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Episode 13,751
1020 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In a candle lit chapel far away from Salem … Kristen points out to tormented Lani that prayer brings peace to people. Lani, it seems, is still a lost soul. Kristen can relate and remembers when she saw her in the Italian square … Meanwhile back in Salem, stylish Gabi smooches with Eli, who still has no idea she was the one who blackmailed his runaway bride. She continues to dupe him by criticizing cruel Lani and acting like only her love is true. Eli goes along with the passionate princess and has no idea he is now sleeping with the enemy … At Julie’s Place – which used to be called Doug’s Place - Doug and Julie discuss the wonder of Jen waking up to love of her life Jack. So many things in Salem are different now … John has come home to fancy Gina, a wicked woman on a seductive mission. Alas John still believes her to be Hope and appreciates the good quality wine. Coquette Gina slyly wants to toast to THEM and the hero absentmindedly agrees. Gina has a glint in her eye … In the park JJ remains downtrodden and angry at crazy Kristen. Brady believes she was still suffering from the loss of their baby when the tragic event happened to Haley. He wishes he could turn back time for all their sakes … At the square Kayla is happily telling her sweetheart on the phone that she is picking up a special dinner for them. Alas in spite of the fact that a whole year has passed, her sweetheart is not repeat not Steve …

John still has doc on his mind and sounds like he would rather be having the cozy dinner with her. Obsessed Gina probes and tries to find an opening, acting like a confidant … Gabi gets miffed when Eli insists Lani shooting her late husband Stefan was an accident. Meanwhile back in Europa Lani is not able to overcome her loss and admits as much to Kristen. Curious Kristen asks all about the baby she and Eli lost. Lani laments if David Abraham had made it, then everything would be different now. Kristen laments if her and Brady’s baby girl had survived, then she and Brady would also have had their happily ever after. Yet here they are at this convent ...

Gabi continues to hoodwink Eli, who is bewildered as ever about why Lani heartlessly humiliated and broke up with him. If only he would channel his inner detective he might discover the truth … Back on the continent Kristen is reminded of the night her and Brady’s baby was born. It had been such a long time coming … Not one minute goes by that John does not miss his beloved Marlena. Gina, however, is determined to keep her eye on the prize and pretends to be trustworthy friend Hope. She remembers her sneaky secret. She was the one who arranged for the dedicated doctor Marlena to be offered a positon on a prominent psychiatric panel. Marlena would have turned it down but proud hubby John had assured her they would make it work, distance be damned … Gina makes sure the wine keeps flowing like water … It is all part of her plan, which was taken to the next step when she stated her home had been flooded. Now she gets to spend all her time under unsuspecting John’s roof, with Marlena far far away …

Temptress Gabi gets Eli where she wants him. During their passion, the button for the app that control’s Julie’s heart gets pressed on her phone. Back at the club, Kayla starts to worry about matriarch Julie, who seems pale. Her heart is racing ... Kristen and Lani appear to have connected over the fact that they know what it is like to lose a child. But are they both ready for the next religious step that awaits …? Back in Salem Gina smiles at John like Hope, trying to make him have an enjoyable time. Speaking of time …. She also remembers all the letters from Marlena to John that she intercepted time after time, so as to isolate the neglected husband. Gina tries to cozy up … JJ is curious. Brady admits to JJ he knows not where Kristen went. He wanted to be there for her but it was not enough. JJ just wants to know if Kristen contacted him, would he actually reveal her whereabouts? … Kristen lets Lani know she knows she is hiding something and seeks the whole story. She has time to listen … As Gabi turns off her phone, Julie starts to feel better … Gina wants to make a move. John just assumes “Hope” has been feeling lonely since Rafe … Julie wants Kayla and Doug to know she is alright and makes a joke about saintly Kayla the almost nun …

Almost nun Kristen solemnly reminds almost nun Lani they still have to commit to their final vows … Back in Salem drug addicted JJ scowls as Brady opens up. JJ wishes Kristen the very worst. He accuses her of intentionally pushing Haley down the stairs but Brady believes it was an accident. Brady laments he lost his daughter forever and informs the young man he is here for him regardless … John steps into the condo kitchen to warm up the dinner feeling light headed from the wine. Gina has conveniently dripped wine on her top. Tis the oldest trick in the book … Alone with Haley’s photograph, raging JJ vows to track down Kristen and get his revenge … Back in the chapel quietly raging Lani grimaces she wants Gabi to burn in holy hell … Julie happily hugs Gabi, who enters the club with Eli. No one suspects a thing … Psst! Kayla’s new man is .... Justin Kiriakis … Back at the condo Gina flirts with John about her top being stained soooooo she is down to her camisole. She takes a seductive sip from his wine glass ... Here comes Marlena just in time to stop her, wondering what she interrupted. BOOM!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, November 15, 2019