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Episode 13,749
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Eric enjoys Roman’s coffee. Tis the time of year he also collects donations for the Horton Center. Roman respects the good work they do … Chad is working from home on his computer clad in his suit. Playful Abigail surprises him and wonders what is so interesting … At Kiriakis mansion Victor toasts himself with scotch. Maggie comes in and he apologizes She already knows all his hiding places. He is celebrating that Ciara turned her back on Ben … Ciara promises Ben she will be able to prove that Victor killed Jordan not him! The man in orange is moved. She vows to get something that clears him. She is moving into the mansion … At Basic Black Xander bugs Nicole to look over the contract. She suspects he is just stopping by to make sure she keeps her silence about Sarah’s baby secret. She feels guilty as soap sin that Eric know not he has the child he always wanted. Enter bewildered Brady … Victor updates the redhead on Ciara coming around and dumping the devil who offed Jordan. He wonders what has her in good spirits. When she states Mickey was in her bed he spits out his drink …Ben fears there are no leads left to follow if Victor hired a henchman but Ciara suspects he had Xander do the deed … Xander slyly suggests he was after a venture with Titan. Brady tells him off cos he and Nicole are partners. He asks Nicole how she could even think of working with the guy … Eric and Roman talk family. Roman senses Eric's deep disappointment that Sarah’s baby is not his. Eric feels sorry for her having Xander as a father. Here comes JJ, all excited about Jen and the high he is feeling. Eric has noticed. Roman gets back to work. Eric asks jittery JJ if he is high …

Chad kisses Abigail and asks about the kids. They are visiting Jen at the hospital. Almost everyone is happy. She admits to Chad she is still worried about brother JJ … Eric is aware of the signs and suggests JJ speak to someone. JJ turns him down so he suggests he attend a Horton Center meeting later today … Victor growls about baby Mackenzie’s nickname being Mickey. Sarah arrives with her babe in arms and teases he is jealous of the late Mickey. Maggie, on the other hand, is moved. Sarah has high praise for her late step papa … Xander taunts embittered Brady and remembers 6 months earlier when Victa replaced Brady with HIM as Titan CEO … Abigail complains about JJ not even agreeing to lunch with her. He needs someone to talk to and she tells concerned Chad … Eric lectures JJ, explaining how worried Jen is about Laura’s addiction gene being passed down. JJ is in denial. Eric argues his mom will suffer more if he is not well. JJ is listening … Xander boasts he made Titan better than Brady. Brady doubts it and warns the DiMera board would not even approve his idea. He and Nicole are Basic Black but it is still a subsidiary of DiMera … Smart cookie Ciara suspects Victor making Xander CEO was his reward for offing Jordan. Ben argues Xander had given up his wicked murdering ways but Ciara believes the lure of the Titan top job changed his mind for a minute. The stakes are so high! They remember the day Ben found out the D.A. wanted him to get the death penalty. The appeals did not work. Ciara reminds him there is still one appeal left. This time failure is not an option. She refuses to lose him … Nicole feels badly about Brady being fired by Victor last year. She treasures their friendship and tells him she is here for him. Maggie comes in with a smile, reminding Brady they have a meeting. She misses him being at the mansion but he believes he is better off without it. They get going. Nicole sighs …

Xander comes home to Sarah kissing Mickey. He sits beside her and Victor offers him a glass of scotch. He just opened his favorite bottle. Sarah wonders why. Victor praises his CEO performance. Sarah calls him a rock star dad and invites him to the park with her and baby. Xander wants to but stops when Victor gives him a stony stare. He decides to stay and discuss business with the patriarch instead … Eric encourages JJ before the meeting and assures him he is not alone. Maggie is happy to see him and assures him here everyone is on the same side. Brady arrives and an uneasy moment ensues …Xander gets his drink and warns Victa that Basic Black is not interested. They are still vulnerable though Nicole and Brady both hate him. The Greek tycoon growls being hated is not bad. Xander drinks to that. Victor adds he and Sarah seem to be closer but wishes they would call the baby Mackenzie … Nicole is carrying a coffee at the park when she runs into Sarah and baby. Nicole heard all about the baby from excited Eric. Sarah feels guilty. Nicole does as well. Sarah suggests Nicole, however, has more to lose if Eric ever learns the truth … Eric stops JJ from bolting and urges him to stay for the center meeting. Maggie sees him to a seat. Brady thanks Eric when he compliments his appearance. But he wonders whether Maggie was wrong to invite him. Eric insists this is also what JJ needs and thanks the crowd for coming. They all take their seats …

Chad believes Abigail is doing much for her family already. She sighs JJ just thinks she is a nosy big sis. He teases he knows she will try harder and flirts they have the place to themselves. She flirts she will be waiting upstairs in a few. He takes his laptop and leaves the dim DiMera room … Time to share experiences and support one another. Maggie takes the floor first. JJ is hanging his head. She admits after she slipped a year ago hubby got rid of all the liquor from the house. But today she saw him drinking from his secret stash and assured him she was alright, thanks to the support of this group and her beautiful granddaughter. Brady stands up and admits he too is an addict. He sadly states 6 months ago he was a dad to be again and was in a good place with the mother of his child … He gets choked up and wants to stop. Maggie insists he continue cos they can help. JJ gives him a dark stare … Victor proudly points out to Xander that Ciara will be a good asset. She is a natural in the biz world. Xander wonders whether they can trust her. Victor boasts she dumped Ben and is back. Xander says nothing and drinks up … Ciara and Ben exchange a heartfelt I love you. The guard cuts their meeting short. She sighs she has to move her things into the Kiriakis mansion and tells Ben to keep the faith. He can with her on his side. She goes after one last longing look …

The burly guard teases Ben about his hot little girlfriend. Ben warns him to shut up. The guard decides to let it go cos his time on earth is almost up - unless he gets a miracle … Nicole cannot lose Eric and acknowledges Sarah is protecting the secret for her as well … Brady admits he comes close to taking a drink daily. He has messed up and has many regrets. However, he really craved a drink that fateful night his baby died … Ciara comes into the Kiriakis mansion and overhears Xander gushing over Victor’s business praise. The Greek gushes he did him a huge favor. Oooo … Chad and Abigail bask in the afterglow. She marvels how Paris was perfect for them and they are completely honest now. Chad suddenly blurts out he has been keeping a big secret from her …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, November 13, 2019