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Episode 13,757
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion phone Eli shares his plan to uncover what Abigail and Chad are up to. Seconds later Abigail catches him with Chad’s laptop. He talks security maintenance. She will not allow it without Chad! He wonders where he is … Chad unlocks the door. The room is dark. “Father?” … Ben meets with Clyde, pointing out his plan is not perfect. Ray cannot be trusted! But Clyde never mentioned Ray to him … Ray jumps up and tries to stop Ciara from leaving with the baby … At the station torn Xander urges Hope to read what he wrote … After Eric’s heartfelt proposal, Nicole is at a loss … Abigail talks appointment. Eli attempts to pull rank … Chad is greeted by ROLF and demands to know his father’s whereabouts … Back at the station Xander informs Hope that wot is in the envelope will help bring Mickey home … Ben warns Clyde not to trust crazy wild card Ray. Clyde likes crazy. Ben warns someone could get hurt … Ciara sends Ray flying. After he falls she breaks a potted plant on him and leaves with the crying baby. Ray is out cold … Alas Nicole cannot accept. Eric looks like he has been slapped a thousand times. He whispers are they not happy together? She stammers yes but she has been keeping a big secret … Sarah storms over to Detective Rafe asking for an update. Ciara calls with an accent, using a lifted untraceable phone, claiming she saw a guy at the park hanging out with the missing baby. Click! She now assures sweet Mickey she will be home soon … Rafe is on his way and Xander accompanies him. Sarah weeps to Hope what if it is a bad lead? Hope holds up the important envelope Xander gave her … Clyde gets a text from his downed devil … Abigail acts suspicious of Eli snooping for Gabi. He reminds her that Chad took away her baby before and even gave her to Bayview … Chad scoffs Stefano promised a face to face meeting. Mad scientist Rolf replies he never said it would be his face! Chad asks if he ever heard from him at all. Rolf refers to the phoenix as his hero. Chad wonders whether he is now trying to be him too …

Rolf replies he is simply his humble servant and speaks Stefano’s message to his son … Abigail insists Chad is no Stefano and warns Eli that Gabi gets cruel when things do not go her way. She could turn on him too. Eli gets back to Chad’s laptop. Abigail talks respect and refuses access until Chad returns … Clyde cusses and takes off to call his goon back. Ben fears the worst … At the park papa Xander is pleased as punch to find baby girl Mickey waiting. Rafe radios they have Mackenzie and she is safe. But she must be checked out. Concealed Ciara slips away unnoticed … Hope gets the update from Rafe and hands Xander’s envelope back to Sarah … Eric is confused. Nicole explains her only focus has been on him and Holly but it made her selfish. She alludes to Sarah so he assures her she understood. And Xander stepped up as Mackenzie’s father. Nicole blurts out but he is not the real father. Sarah lied! There was no second fling with Xander as she said. Eric wonders why she would make that up. To hide the truth – that Sarah was carrying Eric’s baby …

Sarah puts the envelope Hope gave her in her bag and jumps up when Xander brings baby Mackenzie back. Rafe reasons the kidnapper must have changed their mind. She asks Xander to get her bag and leaves clutching her daughter, the faithful fake father following … Ciara pays worried inmate Ben a visit. She reasons she went rogue so nothing would lead back to Clyde cos it could cause trouble for Ben. He hears what she did and is amazed. She states Xander was sweating and she is onto him. She has his locked case and promises him she will make it work. He praises her for always having hope and implores her to be careful cos he could not bear to lose her. He holds her face and she smiles. Soon they will be together … Gina returns home and wonders where her Stefano is now … Rolf states to Chad that Stefano’s message is to keep Abigail in line. Chad growls they are going after Gabi. Rolf assures him Stefano is on their side but they must respect the master and his plans. The heir apparent is advised to have patience … Chad returns to DiMera mansion complaining about Rolf. Abigail assumes Stefano played them. Chad complains his father wants complete control. So said Rolf. Abigail assumes Stefano is trying to come between them again …

Gina greets Rolf when he returns to update Stefano with a report. He met with Chad. Gina is relieved Stefano did not see him in person and wonders where the phoenix went … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sarah asks Xander to get the teething ring from her bag. He finds the envelope he gave Hope that was never opened. Sarah explains how she came to have it and wonders what it is … Eric hears the sad little story about preggers Sarah wanting to prevent him from choosing her only because of their child. He realizes that was why she wanted to leave town. Nicole tell the tale of how Xander stepped up to stop her. Eric is overwhelmed and then demands to know how long Nicole has known. More than a year. A tormented tear trickles down his face …

Back at DiMera mansion Chad assures Abigail he laid down the law with Stefano already about them being a team. Rolf advised them to be patient for papa Stefano has a master plan on how to get DiMera back from Gabi. He wants to contact him now but where is his computer? Abigail had to hide it from Eli … Ben acts surprised when Clyde updates him on Ciara saving the day. He suspects his son tipped her off. Ben counters a child should not be a bargaining chip. Clyde growls not to trust the girl cos he needs only him to get out … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Ciara overhears Xander discussing his envelope with Sarah! He admits it may have helped bring Mickey home and lies it was about a bank account he set up to pay ransom. Sarah is touched. He would do anything for their family. She heads upstairs to put the baby down and he promises to follow. But first he drops the envelope in the DiMera fireplace. Spying Ciara watches with determination … Nicole sighs it is a long story. She saw the pregnancy test results and confronted Sarah, who confirmed Eric was the father. The girl loved him but did not want him to feel obligated. Nicole laments she feared losing him and now realizes she was wrong. She felt guilty every hour of every day that she did not give him the chance to be a dad. But she has had a change of heart. Can he forgive her?! … Princess Gina the painter warns sitting subject “Stefano” that Chad would have a hard time handling his new look … Abigail warns Chad that Eli is Gabi’s spy. Meanwhile Eli listens at the door … Ben stands and snaps to Clyde he wants nothing. Besides he knew he was using Mickey as a ticket out for himself. Before he leaves Clyde hisses he is still his son and no other soul can save him … Ciara grabs a fire poker and fights to fish out Xander’s burning letter … Upstairs Xander is touched when sweet Sarah states he does feel like her baby’s real father … Eric hangs his head. Nicole implores him to speak. He has a daughter he did not know was his for a whole year. She was being raised by that man Xander. How could Nicole keep him from his child? She is sorry. He puts down the ring box and walks out to search for her. Nicole and cries her heart out. Violins play ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, November 25, 2019