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Episode 13,755
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Dr. Kayla greets recently returned Jack. He asks how Jen fares. He gets a good update on her physio, time with Eric and now a nap. In her room the sweet Salem patient dreams in slow motion of that fateful night she fell. She wakes up gasping to visitor Justin … Eric greets Roman at the pub. He updates him on his good visit with Jen, who can now walk. He also shows Roman the engagement ring he bought for Nicole … Clyde proudly shows Ben his next text move. Back at the Kiriakis mansion as Ciara hugs crying Sarah, Xander texts back with a vengeance. WHO THE HELL is this! Sarah asks if the text was about missing Mickey. He claims tis security but there are no Mickey leads. Sarah sobs. He promises to find her. Maggie arrives horrified to hear the baby was taken … Back in the slammer Clyde cackles at Xander’s reply. He refuses to give his name to his old associate. Ben orders him to stop but papa points out it ain’t right he is sittin on death row. He has to get the real killer to confess. Ben grabs for his phone. Enter the gruff guard … Eric plans to propose tonight. Roman is happy for him and wishes him luck. Eric receives a text about one of the kids from the center getting in trouble … Jen could not see a clear picture in her foggy head. Justin explains Eve insists it was not her. Jen is sorry she cannot remember more. Justin is just glad she is alright. She asks him to let Adrienne know she will be back to the Spectator soon. Justin realizes Jack did not tell her what happened … Kayla asks Jack how he feels about her relationship with Justin. After all she was wed to Jack’s brother Steve. Jack snaps Steve is a useless son of a … Kayla soap stares …

Impatient Sarah wants Xander to accompany her to the station. He wishes he could but should stay by the phone in case of a ransom call. Maggie accompanies her instead. Xander snaps at Ciara go back to work as he wants to be alone. She walks out but stops and listens at the door … Clyde claims Ben took something that was his. The guard makes Ben give the phone back even though it is contraband. After he leaves, Ben waits and watches. Texting Clyde taunts Xander he know he knows what he did as does Victor. He must confess. Xander replies and if not? He will never see his baby girl again. Xander gets Victor to come down and discusses the problem. The Greek patriarch suggests he make the person on the other side spell everything out … Clyde awaits his reply. Ben gets nervous. Xander texts asking him to explain what he thinks him and Victor are guilty of. Xander gets his reply. YOU SENT AN INNOCENT MAN TO PRISON. He reads it aloud. Ciara overhears … Jack blasts absentee Steve for abandoning Kayla and the kids again. Furthermore he was a no show for sister Adrienne’s funeral! Kayla was upset by it as well. Jack gets choked up cos all Adrienne got from him was a card. Kayla complains about Steve’s coldly signed divorce papers. Jack supports Kayla and her new good man. She hopes his clan is not uncomfortable. Jack believes Adrienne would approve. He is happy that she is happy and they hug. They both miss Adrienne much. Jack admits he is at a loss how to tell Jen her best friend lost her life …

Jen assumes Adrienne and Justin spilt again. He is sorry to say Adrienne is gone … Kayla agrees they should enlighten Jen soon. Jack just wants to make sure the timing is right. He will also have to tell her who is in prison for causing it … Justin assures crying Jen that it was fast. He knew she would want him to keep living. She asks what caused her dear friend’s sudden death … Stressed Sarah is at the station with Maggie, who suspects the Mickey snatchers will soon call asking for a ransom. Sarah believes this is karma cos she kept her from her father. Eric enters the station and spies Sarah and Maggie through the window … Victor growls at Xander they are not going to negotiate. Xander wants his daughta! Victor wants him to keep a cool head and sit tight. If they admit what they did there could be consequences. Xander cares not and texts Clyde, wondering what he wants him to do. Hand his signed confession to the Salem P.D. … Ciara is still at the door listening as Victor hopes Xander will not make a monumental mistake … Ben orders Clyde to give the baby back. But Clyde plans to keep the little girl as leverage. He too needs a get outta jail card. He sarcastically suggests his son call Ciara with his own good news and storms out …

Sarah stammers to Maggie she almost got an abortion at the beginning cos of her precarious relationship with the baby’s father. Maggie assumes she means Xander and praises her for letting him into his daughter’s life. Maggie goes for an update. Sarah hyperventilates. The redhead runs into concerned Eric, who is shocked to hear what happened. He suspects Mickey’s abduction might be connected to who the father is … Back at the fancy Kiriakis mansion Xander decides out loud to do the right thing for Mickey. Ciara’s phone vibrates and she steps outside to take Ben’s call. He updates her on Clyde being the kidnapper. She updates him on Xander and Victor being guilty of something. At least now he and Mickey will be able to come home. Ben is sorry to say that Clyde is not going to give the baby back … Jen asks Justin how he handled losing his wife. He weeps he shut down but eventually opened up. One person became quite close. Jen is happy for him. He wants her to know he is now romantically involved. Jen exclaims so soon? With whom? Kayla … Jack and Kayla come in. Jen digests …

Jack rushes to Jen’s side. She cries about Adrienne. Justin apologizes for telling her. Jen blasts Justin and Kayla. She feels they betrayed Adrienne. When Jack informs her Adrienne has been gone for over six months she breaks down because she had no idea. Jack holds and comforts her as Justin and Kayla leave … Xander sits down and writes his confession, muttering his apologies to absent Victor … Eric believes this might be payback for something Xander did. Maggie goes to call Victor and asks Eric to take Sarah some water. He does. Sarah cries as he holds her … Ben informs Ciara of the name and address of the goon he thinks Clyde got to take Mickey. He urges her to only leave an anonymous tip for the police and not take any chances. She replies fine and hangs up. Ben has a bad feeling … Kayla feels guilty. Justin notes she did nothing wrong and hugs her … Jack holds Jen in her bed and sweetly promises to help her through everything new. She cries she was mean to Justin and Kayla but why is everything so awfully different? He has no answer and she puts her head on his shoulder … Ben tries to reach Ciara but he is out of calling credits. He worries she will do something dangerous … Ben's angel Ciara decides she will find Mickey herself and bring her home … Meanwhile Xander has his signed confession ready … Sobbing Sarah apologizes to Eric. He wonders what she did …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, November 21, 2019