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Monday, November 27, 2017
Episode 13,219
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Sami sadly looks at an iphone photo. Sonny appears uncertain they are alright. She notes she gave Paul a hard time. Sonny gets it and sits with her when she teases she will not bite. She remembers the tale of the monkey paw with three wishes that led to misery. She wishes her Will wish had also been that he would not forget her. Sonny places a supportive arm around her shoulders ... Meanwhile Marlena and Gabi watch while Will announces to Arianna how happy he is to see her. She throws her arms around him and he gets emotional ... At the loft Tripp has a turkey sandwich for Claire, who is not hungry. Hope arrives with a hug. Claire still cannot comprehend what Theo was up to. She wonders what was on his phone. Hope sighs it is something she did not find that is of interest ... At DiMera mansion Kate unhappily addresses Stefano's stern portrait. She can feel his accusing stare and gasps she feels guilty about Theo being shot because of what she did. Chad enters asking what she means ... Abe accuses JJ of coming to Theo's room to finish him off. JJ stammers he came to see him. Lani tells JJ to go. Abe is upset his son is comatose and rages JJ is to blame. JJ stammers he is sorry. Abe rages too late. Dr. Kayla comes in and asks them all to leave as she attends to the sleeping Salem patient ... At the loft Claire continues to insist that Theo did not break the law. Hope tells them about the security device someone gave him and how he ran when JJ ordered him to stop. Tripp pretends to know nothing. Hope adds they will attempt to gain access to Theo's cloud account to learn who he was in contact with that fateful night ... Kate explains to Chad that she was against Theo being involved in anything that would put him in peril. Chad still suspects Andre. He now announces that he and Abigail have seen Will. Kate gives him a strange look ... Arianna loves her daddy. Will admires his pretty baby and talks future. Emotional Gabi tells her to show Will the picture she made. Tis crayon art of mommy, daddy and her. Marlena blinks back a few tears. Will just wishes he would remember more ... At the nurse's station Abe rages at JJ to stay away from his son. JJ apologizes and walks away. Abe certainly hopes Lani is done with the loose canon now ...

At DiMera mansion Chad insists Will walks the earth. Violins play as Kate gasps she has to see him. Chad adds he has amnesia ... Gabi advises Ari they ought to let Will and Marlena spend some time together. She hugs Will and departs with her daughter. Will tries to keep it together. He really regrets he could not recognize his child. He asks Marlena to help him get his memories back. She is a shrink, she should know how ... Sami lifts up little princess Ari at the square. Gabi admits she was a wee confused. Granny Sami to the rescue with ice cream. She carries her away. Sonny assumes Will did not know her. Gabi admits it was hard. Sonny now fears no one will be able to get Will back if Ari could not ... Marlena mentions hypnosis as a last resort. Will is interested. He wants to start now ... Kate cannot believe the crazy stunt Susan pulled with their Will. She and Chad agree it is not going to be easy. She wants to tell Lucas but Chad fears dealing with a drunk father would be too much for both amnesia Will and Lucas. Kate leaves to process, though she is still sad about Theo ... Abe asks for an update. Kayla wishes she had more to tell Abe. Alas there has been no change. Angry Abe now calls Hope about what JJ did. He demands they discuss. Hope is on her way. Claire goes with her as Steve arrives at the loft. He can see Tripp is stressed and the young man does not deny it ... JJ heads back to his room and picks up the bloodied shirt he had beaten to the floor. Lani comes in and their eyes lock ...

JJ apologizes for making things worse but he wanted to see Theo. Lani wishes he would not have broken the rules again. JJ argues he had to apologize to Theo ... Hope and Claire arrive at Theo's room Abe notes there has been no change and excuses himself to talk to Hope. Claire sits by Theo and tells him how many people have contacted her, concerned about him. She wrote a new song for him too and plays it on her iphone ... Will is seated on the sofa with his eyes closed. Marlena the mind healer wants him to feel his breathing, count back. He decides to open his eyes and she asks a few questions. Does anything in this room ring a bell? He tells her he remembers a big turkey on the table. He sees a white haired woman who loved her husband. The old man gave the kid next to him a wishbone. Marlena assumes it was Johnny. She asks who was on Will's other side. That would be his mother. Marlena assumes it is a breakthrough but alas he is remembering a Thanksgiving meal with Roger's church and Susan. Marlena counts to 3 to wake him up. She tells him he only remembered his last Thanksgiving with Susan but they can try again. Will feels frustrated. Marlena suggests they start some tests at the hospital. Will agrees but wants to take a walk first ... After he leaves Marlena gets an incoming call from Sami ... Hope updates Abe on Andre's contact with Theo though he denied any wrongdoing. Abe complains about JJ and orders the commissioner to fire him immediately ... Claire's sad little song ends as Kayla enters. Claire tries to keep the faith That Theo will wake up. Kayla, however, has seen nothing significant. Claire takes him by the hand. Kate quietly watches from the window ...

Steve tries to make Tripp feel better but the young man has a bombshell waiting. He blurts out Kate did something. Steve suspects it is connected to Kate finding out he was the one who donated to the hospital. He assures him Kayla will continue to cover for him about the other stuff. Tripp worries it will backfire for Kayla. Steve tells him not to worry about Kate cos Kayla has his back. He hugs him and leaves. Tripp tells himself he has Kayla's back as well ... Kate slips into Theo's room and weeps she should be the one in the bed not him. She implores him to wake up and sighs ... Hope reminds Abe he hired her as he trusted her judgment. She vows to go by the book and will investigate JJ. Abe accuses her of giving family preferential treatment and orders her to fire him. Hope refuses so Abe fires her instead!

Sami is now with Marlena, hearing how Will was not successfully hypnotized. Marlena mentions the more thorough hospital tests and must leave. She urges Sami to be patient. Sami has a look inside a book ... Lani sits by JJ on the bed and states Abe is scared for Theo. She still loves JJ, who loves her right back but alas he cannot see her anymore .... Will woefully touches the Tom and Alice Horton plaque at the square ... Hope assumes Abe is not serious. Abe calmly states as the mayor he can hire and fire the commissioner. Hope is officially terminated as of now. He coldly tells he to clean out her office ... Sami has a new scheme up her polka dot sleeve. She calls someone and scowls she has a job for them ... Kate sits on a park bench. The tears of torment flow. Will hands her a hankie. She looks up at him in wonder as he smiles and the soap violins play ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, November 27