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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Episode 13,221
1520 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Hope cannot believe that Rafe actually accepted Abe appointing him new commissioner. That was her job ... At DiMera mansion Chad explains to Abigail and Kate why he wants Andre to leave. Andre notes Theo never even answered his message. Chad rages on like a mini Stefano. Andre denies everything. Chad keep going and blames him for Theo being shot. Abigail looks down when he declares he shall never forgive him ... Will wakes up Lucas, asking if he is alright. Lucas sits up at the square and gasps to stop making him believe he is alive. It is painful when he leaves. Will gasps he is his dad. Lucas cries to stop the torment and let him be ... At the condo Marlena laments to John that Lucas does not even know Will is alive. Meanwhile Will has no memory. John suggests hypnosis. They already tried and failed. John senses something is troubling the love of his life. She sighs Sami is desperate to make Will see that Susan was wrong about her. She worries what her loose cannon daughter will do next ... Sami thanks the goons and orders the gag removed from Ben's mouth. He babbles but Will is alive. She leers but he stole his life as he is not whole. Sami slaps him and he reminds her he was the one who revealed Will was alive. Sami leers he is going to have to do something for her since he is the one person who can help her get Will back ... Lucas hangs his head in sorrow. Will takes his wrist to prove to him he is real. Lucas weeps and gasps WILL. His son smiles down at him as angels sing ... Sami warns hostage Ben she is a DiMera and will make him pay if he does not play along. She ignores a call but Marlena calls again. Sami answers, claiming she is busy. Marlena has spoken with Eric and begs her not to do anything she will regret later. Sami lies she just needs a little time alone tonight. Talk soon! She ends the call and then stares down Ben. Time for phase 2. The goons do not want to go and warn her Ben is an expert escaper. Sami laughs and takes out her gun. Then she sends them out and smiles a crazy smile at bewildered Ben ...

Hope is appalled and accuses Rafe of stealing her job. He calls the situation interim and reasons it is better than Abe appointing an outsider. Rafe insists he argued for her. Hope questions it all and decides it is too much to digest. Rafe had claimed he would get her job back but he came back as the commissioner ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail argues for Andre with Chad, stating it is no surprise Uncle Andre would call Theo. Chad admits he called him as well but still he suspects Andre and blames himself for believing him. He should not have let him shoot his nephew. Kate remembers deleting her damning messages and starts to sweat ... Sami taunts Ben that she has access to unique DiMera contacts and methods. She demands he do as ordered ... Lucas stands up and touches Will's face, sobbing he is real. Will agrees he is alive. Lucas hugs him and praises God for the miracle ...

Rafe denies going after the job. Hope has her doubts and looks at a file. Rafe reasons they need to follow protocol and assure the public the investigation is impartial. Then he will give Hope her job back. Hope wishes he had stayed out of it. Rafe feels her resentment. She reminds him he gave her a hard time after her promotion and sided with Abe after JJ shot Theo. She also points out JJ did seem to have followed procedure. It could have been any cop. Rafe replies they will never know. She thinks this is all about Rafe's big ... ego and the fact he feels he could do the job better. He does not deny everything ... Andre asks Abigail to let it go as he does not want to stay where he is not wonted even though this was his home before anyone else present. Kate is crying and Chad wonders why. She is overwhelmed. Chad tells Andre to go. Abigail implores him not to ... Ben refuses to do what Sami is asking. She screams but Ben believes her idea is too awful. Sami tells him to make things right. Will has no memories so Ben can remind him. That will be his chance at redemption! Ben now replies he will do it ... Lucas is emotional. Will tells him everyone is worried about him. However he has no memory of anything or anyone including him. He apologizes. Lucas remembers his sweet son and tries to make him remember. Nearby two masked men in black approach ... Will asks to use his phone to call Kate to come and help him. Lucas agrees but one masked man whacks him on the head while the other abducts Will!

Sami aims her gun at Ben and warns him if he goes off script he will be destroyed by her or her men. She throws him a back pack in the old apartment where Will was attacked and advises Ben it is show time ... John tries to make Marlena feel better by reminding her his loss of memory did not hinder him from finding happiness with her. Marlena swoons and he gives her a romantic kiss ... Rafe loves Hopes and suggests he not take the job if it could come between them. She claims it already has ... Chloe comes across fallen Lucas and he gasps they got Will ... Poor Will wakes up in the old apartment. The door is locked. Street lights flash in. Ben appears and Will asks who he is. Ben quietly tells him his name and wickedly wonders if he remembers him. He is holding a silk scarf like the night he strangled him. Will's eyes reflect his dread ... Rafe feels there is no way he can win with Hope. He wants to return to the way they were. Hope coldly leaves him the case file and reminds him he was out of town with his ex-wife without permission when the shooting happened ... Marlena updates John on her research into different methods to make someone get their memory back. It is in the same book that Sami was reading, from which she formulated her plan. It includes notes on making someone relive a nightmarish memory. Marlena believes in Will's case it could backfire. She now wonders why the book is not on the table where she left it ... Will wants to leave. Sami watches from an opening as Ben dangerously approaches him with the scarf in his strong hands, taunting why is he in such a hurry ...

Abigail asks Chad to change his mind about Andre but he orders him out of his house. Kate hangs her head ... Rafe accuses Hope of not being fair cos he helped the group find Will in Memphis. He wonders why she emphasized he was with his ex-wife. She notes she deserved to know he was running off with Sami! Rafe wonders why Hope has made him wait so long before becoming his wife. She wanted to enjoy things the way they were. He snaps why the hell are they not wed ... Lucas cries to Chloe about the goons hitting him and snatching Will. He wants to call the cops. Chloe believes he was hallucinating. Lucas takes off to find his son ... Ben throws Will around the room and he falls to the floor. Sami is watching with her gun. Will knows he wants to kill him. Ben leers he left him no choice and approaches with the silk scarf in his hands. It all looks very real to Will the victim ... As the fireplace crackles, Abigail apologizes to Andre and offers to speak to Chad. Andre smiles this is not the first time and he shall land on his feet. Abigail goes anyway. Andre complains to Kate how cold Chad was with him, how unfair he was to accuse him of getting Theo shot and not caring. Kate believes him. He thanks her. She cries she knows he is not guilty because she is. Andre soap stares ... Rafe bitterly reminds Hope how reluctant she has been to commit to a life together. He wants her to admit she does not want to get married. She admits she does not ... Marlena and John assume the visitor at their door is Will but it is Lucas, who gasps he needs help cos someone abducted Will ... Ben slowly strangles Will and repeats the words he spoke to him that fateful night. Will now starts to remember the first time it happened as he gasps for air and shakes. Sami watches with her gun as Will is victimized all over again ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, November 29