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Monday, November 20, 2017
Episode 13,216
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John and Marlena are aware of Sami's full throttle plan to continue confronting Susan. Marlena worries it will backfire by alienating Will ... Meanwhile Sami comes across Will and Susan about to leave. Of course she stops them ... At the station Rafe and Hope discuss the latest drama. They feel for Abe and marvel at the madness of Will actually being alive. Hope scoffs at Sami's impulsive nature. Rafe sighs ... Justin is with Adrienne, who has Sonny on her mind She feels badly for Paul though she would support Sonny with Will ... At the bar in Memphis Paul asks for a word with Sonny the second he sees him ... Sami and Susan play tug of war with Will ... Sonny updates Paul on Will thinking he is actually EJ DiMera. Meanwhile Will snaps at Sami that he is not her damn son ... Hope gets sarcastic about Sami never listening. Rafe appears more strained by the second and suspects she disapproves of him helping his ex. She snaps this is about his reputation and she needed him here. She could not count on him like she thought. Instead of being her rock he ran to Memphis to save Sami ... Adrienne and Justin discuss Paul keeping his Will sighting a secret. Adrienne gets he was too scared to say something at first. She likens it to how worried Lucas was she would return to Justin, which she did. And what if Will never remembers Sonny and he loses Paul in the meantime? Justin reminds her their son is his own man. They can only stand by and support him. She agrees and they embrace ... Paul calls what Susan did totally twisted. Sonny sighs Will stared at him blankly when he went after him. He even mentioned Arianna and asked Will to come to Salem to see his daughter. Alas he threatened him. Paul is so sorry. Sonny questions his sincerity ... John points out there could be something in Susan's past to make her confess and help them get their grandson back. Marlena gasps it would be unethical ... Will orders Sami to stop popping up like all the others. He already has a mother. Sami warns him that Susan has brainwashed him into believing her memories with the real EJ years past were his. She tells Susan the lies stop now. Susan hisses Sami is the only liar ...

Justin and Adrienne marvel at their reunion. He reasons Sonny will never give up on Will the way he never gave up on her. They kiss in bliss ... Paul admits he was too shocked to do anything when he saw Will. Sonny wishes he had warned him. Will was with crazy Susan. She could have spirited him away by the time it was too late ... Marlena tells John it is true Susan was troubled but it was Stefano's influence that made her bad. John reminds her Susan was more than happy to deceive him with Kristen. Marlena reminds him in the end Susan was with EJ in the UK and far from Stefano's influence. She suddenly decides Susan's ex might be able to assist. John agrees it is worth a try ... Susan cowers by Will and likens Sami to Kristen. Sami screams she will block the exits if necessary. She warns Will he is being brainwashed. Will has heard enough. Sami suggests a DNA test. They are not interested so Sami shows Will some family photos. He takes a look. She even shows him a photo of the real EJ and Will's hubby Sonny when they were wed. Will is stunned to see Marlena officiating. Sami states his grandmother was even Susan's therapist. She urges him not to turn away from his reality. Susan tries to usher him out so he storms off to work. Sami fiercely throws Susan to the floor refusing to let her leave ...

Rafe apologizes to Hope. He notes he and Sami were married and Will was his stepson. Hope snaps she needed him. Rafe blames JJ for the shooting. Hope tells him to stop since he knows not all the facts, given he was not around. The time has come to stop judging and think before he speaks. Rafe grimaces ... Marlena ends a call with Edmund the ex, who would rather not speak to Susan, since he remains upset over losing her. According to Edmund, the woman was no longer herself after she lost EJ and left for Memphis. John gets an idea ... Paul insists he did not want to hurt anyone. Sonny tells him it is too late. He should have told him the second he saw Will. Paul confesses he feared Sonny would turn his back on him. Will enters and Sonny runs to him right away ... Sami tells Susan the real EJ would hate how she was hurting his family. He did love Susan the wonderful mother while he was alive. Susan stops talking. Sami lets her know how lucky EJ felt to have a parent who had morals. This is wrong and EJ would disapprove. Sami screams Will is her son. Susan bitch slaps her. Sami glares at her. Susan states she made her do it. Sami sighs and keeps trying to get through to her. She is haunted by EJ's death but losing Will was horrific. No mother should have to lose a son. Susan remains in denial. Sami tells her to stop kidding herself. She feels her pain over losing her precious EJ. Susan starts to cry. Sami says to stop the insanity for EJ and tell Will his truth ... Will waits tables and tries to ignore Sonny, who keeps calling him Will. Paul sides with Sonny that he is not EJ, he is Will. Sonny adds today is his birthday and he should be with the family. Will wants to know who Paul is. Paul admits he is here cos of Sonny, he is Paul Norita his fiance ... Adrienne breathes she needs Justin right now and the soap hero is happy to oblige ...

Hope primly buttons her jacket as Rafe apologizes for everything. However Sami was right. Hope agrees it is a blessing Will was alive and he did good with that. He promises to be by her side from now on and she thanks him. However her eyes are wounded. She remembers how close Theo and Ciara were and fears he might not make it. Rafe urges her to think good thoughts but Madam Commissioner must somehow make sense of everything. Rafe repeats he is here and she numbly nods ... Sami begs Susan to let Will go. NO! Susan keeps chanting he is EJ. Sami slowly states she is not Will's mother. Susan uses the b word against Sami and scurries away. Sami raises her eyes to the heavens and begs EJ to help else she shall off her ... Will gets sarcastic about Sonny having a fiance so fast. Sonny wants to show him his life. Will remembers he mentioned Arianna. Sonny adds he was shot the night Arianna was born and points to where he has a scar under his shirt. Will, however, was warned by Susan the vampires would sound truthful when lying. Marlena exclaims he is wrong and enters. Then she soap stares it is him. Will takes a step toward her and softly states he has seen her face before ...

Hope thanks Rafe for his words and for returning to her. Always. He notes he needs to go and check if the FBI needs help. He feels they are good again. Hope wonders if that is what he wants. Rafe insists it is, kisses her and walks out. Hope woefully sighs ... Justin and Adrienne cuddle in the afterglow. He marvels it feels oh so right to have her in his arms again. They both believe they belonged together all along and finally saw the light. He tells her if ever they start to drift apart they have only to remember what they went through to get back to this. She agrees and they kiss in bliss ... Will was already informed Marlena was his grandmother as Sami showed him the picture. Sami also said they were close. Marlena gasps they were but wants to focus on what happened. She knew Susan when she lost EJ and how crushed she was. It made her act irrational. Susan bursts into the bar and denies it. Marlena announces Will deserves the truth. Raging mama Sami appears. John also arrives and drawls he has someone Will trusts, one who is fully prepared to tell the truth. Roger - aka Elvis - walks in. Susan waits for him to side with her. Instead he tells babe he is sorry but the big lie ends right here right now. Will blinks in bewilderment ... !


All the drama in Salem on Monday, November 20