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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Episode 13,220
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Rafe is horrified to hear from Hope not to update her on Eli's digging cos she was fired by Abe ... Dr. Kayla informs Abe that Theo will be undergoing tests as they want to map his brain activity. Abe refuses to go until Theo comes to ... JJ suggests Lani be there for her family first ... At DiMera mansion Andre asks drinking writing Chad how Sonny fares. Chad updates him on Will's amnesia. Andre wants to focus on their family meaning Theo. Chad sighs and asks him for a straight answer. Andre repeats he did not put Stefano's beloved grandson in the line of fire. But Chad looks like he does not believe him ... At the park Will hands crying Kate a hankie so she calls him her sweet angel. He refers to his mom Susan teaching him to help others. He does not recognize Kate and she confirms they are acquainted. His grandmother gives him a bear hug ... Sami hisses at her phone contact not to mess up her crazy scheme cos her son's whole existence hangs in the balance. Eric soap stares, having just arrived and she wonders whether he overheard ... Kate suggests a start over and tells Will that her son Lucas is his father. Will admits they have not yet met. Kate admits no one told him his truth as he fell off the wagon again. Will wonders what went wrong. His private life. Will can see she is worried. Kate cries he could die if he does not get help. Will is worried ... Eric explains he has Marlena's spare key and wants to know what sister Sami is up to this time ...

Lani and EJ weep. She reminds him they are in love but JJ woefully notes it is not enough to solve the current situation. He knows Abe needs her now ... Abe laments to Kayla how could JJ shoot his unarmed son? Kayla shares his heartbreak and assures him Commissioner Hope will do the right thing. Abe replies in the negative ... Hope tells Rafe that Abe fired her for not firing JJ. Rafe deduces he has lost his judgment and decides to change his mind. He will fix this ... Chad thinks his instincts are spot on but Andre is offended. He would never have Theo do his dirtaaay work. Ding dong! Leather jacket Eli comes calling, asking about the mysterious voice mails Theo got just before he was shot. Chad states he had not spoken to him. Andre acts innocent. Eli holds up Theo's iphone and plays a recent message from Andre, asking for his assistance in saving the empire, which was under siege. Oh oh ... Lucas drinks from his bottle by the Horton plaque and cries to Alice and Tom he cannot live up to being a Horton. He weeps he has no reason to live ... Will believes he is to blame for Lucas so Kate explains it started with someone else. She believes Will being alive could actually help her son, who loved Will so much. She shows him a picture of father and son, how happy they were. Will starts to smile. She shows him his first Christmas with his father. Will sees he looks about three and wonders what happened to the other Christmases. Kate admits Sami did not tell the truth about his paternity but refuses to say more. She suggests he ask Sami for the full story. Will muses his real mother might be a monster as Susan suggested ... Sami plays innocent but Eric overheard she has a new scheme. She admits it is about Will, what she can do to help him get his world back. Eric suspects Marlena does not know. Sami thinks giving Will space is not sufficient and assures Eric her heart is in the right place. Will needs to remember who he is. Eric slowly shakes his head and warns there could be repercussions. Sami does not deny it ...

Passionate Rafe insists on arguing Hope's case to Abe. He makes her promise to wait until he is back. Hope is unable to convince him to stay out of it, so she does as he has suggested and waits for him to return with an update. Her future is in his hands ... Andre insists he did not reach Theo and his messages went ignored. Chad is suspicious he made no mention of his messages. Andre notes it was not important. Eli explains every detail counts. Chad sarcastically asks what else he is hiding about what happened before Theo got shot ... Lani weeps and wants JJ's promise they will be together again after Theo wakes up. He would rather think about the now. Lani feels he is being unfair ... Kayla sympathizes with Abe feeling he had to fire Hope. He admits all he wants to think about is Theo's recovery. Kayla tells him she and Steve are praying for Theo. They all are. She hugs her old friend and must return to her work. Abe now has a visitor. Tis Rafe, who asks after Theo. No change. Rafe is sorry. Abe assumes he came about the commissioner. Rafe asks for a word. Abe lets him have 5 minutes. No more no less. Rafe gets where he was coming from but Hope was following the rules. Abe explains the mayor must send a message when a cop goes rogue. Rafe suggests his decision will be questioned for he is the grieving father. Abe feels he cannot separate being the mayor from being the grieving father, however ...

Kate sits with Will at the park and points out new Sami is nothing like the old Sami. Will is listening. Kate wishes she too was without any baggage. Will faces a fresh start. She alludes to actions she regrets and Will offers to be her confidant. Kate is touched but turns him down. She urges him to take his time getting his old life back and hands him her card. She is here for him anytime. Will thanks her. She cries she loves him, hugs him, and goes. Will sighs ... Sami knows Eric knows her faults. However, she would do anything for her kids and Will needs that now. She gets a text and refuses to tell Eric where she is headed. He whispers to be careful. She loves her twin and takes off. Eric blinks like he has a bad feeling. Very bad ... Abe praises Rafe for his candor. Rafe is concerned about Hope as well as Abe's reputation. He asks him to let internal affairs do their job. They will get justice if JJ acted improperly. Abe agrees but he has a condition attached ... Back at DiMera mansion Andre becomes indignant they think he is hiding something. He gets sarcastic with Eli the new Salem PD detective. Eli informs Chad they are trying to also access Theo's cloud. He will let them know if there is anything and exits ... Chad continues to express his doubt where Andre is concerned. Insulted Andre bellows if he does not believe him then he can go ta bloody hell!

Back in JJ's room Lani asks JJ why her voice does not count. JJ already suspects Abe asked her not to see him. At this time they should respect his wishes. Lani cries she loves him and wishes things were different. JJ does too and sniffles to take care. Meantime he is praying for them all. He bids her goodbye and she walks out ... Eli joins Abe at the hospital with an investigation update. They noticed a number of voice mails on Theo's phone from Andre. When they have more he and Rafe will act on it. Abe has something to tell him about Rafe ... Hope is relieved and grateful when Rafe returns with news that Abe is going to let the investigation proceed. Rafe is sorry to add Abe refused to reverse her firing. Hope assumes Abe has hired another commissioner. Rafe admits it happens to be him. Hope's eyes widen in shock ... Chad has more words with Andre as Kate arrives and wonders what is going on. Chad announces he has decided to do what he should have done after the first betrayal. He is kicking out her lesser half. Kate is saddened. Andre soap stares ... At the square Lucas is asleep on a bench, clutching his bottle like a teddy bear. Will appears and tries to take his bottle away. Lucas wakes up and smiles at his son ... Sami's goons have done her bidding and she now has Ben exactly where she wants him. Bound and gagged in a room. She stares him down and calls him the one man she needs to bring Will's memories back. She stares down her subject and he starts to sweat ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, November 28