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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Episode 13,217
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the bar Roger is ready to drop a bombshell. He reveals to Will that these people are telling the truth ... At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie is aghast about JJ shooting Theo. Tis a tragedy and what to be thankful for? Brady enters to announce as per Justin, Will Horton lives ... Will tries to digest and hangs his head. Roger warns Susan they would know with DNA tests anyway. Protesting Susan tries to get Will to leave but he demands answers instead. Sami starts to smile. Sonny watches with bated breath. Now Will is aware he is his hubby ... Brady updates the clan on Will being brainwashed. Maggie asks about Lucas. Adrienne cannot reach him. Maggie laments he is a lost soul. Perhaps this will bring him back. Eve enters and overhears the news. She bitterly notes but her daughter is dead ... Will wonders how long Roger knew. The whole time but Susan was so happy with Will, who filled the hole in her heart. She stated she wanted Sami's son since she felt Sami stole hers. Dr. Rolf had followed him but at the apartment that fateful night ... Sonny gasps Ben. The flashback of Dr. Rolf and Susan finding Will still alive and barely breathing is shown. Before bolting Rolf injected him with a drug to make him appear dead to his loved ones. Sonny takes it all in like it is music to his ears. Sami calls Susan a monster. Will asks how he got to Memphis. The flashback of Rolf reviving him at the morgue with Susan at his side is shown. Will woke up and that was when Susan called him EJ for the first time. Roger admits the memories were all accidentally erased. By the time of the burial there was no body in the casket. Sami is appalled. Roger holds Susan, who insists it is a lie to Will. Roger says to let him go and she laments he does not love her. He tells Suzy she needs help. Will now knows the truth. He is not her son! Marlena gently tells Susan her son EJ died. She refuses to listen. Marlena is sorry she lost her baby boy. She feels her pain but EJ is gone. Will is not her truth and he will not bring EJ back. Will solemnly stares. Susan sobs she is sorry. Sonny soap stares with Paul at his side. Sami looks sympathetic as the woman wails she wanted to be a mother again. She even sheds a tear or two ...

Maggie is sorry for Eve. She urges her not to be bitter about the good fortune of others. Victor grumbles he will have Henderson help her pack. Maggie is bewildered. Brady tries to stop her from hearing why Eve is even there. Eve explains how the amulet was planted on her but her airtight alibi got her off. She accuses Brady of trying to set her up. The redhead sighs ... John informs Roger the ambulance is ready for Susan. Marlena called ahead to the psych ward and they know she had a psychotic meltdown. Roger wants her to get help and leads her out. Will weeps he has never seen her like that. Sonny starts to trash talk her but Will calls her a good mother. Sami wants him home in Salem. Will shouts at her that his mom just had a breakdown. He takes off to be with her. Sami is ready to cry. Sonny states Will clearly cares about Susan. Sami refuses to let him go. Marlena advises her not to push. Paul points out Susan is not able to manipulate anyone. Sami gets snarky with Paul. John wants her to take it easy. Marlena understands Sami's pain and points out she would be able to talk to Will better given her profession. She goes after him ... Susan is sedated in a hospital bed. Will and Roger are worried. Will wants to help. Roger advises him to stay away ... Maggie wants the truth. Brady denies framing anyone. Eve suspects the cops were too busy with Theo being shot to check it out. She knows the two Kiriakis men do not want her around and threatens to tell the press what she knows. Someone in this house must have murdered her hubby Deimos. She now gets a call as CEO and walks off ... Maggie asks Victor whether he offed demonic Deimos. The Greek grimaces ... Back in Memphis Roger reminds Will he is not Susan's son and she needs to face reality. Marlena arrives and seconds the notion. It would be best for Susan if Will stayed away and she speaks from professional experience. Will walks out feeling the pressure of his predicament ...

Maggie stares down Victor and Brady, who deny knowing where the amulet came from. Victor wants a word alone with his wife. He denies they killed Deimos but he refuses to reveal more. The redhead believes in his innocence and puts her head on his shoulder ... Will is alone in his room. Dr. Marlena arrives and assures him she is here not to make him return to Salem but to check on him. He sighs it all feels surreal. Marlena praises his loyal streak toward Susan. He admits he does not want to abandon her. Marlena notes by staying near her he could hurt her recovery. He remembers none of them, however, and does not even like what he has heard about Sami! Marlena suggests he consider himself, that he deserves to know who he is. She smiles this is the second time they have spoken like this. He was struggling with his identity when he wondered whether he was gay ... Hot head Sami complains at the bar. John tells Samantha to step back and let Will get his bearings. She hisses no lecture. Paul points out he is trying to help so she blasts him and states Sonny is gonna dump him. Sonny snaps to stop cos Paul did come clean after a couple of days. Sami continues to blame Paul and hates how Sonny is defending him. She does not believe things will work out at all and takes off. John goes after her. Sonny starts to look worried that she might be right ... Brady confronts Eve in her bedroom for throwing around baseless accusations. She believes she deserves what is rightfully hers. He calls her a gold digger. She wonders when he became so bitter ... Will admits Susan insisted he was not gay as she wanted him to be EJ. However, he believed he had been in the closet. Marlena is sorry he had to keep his real self a secret. Will wonders whether he ever figured out who he was. Marlena replies he did and he came out and life was wonderful! Will smiles as she wishes he could be happy and at peace again. But he worries about leaving this life behind. She reminds him it is only a lie, just like his life before he came out. She knows he never liked not being true and asks him to come home to Salem and see firsthand. Will listens with trusting eyes for the bond they shared remains intact and he senses he can trust Marlena with every aspect of his life ...

Brady sits beside Eve on the bed and blames women like her who pretended to care but were cruel like Kristen, Nicole and Theresa. He was taken advantage of and it changed him. She tells him she has not heard from Theresa. He is relieved she is gone for good and is nowhere near Tate. When he tells her she would be a bad mother like Eve, she slaps him. He raises his hand to strike her and she dares him to do it, show the world his horrible dark side ... Will wants to have hope. Marlena notes there are no guarantees but if he came to Salem he could at least see how it felt to be Will Horton. Before she goes she would like a hug. They share a heartfelt embrace and she walks out. Will gets to thinking ...

Brady pulls back and insists he would not hit Eve. However he warns her if she tries to expose him with her wild theory ... She refers to him killing Deimos but he denies he did it. Eve kicks him out and nervously holds her neck ... Marlena updates Sami and Sonny on her discussion with Will, though she is sorry to say he might not want to come home. John sighs. Marlena suggests they get a flight. Will suddenly appears with his bag and grins is there room for another? Sonny smiles. Paul gulps ... Sister Moira Mary is at Susan's bedside. She sighs at least poor misguided Susan has a heart unlike the late Kristen DiMera ... Meanwhile woman in red Kristen is in Susan's room for EJ, smirking Susan could have had the real EJ all along. She lets out a wild and wicked laugh ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, November 21