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Episode 13,752
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena asks what she walked in on. John comes running with a hearty hug. He was not expecting her until Christmas … Kate visits soulful Will in the slammer … Sonny runs into Everywhere Evan again, explaining his dad had dinner plans with his new lady … Justin kisses Kayla and they both marvel how lucky they are … A hand with a phoenix ring reads Chad’s ultimatum. At the mansion Chad and Abigail get their answer. Stefano accuses Abigail about butting into hubby’s biz. Abigail wants to reply … Gina apologizes she spilled wine on her top and gets her jacket back on. John smiles why home so early. Marlena is happy to report she will be able to do the remainder of her work here in Salem. John is over the moon and suggests they celebrate. Gina looks ready to cry … Justin pours the wine, his plate full of yummy pasta, happy to hear Julie is alright and she and Doug sent him some chocolate cake. Justin appreciates the caring. Kayla adds they were all concerned after what happened to Adrienne … Will wants to hear Kate is heading to Europe as planned. She replies she already saw Lucas and Sami when they came home for the trial and … Adrienne’s funeral. Will wants her to keep her plans. She worries about him being here alone. He sees Arianna … but not Sonny … Evan coincidentally ordered too much food and invites Sonny over. Sonny hesitates so he suggests a picnic. Sonny accepts … Chad cannot stop Abigail, who types she and Chad make their decisions together. She suggests Stefano is scared and old fashioned so he cannot face his son. Chad gasps not to send the message. She stands up with the laptop and Jack comes in, wondering what the argument is about … They stammer it was a social media matter. The nanny is now tucking the kids in. Chad heads upstairs. Abigail asks about Jen. Sleeping Beauty read the Sleeping Beauty book to the kids. Jack shows a pic and Abigail sees she seems tired. Jack is still worried as she is still somewhat unaware ...

Back at the swanky condo Marlena giggles as gushy John takes her bags to their bedroom. Gina politely welcomes her back. Marlena primly asks how long she plans to stay … At the Horton plaque Evan and Sonny enjoy the dishes. Sonny praises how great he is with David. Evan loves kids and became a nanny rather unexpectedly. He left the west coast after a relationship ended. He was seeking a nicer smaller place. He asks Sonny how he is doing. Sonny sighs since his hubby killed his mom? … Will recounts his last meeting with Sonny. Sonny was strained as he hand delivered Ari’s art. Will asked him not to come anymore for he could see it was killing him. Sonny denied it. Will muttered he must loathe him on some level for killing his mom. Back to the now. Kate argues he did not set out to end Adrienne’s life. Will notes that does not make it easier for Sonny … As they sit on the sofa Kayla asks Justin about Sonny. He sighs he is having a hard time as he lost his mom and hubby in one swoop. Sympathetic Kayla knows yesterday would have been Justin and Adrienne’s one year anniversary. She misses her good friend and adds it was so hard having to tell him … Flashback to six months previously. Justin had broken down as Kayla started to say … They tried but her internal injuries were bad and Adrienne was gone. He had cried on Kayla’s shoulder. Noooooo … Back to the now. He credits kind Kayla for helping him make it through the days. She praises him for being there for her. They were faithful friends. Then on the day he helped her move to her new condo things changed. An envelope was left at her door. Her final divorce papers without a word from Steve. Justin was her shoulder to cry on. Their lips met as two lost souls searching for solace … Justin now credits Kayla for making him happy again. She says the same of him and they kiss …

Gina claims her renovations have been slow. Marlena asks the home guest to go. Gina gasps she is kicking her out? Marlena sternly states she and John need to be alone. She agrees and pretends to understand … Back at DiMera mansion, Abigail muses there is much for Jen to digest. Jack is grateful his daughter convinced him to take charge of the Spectator with her as his number one reporter. She admits she has a hot lead for a story. That was what she and Chad were arguing over. Jack is intrigued … Evan asks if Sonny is mad at Will. Sonny opens up. He is angry and attempting to let it go but how? The father of his daughter, the man he loves robbed him of his mother. Understanding Evan asks if he has spoken to a pro. He has tried but how to overcome such destruction …Kate wants Will to remember it was an accident. He laments he will love Sonny forever but stole something precious from him. Kate believes he belongs elsewhere as he is nothing like nutty cellmate Ben, who strangled his sis. Will replies Ben claims he did not do it. He has his doubts about that but does believe his lack of a life is what he deserves for ending Adrienne’s …Chad returns as Abigail stammers to Jack about her almost story. Chad announces Abigail is being requested by their daughter. Jack says his goodbyes and promises to give Jen her good wishes. She cannot wait to have her home. Once alone with his wife Chad sincerely hopes she was not going to tell Jack about Stefano …

Happy as a clam John has unpacked for Marlena. Gina smiles to get some sleep and stands up. Ding dong! Smiling Jack greets Marlena and John. Marlena is glad about the good news that Jen woke up. Grateful Jack hands them back the hourglass that brought her back to him along with the power of their love. John solemnly states the power of love brought doc back to him before. That’s a fact. Gina hangs her head … In front of the cozy fireplace Abigail points out Stefano would be a big story. Jack would handle it with discretion. Chad fears father phoenix would disappear and insists he needs his good will to destroy Gabi. Abigail eventually agrees, deletes her message to Stefano and sends a nicer one instead, respectfully asking her father in law to meet his son face to face. Chad knows he will respond to that. Abigail assures him she is on his side and kisses him, then stands up. Ding! Chad feels that was fast …

Will turns away in his torment. Kate urges him to reach out to Sonny. There is Arianna to consider. Will finds it hard to face him or his family. Kate reminds him that everyone forgave Eric for causing Dan’s death. She refuses to give up on the grandson she loves, hugs him, and takes her teary leave. Will blinks back his own tears and looks at the photo of the man he loves … Evan is sorry if he upset sad Sonny. Sonny is grateful he is a good listener and also appreciated the food. He will get in touch about babysitting Ari. Eager Evan suggests they grab a coffee or a drink at the sports bar with karaoke sometime. The mood becomes light … Kayla and Justin enjoy the chocolate cake with wine. He claims he cares not if anyone is against them and kisses her on the couch … Jack takes his leave and John and Marlena chuckle. Marlena wants a shower and the bed. John gushes he will join her. Marlena reminds him they have company. Gina says not to mind her. They head into the bedroom and she woefully whispers Goodnight John. She now makes a call to let a certain someone know his queen of the night just came back to Salem. Time for a new plan … Chad and Abigail read Stefano’s one condition to a meeting with Chad. Abigail raises her eyebrows …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, November 18, 2019