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Episode 13,756
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben shares Ray’s address with Ciara. Clyde’s creepy kidnapper is too dangerous so Ben suggests an anon tip. She has an idea of her own and Ben senses it. The call is over. Ciara decides she must do it – she must go bring Mickey home herself … Abigail comes back to DiMera mansion from taking the two kids to Doug and Julie. She smiles she loves having tonight with Chad alone. He is still waiting to hear from Stefano … Hope confiscates the computer from Steffy, whose clenched fists reveal his frustration … At the Kiraikis mansion Xander writes his confession and gets another text from his blackmailer. He insists he is getting it done and implores him not to harm his daughta. Then he grumbles he is going to kill him if he does … Sarah is about to tell Eric … Here comes Eli assuring her he is searching for her baby … Xander opens the door to Nicole, who heard the news about someone snatching ERIC’s daughter. Xander glances around in case anyone overheard … Ben begs God to keep Ciara away from risky Ray … Risky Ray has a visitor – Tis Ciara who claims Clyde asked her to help with the baby. He denies knowing Clyde or the dang baby. The baby cries … Back in the slammer Will can see pacing Ben is stressed. Ben blurts out his and Ciara’s plan to catch Victor and the dreadful development. Sarah’s baby was taken … Xander hushes Nicole and has a plan. Nicole has doubts … Sarah insists Eric stay. Eli offers full DiMera resources to help find Mickey … Gina poses on her throne and complains about being commissioner. She tells Steffy they must keep up appearances until the time is right for him to reappear …

Abigail admits she would rather father phoenix vanish again. She argues Chad worked hard to perfect his legacy. Chad declares he is done playing by the rules. He wants revenge on Gabi! Abigail laments under Stefano’s influence she might lose the good man Chad is again! He sits her down on the sofa and swears she will not lose him. He is done being a bad DiMera and disagrees with condescending Gabi being in charge. He wants to take back what belongs to them but with her on his side. Always. She sighs if they meet Stefano. Naturally she would accompany hubby … Gina warns Steffy they must proceed with caution cos Abigail could expose him … Sarah cries to Eli that Xander is waiting to hear from the kidnappers but she knows nothing. Meanwhile Nicole demands Xander answer her question. Is he connected to the kidnapping? He gets another text from anonymous Clyde. Nicole knows he somehow got Victor to make him CEO. Vic wanted him to do something bad! She fears for Eric’s baby. He reminds her she kept Eric in the dark so they could play house. Meantime he has been raising Mickey … Will is confused. Ben completely confides in him about his and Ciara’s belief that Xander offed Jordan on Victor’s orders. He made the mistake of telling Clyde, who had Mickey kidnapped and is now blackmailing Xander into confessing. Will wants him to make him stop. Ben gasps he also wants to use the baby to get out. Will wants to tell the warden but Ben fears the baby would disappear forever … Ray is relieved that Ciara got the baby to sleep. He asks her name. Ciara. He shakes her hand and puts on the chain lock. She alludes to Ben being her boyfriend. He leers she must be lonely and eyes her like a hungry wolf. Ciara is cool as a cucumber. For now …

Xander fumes he is fed up with Nicole referring to Eric as Mickey’s fatha for HE was the one who stepped up from the start. He fell in love with Sarah’s little girl. He was there for Mickey’s firsts and he is the one she calls dada. He is her father and nothing will change it … Eli lets Sarah know he is on her side also as family and goes. Sarah sobs. Eric tries to make her feel better but she fears her baby is frightened. He holds her … Xander gets an impatient text from Clyde. Nicole wants to be kept in the loop. He leaves for the station and says it is to see Sarah … Ray leers the baby is asleep and Ciara is here. She suggests he head to a bar but he wants to drink here with her … Will feels they must report the felony. Furthermore the baby’s life might be at risk. Ben is sorry but he must stop him … Gina warns Steffy they risk incarceration if things go wrong. She leaves him with the computer, agrees he can have contact with Chad though no personal contact, sips her red wine, and heads off to play Commissioner Hope … Abigail tells Chad they are a team. She plans to be a part of his bring Gabi down alliance. She will not simply sit at the sidelines while he secretly schemes with Stefano. Eli opens the door and suspects they are up to something …

Will warns Ben to let go of him or he is calling a guard. Is he gonna off him again? Ben apologizes but he is so worried about Ciara. Risky Ray is lethal … Ciara reminds Ray she is with Ben. He notes he need not know. She suggests they have drinks and get to know each other. He grins like a loon … Xander arrives. Sarah stammers she was updating Eric on Mickey. Eric is sorry for father Xander, who thanks him. Eric now asks Sarah what she was about to tell him. She stammers she is sorry she bothered him with her worry instead of Mickey’s father Xander … “Steffy” starts to type his next message … Chad points out his private conversation with his wife is no business of Eli’s but Eli as head of DiMera Security believes everything in the mansion house is his biz! Chad thanks and dismisses him. Eli scoffs he only reports to Gabi and what are they hiding?! He gets a call and steps away. Chad checks his computer and whispers the meeting is on. Abigail looks less than thrilled …

Stefano left a key for Chad at the Salem Inn and said not to bring his wife. Chad offers not to go. Abigail just wants him to start getting ready with her help, teasing she will change his mind … “Hope” waltzes into the station ordering all hands on deck to search for Mackenzie … Will cannot believe Ben wants them to do nothing but Ben wants to hope that Ciara contacted the cops and they get there first … Ciara pours her whiskey shots into a potted plant. Ray Ray drinks to impress her as the flirt fuels him on … Xander is grateful Sarah did not tell Eric that Mickey was his daughta. She cries how could she admit she actually lost his daughter … Eric comes home to Nicole bearing bad news. Sarah’s daughter was snatched. Torn Nicole nods she knows … Eli updates Gabi on the phone and promises to uncover what Chad and Abigail are hiding. He slowly opens the laptop they left. Enter Abigail. MAY I HELP YOU … Chad arrives at Salem Inn Room 311 and uses the key … Ben prays to God to keep Ciara and Mickey safe. Will lets him know he does believe him now that he did not off his sister … Ray Ray seems to be asleep. Ciara is about to take the baby home but he grabs her shoulder … Xander swears to Sarah he will bring her baby back. She praises him for being a great papa to her daughter. Xander is touched and heads off to Hope. He hands her his confession and asks her to read it right now … Nicole fibs she found out on the news. Eric suggests they pray. He then stammers he was planning something and gets down on his knee, asking her to marry him. He holds out the ring. She cries crocodile tears of guilt …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, November 22, 2019