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Friday, November 17, 2017
Episode 13,215
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will is restless as he blinks and remembers the words that Sonny and Sami spoke. He is starting to have doubts about his history ... Sami is in trouble with the Memphis police again. At the station she is told Rafe was called back to Salem so she is alone. Marlena arrives and notes she is not alone ... At the bar Paul leaves a heartfelt message for Sonny, sorry about his mistake. P.S. He loves him and is here. Always. John arrives and gives his son a sympathetic hug. Meanwhile Sonny deletes his message from Paul as Adrienne appears at his room ... Susan has made Will a big breakfast and he wonders whether he is EJ or actually Will ... Marlena asks Sami how she got arrested. Sami admits she slugged Susan. Marlena has long wanted to do that. Sami now rages that Paul kept the fact that Will was alive a secret ... John wants Paul to know how proud he is that he revealed the truth about Will. Paul blurts out but he lied first. John peers at him ... Crazy Susan plays the wounded mama card and shows Will her shiner from Sami. He is horrified. Susan is smug she had the sheriff haul her to jail. Will decides to get his own answers ... Eli is at the scene where JJ shot Theo. Gabi brings him a coffee and feels awful for both parties. Rafe comes looking for Hope. He is pleased to find Gabi as he bears big news ... Adrienne tells disappointed Sonny to give it time. He claims not to know or care about Paul anymore ... Paul confesses to John that he had planned to tell no one Will was alive. John looks hurt he led Marlena to believe her beloved grandson was deceased. Paul is hard on himself ... Sami complains about Paul. Marlena smiles to focus on assisting Will. Sami sadly states he does not even know who they are. Susan convinced him he is EJ. It is all rather irregular ...

Susan acts hurt that Will listened to Sami and tells him he can ask her anything. He notes there is no newspaper or TV in their lives, not to mention a computer. He asks if an internet search down at the local library would lead him to the truth about himself, the truth she has taken such great pains to hide ... Sonny paces in his room and admits to Adrienne that Paul has a reason to worry ... John drawls there is a thin line between bad and good. He reasons Paul did the right thing in the end. Paul recalls how Sonny wanted their wedding but he could no longer hide that Will was alive. John drawls but in the end the lie hurt ... Paul finishes no one more than himself ... Rafe informs Gabi that Will is actually alive and well in Memphis. Gabi hugs him, elated. Rafe explains there is more to the story ... Marlena hears all about Susan blaming Sami for EJ's death, hence her deception with Will. Meanwhile Susan is showing Will mementos from his life as EJ that she keeps in a colorful box. She also holds up EJ's birth certificate. He perceives the date is not clear. She has a story for that too and tells him to ignore Sami's evil lies. Will cannot imagine he was ever married to her. But why would the Salem cop think he was Will and why would Sonny insist they had been married with a child. Why? Susan makes a strange face ... Marlena reminds Sami how she hated her when she was with John. Sami does not deny it. Marlena adds then they overcame as she shall with Will. Sami suddenly remembers what Will was like and believes Susan's scheme could backfire ... Susan lies to Will that the ones on team Sami like Sonny are only after his fortune ... Paul pouts about Sonny not taking his calls. He suspects there is more to the Will story. John drawls doc thinks the same thing. Paul starts to worry Will and Sonny have already reconciled ... Sonny states to Adrienne it is true that he and Will were separated when he lost him but he simply has to try ...

Rafe informs Gabi that Susan brainwashed Will into believing he was EJ and Sami was evil. Eli is baffled. Rafe too. Gabi is still happy for Arianna and wants to help. Rafe swears her to silence before Will is told, takes Eli's file for Hope, and heads to the station ... Back at the bar in Memphis John talks facts. Sonny and Will were separated for a reason. He feels Paul will not stop fighting for Sonny. He just wants him to be happy and gets a summons to the station from doc. Paul decides he will tell her he is sorry when he has a chance. John the sage smiles if he and Sonny were meant to be so it shall be. Then he saunters out ... Marlena marvels at the mind and memories, how they last. She knows that Will will remember Sami loved him the most. Sami hugs her and cries. Sami is now informed her miracle worker lawyer Justin got the restraining order lifted and all charges dropped. Sami is now ready to run to Will but Marlena wants her to wait ... Susan panics from a premonition of Sami taking Will away and insists they leave town together before it is too late ... Gabi laments to Eli that Arianna would be crushed if Will could not remember her. She will need to see Will for herself first ... Sonny gasps to Adrienne that this is Will's birthday. Years ago he surprised him at a lakefront restaurant, but their reservation was lost so they had fun having tacos at the park. Good times. Adrienne smiles. Sonny laments they believed they had their whole lives to be together. Adrienne assures him it could still be and advises him to follow his heart. She hugs him and he departs to do just that ...

Marlena warns Sami that seeing her might make the situation with Will worse. She offers to go see him herself. Sami is aware they were close and Marlena is a good shrink. She weeps but she wants to be the one to get through to him. Marlena wishes her luck and Sami races off. Marlena hopes for the best ... Will agrees to take a vacation with Susan. She starts to pack his things for South America, where Stefano himself used to hide ... Rafe leaves Sami a message wishing her good thoughts, reminding her he is here for her ... Eli explains to Gabi that Will is his cousin. She knows he would like him. Eli wonders how they got together. Gabi notes they slept together in high school when Will was still confused and then Arianna came along. Eli is impressed that Will, Sonny and Gabi made it work for the little girl, who needs her father ... Sonny approaches woeful Paul at the bar ... Marlena confirms to John that hurricane Sami went after Will. She worries she might alienate him ... Sami finds Will and Susan packed and ready to leave the country. Dangerous drums play!


All the drama in Salem on Friday, November 17