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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Episode 13,218
1515 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ creeps into Theo's room. He sleeps the coma sleep. JJ is so sorry and begs him to wake up. Theo opens his eyes. He aims a gun and now shoots JJ, who wakes up shirtless and all alone from his nightmare ... Lani and Abe are at Theo's bedside. Lani updates Abe on Doug and Julie's Thanksgiving at the club. Abe cries he can go nowhere until Theo wakes up ... At DiMera mansion Chad sits at the chess set. Abigail arrives and explains Theo is the same. She has also spoken to Sonny and Will is alive and in Salem. Chad wants to go to him. Abigail tells him about the amnesia ... Chez Marlena, Will ends an upbeat call with Roger. The blonde asks how he slept. Will admits he was unable to remember anything. Marlena muses memories might return at the least expected time. He fears there will be a crowded family Thanksgiving feast. Not exactly but she invited Gabi and Arianna. Ding dong! Sami bursts in but Will is not happy to see her and lets her know she does not feel like his mother. Sami looks like she has been slapped ... JJ calls Lani, who ignores his call. Gabi drops by. She just had to check on him and they hug. JJ feels bluer than blue ... Abigail and Chad discuss Will's drama, the fact that he will need his loved ones. Chad smiles it seems they have something for which to be thankful. They go to see their friend ... Will asks Marlena to answer when Sami presses him to celebrate Thanksgiving at the club with the whole extended family. Marlena suggests they respect his privacy. Sami pushes and shows Will the Thanksgiving turkey he made her in school that looked like a duck. Will hopes they are done. Stressed Sami refuses to stay away from the son she missed for two years. When she refers to Susan as a wacko Will loses his cool. Susan is the only mother he knows at the moment. Sami insists she is grateful she saved him. She reminds Will she is his mother and he has her blue eyes. Will clears his throat. Marlena sees Sami to the door. She leaves the duck and walks out with a weepy I love you ... Marlena joins her outside the door and reminds her Will was traumatized and needs time. She is sorry for her pain and promises to help mother and son. Sami agrees but she is determined to make certain she does not lose her son again ...

At the hospital as she waits outside the room Eli approaches anxious Lani. He sighs Val feels to blame but Lani notes Abe blames one person only - JJ ... JJ beats himself up for making the wrong split second decision. He is haunted by the moment. Gabi tries to make him feel better. He wants to apologize to Theo ... Marlena teases Will she knows his fav omelet. He replies his new fav is French toast. Marlena makes for the kitchen. Will admires a picture of Arianna. Ding dong! He opens the door to Chad and Abigail. Chad hugs him and he asks who he is. The re-intros are made. Chad hugs his bff again so happy he is alive. Will smiles sweetly ... Eli feels for Lani. She woefully wishes she could be there for JJ but Abe wants her to stay away from him as he shot his son. Eli questions her own feelings ... Gabi reminds JJ Thanksgiving is about family. JJ feels awful about Abe's family. Gabi believes in miracles. JJ doubts they exist so she tells him the tale of Will being alive ... Chad is telling Will funny stories about his past. Abigail smiles they were bffs. Marlena is back with an omelet as well as French toast. Abigail and Chad excuse themselves. Will invites them to stay and help him finish the food. Good times. Marlena pours the coffee. Will senses he and Abigail were close. She is here to answer any questions so he asks for a strawberry and another and another ... Abe begs God to wake up his boy. There are so many who love him and he is so full of life. Enter Sami with Roman. She gives him a heartfelt hug. Roman hopes there was improvement but sad Abe has none to report ... Lani candidly cries to Eli she might have done as JJ did had she been the cop in the square. But did JJ have to fire? Eli promises to leave no stone unturned in his quest for the whole truth ...

Gabi invites JJ to visit Will. He turns her down and tells her to give Ari a kiss. Gabi hugs him and lets him know she is here. He knows. Off she goes. JJ gets to thinking alone in his room ... Chad and Abigail walk and talk at the square. He wonders whether Will would be better off forgetting ... Abigail finishes he means Ben. But she is thankful this thanksgiving. Chad tells her to wave her magic wand for Theo and suggests they head back to the hospital. He says no to going to see JJ. Abigail insists it was an accident. However, Chad considers him a hot head who pulled his trigger too fast ... Eli admits to Lani that he and Rafe will require her statement. She states she saw nothing but Eli is interested in JJ's state of mind ... JJ holds his bloodied shirt and remembers in slow motion that he did see Theo was not holding a gun. He now takes his fury out on the shirt, throwing it to the floor. Then he takes off ... Roman steps out when Caroline calls. Sami lets Abe know she is here for him. He wonders why she is not with Will the miracle. She cries she wishes he would get his own miracle as well. Alas Will does not even seem to know her anymore. It hurts. Abe hugs her ...

Gabi arrives with Arianna, who goes with Marlena to get a band aid. Gabi sits, looks at a picture and then stares up at Will when he walks in. She looks like she has seen a ghost. He smiles ever so slightly, though there is something familiar in his eyes. She gasps and hugs him, then says she is sorry. Will assures her it is alright when she hugs him again. Violins play. She marvels this is wonderful and he is happy about her reaction. He asks about Arianna, who is having her booboo taken care of by Marlena. Will wishes he would not disappoint anyone anymore. Gabi assures him it matters not what he remembers for they love him. Always ... Eli is on Lani's side but he needs that statement about her partner soon. She hates this. He is here to talk off the record as well and has to head to Doug’s Place to give thanks. He will have plates sent over for her and Abe. Lani thanks him and he hugs her before leaving. Lani now calls JJ, who is not answering his calls. She quietly cries ... Abigail cannot believe Chad blames JJ. He can only say he has questions about a trained cop shooting an unarmed teen. Abigail tells him to support her brother instead of judging him. Chad can only agree to disagree on this matter. Abigail feels for both parties. They still love each other and embrace. Chad assures her they will get through this tough time ... Sami hugs Roman and Abe and departs. Abe thanks Roman for bringing her by. Roman wants his old friend to have some food with him. Theo would want him to and he leads him to the cafeteria ...

JJ slips into Theo's room unseen. The Salem patient does not stir. JJ shakes his head ... Sami runs into chipper Chad and Abigail at the square. She accuses Abigail of twisting the knife cos she saw Will and complains about Susan making Will loathe her. Marlena wants her to stay away until his memory returns. Abigail suggests Arianna seeing him will help ... Gabi remembers when Will was at the beach with Arianna. He would like to learn more. She tells him of the sandcastle they built that was swept away. But then he twirled her around and all was well. Marlena now arrives with Arianna, who smiles and gushes daddy. Will is moved ... JJ blames himself for harming Theo the gentle soul. He wishes he could turn back time. He wishes he were the one in this bed instead of him! He has so much to live for. He begs him to come back … Abe returns from the cafeteria not interested in any food. He wants to see his son. Lani goes after him. Inside the room JJ holds Theo's hand. Abe bursts in and rages to step away from his son. JJ turns around, now in even more trouble than before!


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, November 22