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Episode 13,758
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Italian convent Lani lights a candle. Kristen asks about Gabi ruining her life. Lani confesses Gabi made her break Eli’s noble heart … At DiMera mansion Gabi wants to soak in the tub with Eli, who is still fuming over his run-in with Abigail. Meanwhile Abigail joins Julie at the club hoping she is alright. Julie assures her it was a strange but brief scare … Nicole sobs alone and remembers spilling the secret she knew for a year to noble Eric. Knock knock! Tis biz partner Brady. He wonders why the tears. She cries on his strong shoulder over losing Eric … Eric storms into the Kiriakis mansion asking about Mackenzie. Maggie smiles the baby is home and with her parents as they speak … Upstairs Sarah has a heartfelt thanks for Xander, who starts to kiss her. She kisses him back, the baby still on her lap … Brady makes light of Eric and Nicole’s spat but she believes all is lost. She updates him on the big baby secret, the fact that Eric is Mackenzie’s father … Eric demands to see Mackenzie. Maggie marvels at the miracle of Xander rescuing his daughter. Eric breathes but he is the real father … Mackenzie makes a noise. Sarah and Xander stop kissing. He promises she is safe and she steps away to put the baby to bed. He wishes her sweet dreams, then throws himself back on the bed, alone … Abigail informs Julie she is meeting JJ. Julie worries he has lost his happiness since Haley died. JJ has overheard and insists Haley was murdered by Kristen DiMera …

Kristen listens to Lani’s sad story about Gabi making her leave Eli at the altar in return for Julie’s life. Nun in training Kristen quips what a beech … Gabi gets the drinks. Eli complains about Abigail’s accusations when he wanted to look at Chad’s laptop … Brady cannot believe that Eric is the baby’s father. The paternity test proved it was Xander. Nicole sighs it was a fake. Brady tries to make her feel better. She admits she was aware of it for more than a year … Maggie gasps “Oh God” when she realizes Sarah, Xander and Nicole deceived real dad Eric. The redhead is sympathetic. He just wants to see his daughter … Sarah is back with Xander and they praise one another as parents. He is sorry he sneaked that kiss. She makes light of it. Xander announces he looooooves her … Julie apologizes for upsetting unshaven JJ. She can see how much he misses Haley and assures him they all love and are here for him. She steps away and JJ sits down with a sigh. Abigail admits she feared he was avoiding her. He hangs his head and claims to be busy but does not deny how hard it is to wake up without Haley. Feels like it happened yesterday. Abigail apologizes for having to tell him but he blames one woman only. Kristen DiMera … Kristen thinks Gabi should burn in hell but it is really up to God …

Brady is bewildered Nicole kept her silence for so long. She feared she would lose Eric. Brady knows he loves her. She cries he had proposed which was why she told him the truth. Then he took off. Now he will never be back. Brady consoles her … Maggie feels for Eric but there is a better way to do this. Sarah needs some time with her child given what happened. How about tomorrow? Eric refuses and rushes upstairs to see his daughter … Xander sits beside stunned Sarah on the bed, still babbling about his declaration of love. Eric bursts in. Xander bellows WOT the hell. Eric demands his daughter. Xander and Sarah soap stare … Lani has been doing some soul searching. She knows she will not find peace without forgiving Gabi. Alas she has hatred in her heart for that one … Eli agrees with Gabi’s assumption that Abigail and Chad are up to something. He warns now they will really try to cover their tracks. Perfumed power hungry Gabi is determined to defeat them … Kristen understands the frustration of forgiveness. She herself feels unforgivable. Lani reminds her what happened to Haley was an accident … Brady gives nervous Nicole a pep talk. Missing Mackenzie was found! She is relieved and assumes Eric is with her and the mother now … Xander orders Eric out. Eric exclaims Nicole told him everything and growls he wants to see his daughter. The baby cries. Sarah begs him to come back tomorrow but Eric will not waste another minute and is mad as hell. He insists Sarah go get her. He will not wait another second … Maggie breaks it up as Sarah stops things from escalating between Xander and Eric. The redhead gets upset the argument woke up the baby. Sarah promises to bring her downstairs so Eric departs. Xander holds stressed Sarah. Maggie has a headache …

Back at the club JJ complains to Abigail that Kristen murdered Haley and got off. Abigail reminds him it was ruled an accident. He recalls how harming Theo almost destroyed him. Kristen, however, just left after she made him lose the sweetest girl he ever knew! Has Chad heard from her? The other DiMeras are not around and Stefano has been missing for years soooooo …. He suspects Chad might be secretly speaking with her sometimes … He asks Abigail to ask where she is. Abigail wonders why he wants to know … He feels if he spoke to her face to face it would help them both heal. Abigail acts doubtful so he angrily departs … Brady feels for Nicole. No one is perfect. He agrees this was not her best move but former father Eric is a forgiving man. He will come around. Nicole woefully shakes her head … Eric wishes Xander would not remain in the Kiriakis living room. Xander argues this is his home and he has been here for the daughter he loves. Eric reminds him she is his daughter. Here comes Sarah with the baby. She hands her to emotional Eric. He calls her his little girl and gently holds her. Sarah gets emotional at the tender scene. Maggie smiles in approval. Xander watches like a wounded warrior …

Julie arrives with lunch as Abigail tries to reach her brother by text. Julie was hoping for his opinion of the veggie burger. Alas now Abigail cannot stay. Julie will wrap the food to go. Abigail is grateful but when the matriarch mentions she should drop by on Thanksgiving cos Eli and Gabi will be here, the girl can only force a smile. The matriarch marvels at the big happy family they have almost become. Almost … Back at DiMera mansion Gabi thanks Eli for confirming Chad and Abigail are indeed out to get her. She gives him a grateful kiss and flashes back to finding the active app she accidentally set off that was connected to Julie heart – when they were on the couch. She now agrees a bath would be better and he carries her off … Kristen kneels before the flickering candles and confides to Lani how supportive Brady was after they lost their baby. He was even on her side when the D.A. threatened to press charges for what happened to Haley. Lani knows he still loves her but Kristen believes he is always driven to do the right thing. She sensed things would never be the same and left without so much as a goodbye. Lani wonders whether she regrets it. Kristen breaks down over the bad moment that ruined everything. Now she feels her future must be with God. She will never again see the love of her life. Lani blinks … Brady comforts Nicole, who remembers all he lost. He remembers how she wrapped her arms around him when she found him alone and devastated at the park - after his baby girl died. He is eternally grateful. She feels the same way and treasures his friendship. They hug again … Eric is much moved by holding his little daughter. She gurgles. Maggie and Sarah are both touched but Xander stares darkly …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, November 26, 2019