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Thursday, November 30, 2017
Episode 13,222
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad glowers in the bedroom and blames himself for believing in Andre. Abigail is troubled ... Downstairs Kate dramatically declares to Andre it is all her fault ... At the station Rafe is hurt by Hope revealing she would rather not wed. He asks why ... At the condo John asks Lucas to explain. Lucas insists it is true. Marlena is listening. He weeps Will was alive but two goons hit Lucas and snatched Will He begs them to help get him back ... Sami watches Will being terrorized by Ben. He remembers when he strangled him before and begs him to stop ... Abigail is certain Andre was not involved. Chad refuses to listen. She does not like to see him stressed. Chad fumes it was family who put Theo in the hospital ... Andre doubts Kate would lie all this time. She tells him the whole story of Theo tracking their enemy to an office down at the docks and offering to go in. She said no until they lost another deal. Then she agreed Theo should take action. Andre is aghast she would not trust the team instead of putting Theo at risk. Kate admits she thought the team that reported to Andre was doing his wicked bidding and he was the saboteur ... Ben stops, unable to hurt Will, who stands up and coughs. He rages Sami made him do it and she walks into the room. Will can hardly believe what he is hearing ...

Hope notes she did not want to go too fast after what went down with Aiden. Rafe is upset she compared him to Aiden ... Andre is appalled Kate did not believe him. She states in the end she saw the light and called Theo to call it off. Alas she was too late. Kate now sobs it is all her fault. Andre agrees. She cries she is at a loss. Andre knows wot to do and threatens to tell Chad the whole truth ... Abigail assures Chad that Theo will make it. Chad cannot imagine what he would do without her ... Lucas laments he should have stopped them. John finds out Susan is still in the psych ward when he calls Roger. Marlena suddenly realizes who the mastermind is. John is flabbergasted ... As Will catches his breath and coughs Sami apologizes. Ben is apprehended by the goons. Will is disgusted. Sami tries to explain she wanted his traumatic event to trigger his memory and Ben was the one who strangled him so ... Will cries he could have been killed! Sami insists they were watching and would not have allowed it. She knows he started to remember but Will screams she is worse than anyone said and he never wants to see her face again. He storms off red faced and Sami soap stares ...

Abigail and Chad exchange I love yous. She wants him to realize Andre is still family. She laments upset Abe lashed out at Jen the way that Chad is lashing out at Andre. Chad believes he hid his contact with Theo that night. Abigail urges him to reconsider before doing anything as drastic as throwing his brother out ... Andre is appalled that Kate kept her silence while Chad accused him. She should have owned up! Kate screams she was scared she would be sent to prison and wants him to promise he will not tell Chad ... Marlena admits to Lucas that Eric suggested "she" might do something. Lucas wonders who. Will now walks in and announces this was all the doing of the crazy beech of Salem ... Ben blasts Sami, who rages he stopped too soon. Will would have remembered everything had he done his job. As Ben is carted off he screams Sami is sick and her son will never forgive her ... Hope agrees Rafe is no Aiden. She blames herself for not trusting enough. Rafe dares her to share what she really thinks. The real problem with their relationship is that he will never be Bo. He feels like a fool for not seeing no one could ever replace Bo, hence her hesitation to marry. Hope reminds him of his own lingering feelings for Sami. Rafe denies that and wants her to admit the real problem is he will never be Bo. Hope sighs no one will ever be Bo ... Kate is afraid Abe will go after her. Andre notes he is now a suspect. He realizes Kate left Theo a last voice mail calling off the break-in and wonders why the cops have no record of it ... Abigail argues tiny Thomas would miss his uncle Andre and they are all Andre has. Without them Andre would go back to his old ways. She begs Chad to let him stay for her ... Lucas is furious and heads for the door to confront Sami, who now comes in. Both Will and Lucas fly at her. Marlena gasps in horror when Will tells the tale of Sami watching from the closet while he was attacked by Ben. Baffled John assumed Ben was locked up. Sami admits her goons got him out. She found the marked page in Marlena's book about getting memories back. Marlena points out Sami is no qualified professional. Sami argues Will was about to have a breakthrough. Lucas thinks she lost her mind. Will rages at her to get out of the condo and out of his life ...

Sami appeals to Lucas and apologizes for the hit on his head. He calls her crazy and threatens to call the cops. Will says no, he wants it all behind him. Sami suggests Marlena hypnotize Will again. Marlena refuses to be a part of her scheme, no way in hell. Sami realizes she is alone now ... Kate admits she erased her voice messages. Andre solemnly states this is all her mess. She wonders whether he will turn her in. Enter Chad and Abigail ... Rafe sniffles. Hope states Bo was indeed her soul mate. She was lost without him but did find love again with Rafe. She lets him know she loves him, though it is true no one will ever be Bo. Rafe sadly sighs. Hope eyes him uncertainly ... Chad apologizes to Andre, who is somewhat surprised. Chad explains his wise wife made him change his mind. Andre agrees they are all worried about Theo. Chad does not want his brother to go. Kate insists Andre was not involved. Chad wonders whether that means she knows who sent Theo into the dangerous situation ... Sami cries. Marlena cannot condone what she did. Sami reasons she wanted Will to get his life back. She did not set out to hurt him. Will calls her twisted and tells her he would rather forget her forever. Lucas stops her from following him as she moans Will cannot mean that ...

Hope loves Rafe and wants to go back to the way they were. Rafe, however, has taken a blow to his pride. Besides he is a marrying man. He suggests they call it quits now that he knows how she feels. Hope lets out an unhappy little whimper and begs him not to go. But Rafe is no longer listening and waits for his ring back. She tearfully places it in his hand and he departs with his heartbreak. Hope covers her mouth and cries ... John solemnly asks Sami to leave. Lucas seconds the notion. She should leave his son alone! Marlena tells her to go so she does. Violins play. Marlena is upset about the mess Sami made ... Andre interrupts Kate when she tries to confess and smoothly states they will somehow figure out who gave Theo those orders. Chad and Abigail go to visit Theo. Kate is surprised Andre actually kept her secret. He teases prison orange is not her color. However, he has not forgiven or forgotten but she is still a DiMera and they must discover the common enemy as a team. Kate tells him she might not have been so forgiving. He thanks her for the candor and she thanks him for everything ... At the square Rafe stares at the engagement ring he got back from Hope. Then he runs into lone wolf Sami and she cries on his shoulder that she lost Will all over again. Ooooooooo ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, November 30