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Episode 13,754
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail assumed Eve wanted to confess cos the footage showed her shoving Jen off the balcony. Eve insists she is innocent… Gina wonders whether this version of Stefano will meet Chad as promised. Meanwhile Chad sends him a message asking where to meet … Xander asks Ciara wot she is doing in his office. She has her back turned to him, his case in front of her … Clyde boasts to Ben he got leverage to force Xander to confess to killing Jordan. He ordered his precious baby girl taken by someone on the outside. Ben begs him not to! Clyde departs to meet with the warden … Ciara scrambles for an excuse and flaps with some papers she claims she had for Xander. Her back remains to him. He tells her to turn around … All of a sudden Sarah calls screaming and sobbing someone snatched the baby. Xander is on his way and asks her to call the cops. Ciara breathes a sigh of relief, only hearing there is a problem … Eve argues she was set up the same way Abigail set up Gabi for Andre’s murder. She reminds her things are sometimes not what they seem in Salem … Princess Gina pouts Stefano may have just ruined things … Sonny greets Chad at DiMera mansion. They were to go out for lunch but Chad forgot. He has to wait for an important update and invites him to stay at the mansion for lunch. Sonny agrees, sits down and asks who won the chess game. Chad drawls it was his dad … Ciara gets a call from stressed Ben. She complains she cannot open Xander’s locked case. Ben bears bad news. Clyde is now in the picture and he made the mistake of telling him about Xander. Now Clyde wants to have his baby snatched … Rafe takes notes at the square as hysterical Sarah tells him the story of the baby being gone after she turned her back for a few seconds. Here comes her hero Xander. She cries on his shoulder …

Ciara is stunned as Ben gasps Clyde has got people on the outside. She relays how Xander bolted after a call from Sarah. Tis too late. She will see what she can find out and asks him to keep her posted. Ben agrees. She shoves Xander’s case of secrets in her bag and leaves … Xander snaps why is Rafe just standing there! Rafe promises this is his top priority and places a call to Commissioner HOPE. Gina answers. He updates her and she pauses. Then she promises to see him at the station soon. She sternly tells Steffy not to sneak a peek at her unfinished portrait … Back at DiMera mansion Chad mutters he was playing a make believe game of chess with Stefano. Sonny can relate since losing his own mom feels so unreal. She was a big presence, taken so suddenly. Chad sits beside him and sighs it is so hard to lose someone close. He praises Adrienne for her sense of kindness, humor and spirit. Sonny asks if he really thinks Stefano is still alive somewhere. Chad does indeed … Abigail hisses just last year evil Eve crashed her parents’ wedding. Eve snaps she was drunk. But she slept at the hotel after Maggie left her there and swears on her daughter’s grave that she did not come back to push Jen from the balcony. If only she would believe her …

As they have a healthy lunch, Sonny brings up Jen’s miraculous almost full recovery. Justin told him she could not remember who pushed her. Of course Eve was already convicted. Chad admits Abigail got a summons to see Eve in the slammer today … Eve stops Abigail from leaving and warns Jen could be in danger now that the real culprit knows she woke up. Her daughter is therefore taking a chance by doing nothing … At the station Gina/Hope compliments Rafe for his good work on the kidnapping case. Rafe has been there before. She gasps yes with Ciara and that dirty cop. Ciara appears and invites mama Hope to lunch. “Hope” updates her on the new case. Ciara feels for Sarah. Hope calls the unknown culprit a monster. Ciara ominously seconds that … Clyde comes back to Ben, who assures him he appreciates his favor but urges him to call it off. He cannot be linked to such a thing! Clyde promises he has it covered and they will never get caught. Will steps in and solemnly wonders what now … Clyde sarcastically says hello. Will wants to know what Ben could get caught doing. Clyde claims it was just his suggestion they sneak a smoke. Will reminds Ben this guy is garbage. Clyde cackles if not for him Will would still be living with wacko Susan. Will warns him to watch it. Clyde the fiend points a finger at him and reminds him his real clan would never have found him had he not let Ben know he was alive. He demands respect for pointing him in the direction of Rolf’s secret diary. Wil reminds him he also ordered a hit on his hubby. Clyde quips at least he did not off his mother. Tis a low blow indeed …

As they chow down Sonny informs curious Chad he has not seen Will lately. He is respecting his wishes to stay away. Chad knows Will still loves him … Sonny gets testy and then apologizes. He and Will were unable to pretend everything was alright. Chad loves both guys and feels for them. Sadly Sonny now believes that love cannot conquer all. Chad talks time. Sonny talks the tragedy of losing his mom, then apologizes for feeling sorry for himself. Chad believes it is best to talk about it. Sonny recounts how he recently spoke about it to a guy he had dinner with. His kindness made him feel better. Chad gasps a date?! Sonny soap stares … Ciara wants to help. Rafe thinks she is sweet but this is police business. He now gets a text about the cctv footage and steps away with Hope. Ciara quietly hopes Ben will be able to convince Clyde to do the right thing … Xander calms sobbing Sarah, who cannot bear the thought of her baby with a stranger. Xander gently assures her the cops are doing all they can. She bawls she might never see her baby again and blames herself. He insists she is the most wonderful mother. She cries she cannot lose her. He recalls how hard the night was that Mickey was born. They will get her back and then he shall kill the s.o.b. who snatched her. Sarah nods through her tears and whimpers as he holds her…

Will calls Clyde an s.o.b. Ben warns his dad to back off but Clyde keeps going. Will shouts to shut up. Ben makes Clyde stop and assures Will his dad will not make trouble. He suggests they return to their cell but before Will goes Clyde threatens to make his life a living hell … Chad probes Sonny about Evan. Sonny is quite certain he is gay though he is now not looking for anything other than friendship … Eve ask Abigail to at least investigate who really pushed the fair Jen from the balcony – for all their sakes. Abigail will see what she can do … Will is restless and throws his book down. When he picks it up a picture of Sonny falls out … At the park Sonny places a call to Evan and suggests they go for a drink tonight … Hattie complains to Eve about Bonnie calling her boorish with bad advice in her book. Eve gives her a hug and gushes Abigail came. Now there is at least hope … Abigail comes home to Chad, proud he won the chess match. Chad sighs he has yet to hear back from Stefano about when to meet. Ding! TONIGHT … Rafe is ready to watch the surveillance footage and is surprised when Hope starts to leave. She smiles she will go get her laptop from the car and come back to help … Ben insists Clyde give the innocent baby back to Sarah. Clyde drawls the deed is done and holds up his phone. Time for phase 2. Ben soap stares … Sarah is a mess with Xander and turns down his tea. He reminds her Rafe suggested they wait here at home in case the kidnappers make contact. Ciara arrives and sympathetically hugs stressed Sarah. Clyde now sends Xander an anon text that they have his kid but he will only get her back when he comes clean. Xander stands in silence with his cell phone as Ciara watches him …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, November 20, 2019