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Wednesday, November 4, 2009
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- At the pub, replay of Bo telling Justin his pal who needs help is Carly Manning. Justin does the math. She must be connected to Lawrence's murder. Bo informs him she needs his help as there are people out to get her! Lawrence's associates. She requires a lawyer who is an expert in extradition treaties, international law. Justin now realizes that she actually killed Lawrence. Bo admits she had to take matters into her own hands - she will explain to him later. No one
can know she is in town, especially not Hope, as that could be dangerous. When Justin hears that Carly is at Bo's place, he cannot conceal his astonishment. Bo says poor Carly was driven to do what she did, so he could not turn her away when she asked for his help. Will Justin talk to her and help her out? The commiss understands it will be tough as Lawrence's country is not exactly democratic. Carly does not deserve to be hunted! Justin agrees to try so the two fellas leave together.
- Gus, Madame's flunky, wakes her up from her beauty sleep, as they have located Carly, though he has no specifics. She demands
he get deets and looks at an old photo of the fugitive. "You can run Carly Manning Alamain but you can't hide. Not from me!" Gus later returns bearing news. There was a sighting of Carly in Salem. Viv cackles she is nothing if not predictable! Pleased to hear that her schedule has been cleared, she decides to think and formulate a
plan. Time for the muse of vengeance!
- Chez Bo and Hope, Carly calls out "Bo" from the bed and Hope
is stunned! She turns on the light and demands to know what she is doing in her bed and who the hell she is! Carly stands up and introduces herself. She is Carly Manning and she needed help. Bo was the only one she could turn to. Hope suggests she could have gone to someone else. Carly replies she could not have. Hope deduces this is connected to Lawrence Alamain's murder. Carly admits she killed him and now his men are after her. Hope is not impressed. What about the safety of her family! She incorectly assumes Carly is sharing Bo's bed. And she could have her arrested! Carly begs her to hear her out. At first her life with Lawrence and their son was wonderful. Then the boy grew up. Lawrence got sick and then became paranoid, abusive, and dangerous. It was him or her. Hope says she still murdered him and bad people could come looking for her there. Carly begs her not to turn her in. Only Bo could help. Hope declares all bets are now off. "I want you out!" They go downstairs and continue to disagree. Enter Bo and Justin. Bo's face gets tense as Hope casts him an accusing glance and says she has finally met his elusive house guest, whom he failed to mention was his ex fiancee! The pair go outside to talk. Hope calls her a fugitive who killed a man. How could he bring her to their house! Bo points out Hope already moved out with heir daughter. Hope laments that was a break to give them time. And now he has someone else living there. Bo tensely states the only reason he let Carly stay is due to the fact that Hope and their daughter had left. Teary-eyed Hope says she has explained repeatedly why, and she is still his wife. She would have expected him to let her know before
he allowed that woman in. Bo retorts the same way she let him
know she was going to stay with Doug and Julie with their child and then move into a criminal's house? "Full disclosure, honesty - it's
not a one way street," concludes the commiss. Hope is upset about the danger of having Carly around. And how does it look for a commissioner to hide a fugitive? She suspects there is something
else going on here. In fact, there must be something more to the story. Something bigger is going on.
Inside, Justin asks Carly if it was really self-defense, then why did she run? She starts to cover up but Hope enters, followed by Bo. Hope announces there must be more and if Carly wants them to
keep their mouths shut, she must tell all! Carly insists she has told
all. Ring ring! Victor calls Hope, as Ciara had a nightmare. She will be right there. She then informs Bo he as 24 hours to straighten things out, and after that she will turn Carly in!
- Chez Sami, reply of Rafe walking out the door, only to come face
to face with her! Their eyes lock. She never thought she would see him again! "Sami," he murmurs. Where has he been? He tries to act casual. Different places. It would talk long to explain. She has time and implores him to tell her. He apologizes he cannot but asks her to be patient with him. She wonders if he is back for good. Yes. Then what about them? He now grabs her and they kiss passionately.The
pair stagger inside, all over each other, and then he pulls away. "I gotta go." Sami does not understand. He must go somewhere to do something. Sami is not happy about the secrets. He cannot say more than it is all for her. She insists she can take whatever it is. He will tell her everything later. He is searching for answers. Sami probes. He asks her to just trust him. She does trust him, but she fears if he walks out the door, she might lose him all over again. He promises she will not lose him and they kiss and kiss and fall onto the sofa.
Off come the clothes as they get hot and heavy. Afterwards, they cuddle on the couch and Sami laughs she is glad her roommate Nicole did not walk in.
- At Ari's place, Brady wants her to admit the truth. She says she does deal drugs but orders him to stay and hear her out! She did not want to hurt him. He bitterly wonders if she was trying to get him hooked. He was stupid to trust her. She says they were falling in love. He scoffs he could not love someone like her. She gets it but starts to cry this is not all her fault. He gets sarcastic. She brings up breaking up with him once because of it. Brady recalls how he gave her every opportunity to come clean about her secret, yet she chose not to! He will listen if she cares to explain herself now. She replies she deals drugs because she has to. She has had no privileges in her life. Brady is unforgiving. Ari points out she has never dealt to kids
or teens. He is still not impressed and has one final thing to say before storming off. "We are done!" Brady heads for the pub, where he runs into Roman. Ari goes there as well and Brady has something to tell him about the woman who is running the family pub! He then says he will allow her to say it herself and walks out. Roman and Ari have a seat. She lets him know he found out she was a dealer. Now what? Roman wonders what he will do about it. He warns he can never find out she is undercover. If her cover is blown, then she
goes back to prison! Ari says not to count her out just yet and
follows Brady out to the pier. He laments he was stupid. She approaches and says he is not stupid and things do not have to be
like that! Perhaps they can discuss it. He states there is nothing more to talk about. He will not contact the cops, but he will give her one day to quit before he tells Caroline. And he never wants to see her again! Exit Brady.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor asks Hope about Ciara. She is better. Vic lets her know the child had said she wanted to go home and see her father. Hope states Ciara would have picked up on the tension so she was right to leave. The Greek tycoon  wonders if she has made progress with Bo. "Things are more complicated than ever," she says mysteriously. Vic pries. Did something happen when she went to the house?
- Back at Bo'ís house, Justin tells Carly she must trust him as she trusted Bo and also tell him the full story of how Lawrence drove
her to murder! She accuses him of badgering. To hell with him! He insists he must know the full story to defend her in a court of law. Unless she changes her mind, he cannot help her. If she does, she can give him a call ... Carly laments to Bo that no one can know the extent of Lawrence's evil, as it would be too dangerous. And there is someone else's life at stake, as well! Bo reassures her with a hug. "We'll figure a way out of this." His eyes, however, are filled with worry.
- Back at Sami's, the lovebirds start to get dressed. Rafe asks her to do something important for him.  Tell no one he is back, for he is working on a case that concerns their future. Sami agrees. She loves him so much. "I love you too," says he. "More than you know." He stands up to leave. All of a sudden, there is a knock at the door.
Here comes Nicole ...!

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"We were meant to be together,"murmurs Phil just before
kissing Melanie.

Obviously you didn't go. You changed your mind.

Actually it was changed for me.

Sami smiles at solemn Rafe. "What do I have that Nicole wants anyway?"
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