her princess presence …Unsuspecting groom Eli is already at the decorated square. Marlena arrives in her black gown and hugs the anxious groom. Val had a late surgery but he believes today with be perfect … Lani the almost bride remembers Gabi’s wild threat against Julie’s heart. What to do??? …Abe enters the venue surprised she is not ready. She admires the perfect place settings and he promises it will go well … Woman in red Gabi goes to see Julie, brandishing a surprise on her phone … Gina pouts. Rolf argues she cannot go out as her royal self. She assures him she has a plan and wants to pass. He cannot permit it …Marlena apologizes John will miss the wedding as he was called away on biz. Eli understands as even Julie cannot attend. He praises Gabi for letting her have Stefan’s heart and wonders why she changed her mind. She had seemed so mad … Gabi plans to livestream the ceremony for unsuspecting Salem patient Julie, who is ever so grateful … Dapper Abe wonders why so serious. Lani sadly states tis a big day. He gives her a pep talk. Enter her mom and they embrace. Abe has a twinkle in his eye …

Jack has filled in almost everything. He shows Jen where to finish. She is amazed. He is seizing this Salem day to be with her forever! She emotionally kisses him … Suited Xander suggests cupcake suck it in. She does and he fastens her dress. Maggie enters and they pretend she had too much ice cream. Xander calls his date ravishing. The redhead agrees and wishes she would not leave tomorrow. Sarah sighs she must move on and will see Xander at the town square later. She is joining Maggie and the ladies first. Exit Xander. Maggie wishes he was not her date and wonders why he even is … Julie squeals with delight and asks about a certain button. Gabi changes the subject and gets her phone back … Lani is moved to see her mother. Gabi suddenly sends her a text summoning her to the hospital. Lani excuses herself. Her mom has something to say to Abe … Gina has no idea she is really Hope as Rolf lies Hope recently left Salem. He has one more procedure, Gina hands him her tiara and takes off with a smile … Jen signed and sealed the form. Jack gets frisky but she is waiting for the bridal party! Jack gets it and goes after she gazes she loves him like crazy. Ditto. They kiss again …

Sarah stammers she just needed a date and Xander offered. Maggie asks if it is to make Eric jealous. He will not be there. The glam redhead reasons only time will mend her broken heart. Sarah gets teary. Maggie agrees to respect her reasons whatever they are. They hug and now tis time to go. Vic hates weddings and will not be there … Xander greets Hope who looks fab for the wedding. She haughtily asks him who he is … Lani’s mom is sorry she kept their daughter a secret. Abe is over the moon they will both be able to watch her marriage and smiles at the mother of his child … Lani sweeps into Julie’s room and cries what is Gabi doing! Julie gushes she is going to livestream the wedding and wonders why the bride is not getting ready. Lani wants to say … Gabi suddenly makes Julie’s heart race and she gasps … Gina informs suspicious Xander she did not recognize him and blames her eyes. She seems surprised when he mentions being Sarah’s date. Here comes Jack … Julie feels better and innocently asks Lani what she was wanted to share. Lani glances at Gabi. She is sorry Julie will not be at the wedding. Julie gushes she and Doug cannot wait to see her and Eli’s I dos. Gabi ushers the almost bride away … Marlena is happy to see her college roommate aka Lani’s mom the lovely songbird Tamara. Marlena is officiating and Tamara will sing. Marlena believes this Salem wedding will be perfect …

Gabi threatens to off Julie if Lani does not do as ordered. Lani begs. Gabi refuses to listen. Lani reminds her she once loved Eli so at least let her break it off before she heads to the altar which would humiliate him. Gabi smiles no since she wants everyone including Eli to hate her. Until the wedding … Jenny is happy to see Maggie and Sarah, who admire her engagement ring. Jen wonders where Hope is and they admire it some more … Hope aka Gina greets Jack as Xander steps away. She wonders where Jen is. Helping the bride get ready. He gets excited about Jen saying yes and mentions her trying to get into madman Rolf’s secret flash drive. Gina wonders what might be on it. Jack suspects it is something sinister. The IT department is on it ….Rolf complains to Stefano’s portrait and swears soon Gina will have all of Hope’s memories. Then his master plan will prove it was worth the work … Eli visits Julie, who was waiting for Doug and feeling bored. She gushes he is handsome and asks for a hug. Eli learns Gabi and Lani came by and Gabi is live streaming the wedding.

Lani comes to the room at the Salem Inn where the bridal party is waiting. Jen grins they gotta get her in her dress as Maggie hugs her … Eli is at the square where he happily introduces his former FBI mentor to Abe. He is ready to love, honor and cherish Lani for all the days of their lives. Abe praises him as the best partner for his daughter. The groom gets a little nervous … Lani is a stunning bride in her simple white dress and flowers on her head. She looks like a mermaid. The gals have something old something new something borrowed something blue as per protocol. Jen lets her use Alice’s favorite purse for the occasion. Lani is overwhelmed and feels undeserving. Jen gushes she is a Horton now. Maggie hands the unhappy bride something blue that she and Julie made from David Abraham’s blanket. The bride runs out in tears … Rolf gets a call from “Sir” and turns toward Stefano’s portrait … Violins play as Gina searches for John. Xander informs Sarah that Hope is acting strange. Marlena informs Hope that John is out of town on business, then steps away to await the arrival of the bride and groom. Gina decides she cannot stay, makes an excuse to Jen and Jack, and takes off … Sarah mutters to Maggie that Lani was already nervous earlier. The guests take their seats. Gabi films as Abe appears with Lani on his arm. Ave Maria is sung. The bride takes her place and Abe steps back with the flowers. Jen adjusts the train. Papa Abe proudly watches. Marlena presides. Eli admires his beautiful bride and Marlena begins. Gabi wickedly records the drama that she wants to blow up Lani’s life …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, November 1, 2019