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Episode 13,750
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady laments the night he lost his baby he wanted to drink himself numb but nothing would have helped … Eli comes across a Veteran’s Day fireworks flyer and remembers when he kissed Lani under the fireworks after she agreed to marry him. He tosses it in the trash. Here comes Abe … John comes into the pub grinning about the daily special. He admits to Roman it has been a hard couple of months without doc … Glittery Gina orders her subject to sit back down as she paints and teases Steffy not to sneak a peek …Up in their bedroom Chad admits to Abigail he has been hiding something huge. She waits for him to enlighten her … until queen bee Gabi barges in with a fake apology. Chad wants privacy. She reminds him it is her mansion now and they are but guests … By the park Abe asks Eli how he has been. Eli had quit his commissioner job last year. He flashes back to reasoning he could not have a working relationship with Lani. He is bitter about being left even now. Abe sighs but Lani is gone … Brady continues at the addicts meeting. He has the support of family and friends but no one can bring back his baby or the baby’s mother he loved. JJ jumps up and shouts to shut up …

Abe assures Eli there will always be a place for him at the Salem PD if he is interested. Eli, however, has since moved on. He appreciates the support of good mayor Abe but is still smarting from the way Lani left him … Eric stops JJ from rushing Brady but the boy hisses he cannot hear any more of his pity party. He storms out … Roman gives John a pep talk cos Marlena has a lot on her plate, given Will accidentally offed Adrienne. John knows she is also worried about Ari being without Will. Roman reminds him the little girl also has daddy Sonny as well as Gabi. They sip their ale … Abigail puts on a polite face for Gabi, who is not giving them their privacy. Gabi the queen of the mansion gets Ari’s doll, tells Chad not to forget that European report and sweeps out. Exasperated Abigail wants to move out. Chad counters they cannot … Gina paints and pouts John was her prince … Back at the pub Roman and John discuss all the sadness in Salem. Roman admits so many souls walk in to drown their sorrow … JJ pauses outside the pub and takes out his pills. Eric appears. He knows where he has been. JJ explodes cos Brady was at the meeting, rages at the former father to leave him alone and slugs him … Back at the center Maggie warns Brady he might not be able to change how JJ feels. They should focus on what they can change. Brady calls her a good woman. She knows how he feels, how he grew to care for Kristen again. Brady weeps he fell back in love with her … He remembers 6 months earlier when he felt her baby kick. They kissed in bliss at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady now sighs but then she broke his heart …

Abe has no idea why Lani left her almost groom. Eli is still smarting about her humiliation of him at their almost wedding and yet he wonders how she is doing. Abe only knows what her mother tells him – she says she is closed off but alright. Eli almost asks him to tell her something but changes his mind and heads off … Gabi picks up a picture of Stefan and remembers forcing Lani to finish things with her love if she wanted Julie to live. She then tells her beloved Stefan’s picture she avenged his death, quite enjoyed it, and now his heart is still beating. She vows to make his legacy live on … Abigail insists they can go to her mom’s place or Paris or … Chad sighs they have to stay at the mansion with Gabi. About his secret … it concerns Stefano … Meanwhile Gina orders her subject to turn his head more toward the window to capture the light. He silently obliges … She smiles to Steffy their interests align. When she gets Prince John he shall get his Marlena, queen of the night … Roman has ice for Eric’s lip. JJ apologizes. John is after an explanation. Eric discreetly declares it was between him and JJ. John presses so JJ snaps it is about his damn son … Brady now knows he was wrong to believe Kristen DiMera could change … Eli returns to Gabi at the mansion. He is now her head of security and admits so far he has no leads on Kristen DiMera. She now brings up another issue … Mr. and Mrs. Chad DiMera … Abigail is puzzled. Chad tells her he and Stefano have been communicating for the last few months via instant messaging. Abigail is somewhat surprised he is alive and asks where he is, what he wants. Chad has not seen him and has no answers. She questions whether it is really him. Chad would swear on it that it IS Stefano the great and powerful …

Gina notices Steffy is silent and asks what he and Chad have been plotting in their communication. She deduces they are after the DiMera Empire … Chad tells Abigail he tested Stefano and shows her his accurate answers which included memories and details only Stefano would have known. Abigail wonders what he wants. For them to go after Gabi … Gabi tells Eli she senses Chad and Abigail are plotting against her. Eli, however, is a man of facts. She reminds him she was proactive fighting off Kristen’s attempts and arranging for Tony to be in Europe with nutty Anna. Now she believes Chad and Abigail her polite arch enemies plan to bring her down … Brady excuses himself to get the spring collection done for impatient Gabi. Maggie believes Brady still needs to talk so he promises to attend another meeting. He hugs her in thanks for her support and leaves … John drawls Brady did make mistakes this last year. He can see JJ is struggling. JJ snaps he could never understand. John is here and hopes the good kid will get the help he needs. He then leaves. Eric assures high JJ he harbors no hard feelings. JJ has no sympathy for Brady and stammers he misses Haley. He then takes off again, wanting to be alone. He feels he is a lost cause …

JJ pops more pills at the park. Brady catches him holding the bottle … Chad assures Abigail he has not forgotten what Gabi did. He is only at DiMera to find a weakness in Gabi that he and father can exploit to get their family legacy back. She shall pay for all the tears she made the fair Abigail shed … Gina is almost finished the portrait and feels hungry. She places her hair on her head looking like a predator … Abe runs into John, who jokes he has the Brady pub special since the woman he lives with cannot cook. Abe shares his worry about Lani. John worries about Brady but tells his old friend they must let their kids find their own way … Back at DiMera mansion long faced Eli admits to perceptive Gabi that he just saw Abe and they spoke about Lani … A nun sits with her rosary in a candle lit chapel and proceeds to pray. Tis Lani … She remembers leaving Eli and prays harder … Gabi is sympathetic about Eli losing Lani but notes if he had not … Then she kisses him … Ding! Chad informs Abigail that is his father. Abigail is suspicious since he has not even seen Stefano’s face. He wants to respect him. Abigail does not have such a problem and sends a message as Chad. They cannot continue communicating until they meet … The continental man with the telling ring takes a look at his laptop … Gina has set the table and lights the candles. John returns with dinner and she smiles … Back at the center Eric makes light of JJ hitting him. He asks about Brady. Maggie replies he feels badly about setting JJ off. After all these months given what happened a confrontation was inevitable … Brady apologizes to JJ. JJ cries Kristen killed his beloved Haley and he will hate both Brady and his homicidal maniac forever … Another nun sits with Lani in the chapel. Lani sighs she was thinking of Eli again and suggests they pray together for strength. "Kristen" the nun clasps her hand as creepy music plays …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, November 14, 2019