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Episode 13,759
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sleeping beauty Jen wakes up to Jack at her bedside. He wishes her a happy Thanksgiving. She gushes she has much to be thankful for … Abigail is getting ready as she argues with Eve on the phone, complaining she is not getting much cooperation from the outside. Eve suggests the cctv. Abigail ends the call and informs curious Chad she sounds truthful … Jen apologizes to dedicated doctor Kayla for her earlier reaction about her romance with Justin. Kayla understands. Jen assures her she and Jack are happy for them both. Jack nods … At the square runners Sonny and Justin rest. Justin notes it was a good race this year. Sonny is glum about the holiday without mama Adrienne. Justin puts him arm around him and promises they will muddle through … Marlena has been sent flowers. John notes they were not from him. She reads the card … Stylish Gina admires her almost finished painting and pouts to Stefano they need a new plan … Back at DiMera mansion Abigail assures Chad that father will eventually reach out … Glittery Gina lets Steffy know he can see his painting as soon as it dries. Meanwhile Marlena’s card says Thinking of you. S. John suspects Sami … Eve paces at the prison. Hattie boasts next year she is getting out. No more marshmallows and yams. Eve asks if she gets any. Hattie tells her she only gets turkey chili. Best not to know the ingredients. Maybe Abigail will be able to get her out. Eve gets glum about her lack of success so far …

At the hospital as Abigail goes ahead Chad reads a message from Shin about a deal blowing up. He then reads a Happy Thanksgiving text from his father and smiles … Abigail bears Thanksgiving food for Jen, who asks about JJ. Jack replies he is working. It is his way of dealing with … Jen wonders what. Jack refers to him losing the now late Haley … At the square Evan runs into Justin and Sonny. Rafe gave him the day off. Justin and Sonny invite him over. He accepts … John reminds doc that Sami used to write her initial instead of her name when she was little. Marlena knows she would have left a nice little message and laments missing the whole family. But she loves getting to be with him, her family, for the holidays. He roguishly grins they are going to be alone tonight and they kiss. Gina interruptus …

Evan has been given a tour of the large lavish Kiriakis mansion. Sonny wants him to see the food spread … Nervous Kayla arrives and Justin kisses her. They walk in together and she shares her view that Victor does not like her. Justin senses she is sensitive after Jen’s reaction so she updates him on her support. Kayla still has a feeling … Justin insists the world will be on their side. He kisses her and she giggles. Sonny appears with Evan and looks a tad tense … “Hope” lets John and Marlena know that Julie postponed and offers them the expensive bottle of wine. Marlena explains they are not wine experts so Hope/Gina lets her know John sure seems to be … Jen is so sorry for her son’s loss. The topic now turns to Eve. Abigail shares her feeling with her folks that Eve seems to be telling the truth about not pushing Jen from the balcony … “Stefano” silently reads Chad’s thank you reply … Jack argues the security footage showed Eve. Abigail argues Eve insists it was doctored. In addition, she checked with anyone who was working the restaurant that fateful night and the only other person they saw was Hope! Amnesia Jen wonders whether she saw her. Abigail replies Hope only saw her fall. Chad comes in. Jack wants to change the subject that seems to be giving the fair Jen stress. Time to be thankful …

Hattie has a plate full of Thanksgiving food and informs Eve only she gets it as a prison VIP. Eve wonders how she has survived in the slammer. Hattie knows how to make friends in the world and suggests Eve try being nice. She offers some of her sweet potato soufflé. Eve is not interested but she graciously accepts the turkey. She has not had a reason to be nice for a while. Hattie believes in her. Eve quips unlike her lawyer … Sonny intros Evan. Justin invites Evan to start watching the game with him while Sonny gets Kayla her drink. Kayla is sorry Sonny has to see her with his dad. Sonny admits he is used to her being half of Aunt Kayla and Uncle Steve. But he knows she is good for papa Justin. Kayla knows he is good for her as well. Sonny should be proud of the great man. He is indeed. He adds mama Adrienne loved Kayla and he loves her as well. Kayla smiles he just made her Thanksgiving and they embrace. Justin steps in with a smile … John reminds Marlena she was not around for a while and he did not hear from her. She snaps she wrote him every single day. Smug Gina certainly hopes they are not having a spat. Marlena politely suggests she go enjoy her expensive wine with Julie. She does – after she wishes them both a happy holiday and hugs John a tad too long …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Kayla excuses herself to see if Maggie needs help. Sonny assures Justin he supports his happiness. They exchange I love yous and a hug. Sonny knows what it is to be alone, as he is without Will … Once they are alone John wants to massage Marlena’s tense shoulders. She believes him that nothing happened with Hope, but Hope is not herself these days … Jen pouts they forgot to pray before they ate. Jack teases God will forgive. Jen gathers them around for Alice’s old prayer of thanks and they holds hands – Chad, Abigail, Jack and Jen. Jen is especially grateful to have Abigail, Chad and the babies back. Both Jack and Jen support Abigail’s current quest for the truth … After Chad and Abigail go, Jack does not want Jen to worry. She urges him to let her know if there is anything he has not told her yet … Chad updates Abigail on Stefano’s recent text …Gina returns with the wine complaining to Stefano about Marlena’s unfriendliness. What do men see in Mar … Back at the condo, Marlena wonders whether Hope feels lonely in the holidays. John wants to focus on them. She asks about supper. He suavely suggests they start with dessert. And then he kisses her …Sonny sees Evan to the door. Evan thanks him for the family Thanksgiving dinner. He even found Victor fun. After he leaves Sonny sighs … Justin and Kayla discuss the undramatic dinner. He is relieved nothing went wrong with thug Xander. Kayla laughs unlike the usual Brady fireworks. Justin likes fireworks as well as her. She smiles it was nice and now suggests Christmas at her place. Justin invites her to move in … Jen just wants to go home. Jack cannot wait for that day. Jen now brings up Eve swearing on Paige’s memory she did not push her. Something is very strange …Eve won the wishbone from Hattie, who hopes she gets her wish … Marlena ends a call with unseen unheard Sami and lets John know she did not send the flowers after all. John worriedly wonders then who … Gina calls the portrait of Stefano uncanny. But it is really of Steve, who now sports a beard and seems to believe he is Stefano ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, November 27, 2019