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Friday, November 6, 2009

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Howdy! I am currently in L.A. for Day of Days. Here are
Friday's highlights. (Day ahead will be back on Monday, with both
Monday and Tuesday updates. NBC has requested that I not write Day Ahead for Monday, until after the episode has aired, so Day ahead will be back on Monday, with both detailed Monday and Tuesday updates)


Rafe gives his old FBI pal the samples for DNA testing. Ari warns him it could lead Sami back to EJ.
Chad and Nicole are at the hospital arguing. Lexie then tells Chad to be careful with that one!
While on the phone with EJ, Sami accidentally calls  Sydney Grace.
Nath and Steph run into each other at the pub. He saves a woman from choking.
Mel asks Brady for relationship advice. He thinks she should be a free agent. He admits he and Ari are done. Mel then goes to see Phil. He says he wants her but will not chase her. She needs to make a decision ...
Stefano warns Elvis that life is short. He later meets Nicole and tells her he thinks he might come around.
Sami and EJ visit the grave of Grace together. They hold hands and embrace.
Caroline is shocked when Ari resigns.
Rafe is on the pier and has just ended a call with his FBI contact, when he comes face to face with EJ!
Nicole informs Sami that she is moving out. Sami tells her a secret. Rafe is hard at work on a case that could change her life!

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