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Episode 13,753
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


As the morning sun streams in Abigail wakes up Chad in bed … Stylish Ciara is on the phone with Ben, updating him on her suspicion that Xander offed Jordan for boss Victor. Ben worries he could be dangerous. Xander comes in as she hangs up in a hurry … Abigail complains Stefano has not disclosed the details of his condition. Chad wants a kiss. She has a bad feeling he is either his same old self or someone else … Gina struggles with her luggage in John and Marlena’s living room, then takes a call from Steffy. She complains John and Marlena are together. The woman had the nerve to kick her out. Marlena walks in and asks if she means her. Gina pretends to be Hope speaking to Doug. She will be staying with him and Julie. Marlena wonders about her home repairs. Gina replies with sarcasm. Marlena gets miffed. John appears at Marlena’s side asking Gina if there is a problem … Ciara fibs she was on a biz phone call with a client. She did not want Xander to think she was overstepping. Xander praises her risk taking and smiles now she can spend all her time on Titan. Sarah emerges holding baby Mickey, who spat all her green peas on her … Inmate Ben gets an unexpected visit from Clyyyyyyyyde … Inmate Eve rages after ending a call with Justin insisting Jen knows she did not push her. Hattie wishes she would be quiet cos she is readin. Eve is mad. Hattie suggests she blame Jennifer. Eve hates being locked up with lowlifes. Hattie counters she could be her only friend … Clyde gets the guard to leave him alone with his boy. He is still in solitary but wanted to thank him for getting rid of that nut Tammy Sue. Ben did not do it! Protective Papa Clyde points out he only has one appeal left so he has better do somethin. Ben is working on it …

Back in the Kiriakis living room suited Xander gives Sarah a napkin so she wipes her shirt. He offers to bathe the baby while she gets ready and they leave the room … Ciara opens his briefcase and takes out a folder. She starts to speed read … Chad and Abigail snuggle after the lovin and she sighs she is sorry the Stefano stuff worries her. He gets it. She reminds him as a reporter she also has a professional responsibility … Chad opens his computer. Ding! … Gina assures John there is no problem. They were discussing her moving out. John has had a change of heart - if doc agrees. Gina gives them their privacy and John argues they hurt Hope’s feelings. Their doors do have locks. She agrees. At least they have their room to themselves. He kisses her and takes Gina’s bags back. She thanks Marlena for being a good friend, goes to run her errands and gushes she will get something for them all to enjoy tonight. Marlena does not like the sound of that … Eve stares at Hattie cos she looks like Marlena. Hattie snaps she is purtier and exclaims there are books to be written and money to be made on the outside. She has been reading one of the books in on the run Bonnie’s series. She offers to be Eve’s agent if she decides to do a book …

Clyde gets sarcastic about Ben’s late legal strategy. Ben suspected Victor but now believes he outsourced the hit to Xander. Clyde knows Xander. His boy deserves the better life. Ben is on it … Ciara hears Xander, puts back what she was reading and leaves his briefcase like it was. He sighs to Sarah he is too swamped to spend time with her. Ciara sweetly offers to hurry that deal with Basic Black. She is on good terms with Brady …. Xander has his doubts. She reminds him he suggested risks and asks for a chance. Grateful Xander and Sarah go with the baby … Stefano has asked Chad for a chess match. He will only meet him if he wins. Abigail worries what if he loses? Chad drawls he never does and kisses her … Eve calls Hattie’s idea dumb. She has nothing big to tell as she is innocent. Hattie boasts but she is getting out sooner so she should be nicer. She could help her on the outside. Eve asks for her phone card … Abigail wishes Chad luck on the virtual chess game with a real chess set … Gina goes home to Steffy and complains about her day. She hopes he did not sneak a peek at his unfinished portrait. He is silent and busy with his chess set. She picks up a paint brush and wonders who his rival is … Abigail stops Chad from making a bad move that could cost him his queen. Chad thanks her. He wonders how she would feel if father wanted to visit the kids. She suggests he just play the game … Gina realizes Steffy is not ready to reveal himself but what about Marlena his queen of the night …

John praises Marlena for her perfect toast. She is surprised to see the apricot jam. Hope likes it and it grew on him. Marlena is suspicious of Hope’s motives. He explains she is a good friend and reminds doc she was the one who cancelled their plans. She denies it and notes he was the one who… He would rather not argue. She calls Hope selfish since Doug and Julie could use her help, given all Julie went through. John wonders why the bad feelings. Cos she found him with Hope and it looked like the woman wanted to seduce him! Clueless hunk John sighs. As doc sips her juice he assures her Hope is not after him. No one made an inappropriate move. He only has eyes for her. The blonde blushes … Gina wants a plan to divide and conquer John and Marlena. Steffy keeps playing chess … Gina warns him not to let Chad and his reporter wife into their world … Abigail gets a call from Statesville and accepts the charges. Tis Eve … Xander enjoys his stroll through the square with Sarah and baby. She loves that he loves her daughter … Meanwhile Ciara is rummaging through the drawers in Xander’s office. She finally finds his case of secrets …

Eve updates Hattie. She hopes she convinced Abigail to come … Chad says not to go but Abigail senses something, wishes him luck and takes off. Chad sighs he will need luck … The baby cries. Xander picks up her fallen shark toy and she stops crying. Sarah smiles when he tells her Mickey resembles her. She gushes she has got Eric’s eyes. After she goes Xander gets to thinking … Clyyyyde returns to Ben announcing he was helpin him. He has guys on the outside but Ben turns down his brand of help … Ciara pries at Xander’s case of secrets with a long letter opener … John gushes he is gonna clear his schedule and spend the day with his beautiful wife. Marlena smiles she wants to see Will first for she is worried. She will be back for supper. John says great but his eyes reflect his frustration … Eve is waiting. Sympathetic Hattie goes with her book. Enter Abigail. Eve alludes to a big story. Abigail warns it better be good … Steffy clenches his fist cos Chad won. Back at DiMera mansion Chad is astonished father would make such a mistake, then messages him. About that meeting … Gina sits on her throne and wonders what Steffy will do next. He taps a well-manicured finger … Ciara hears Xander. He is surprised to see her in his office … Clyde drawls daddy knows best and Ben owes him now. Horrified Ben wonders what he did this time … Good Samaritan Sarah picks up a wad of cash a woman has dropped at the square. When she turns back to the baby she is gone! Sarah starts to panic. Little Miss Mickey has been snatched!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, November 19, 2019