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Episode 13,748
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In his cell Ben complains about being locked up. He is an innocent man. Will reads his book in the bed above and sighs they all say that. Ben argues he speaks the truth. Will asks who else would have offed his sister. Ben names Rafe. Will is surprised … At the park Rafe and Sonny are watching little girl Ari and toddler David play with Evan. Rafe calls his new nanny a godsend. He feels rather down and asks Sonny how Ari is handling Will being locked up. Sonny sadly states she is strong. Rafe asks how he feels. Sonny misses him much … Will reasons Rafe is a reputable detective who looked after Jordan and her son. Ben talks poison. Will argues Jordan was really targeting Ciara that time so Rafe still has no motive. Ben points out there are other possibilities not just him so why not Rafe? Will is listening. Ben admits Victor is at the top of his likely suspects list … Now to the lavish Kiriakis mansion … Ciara is surprised when Victor praises her for getting through the exec training program at Titan. The Greek tycoon offers her a junior executive positon, having already invited her to live at the mansion. Ciara is gracious but sorry to say … Suited Justin meets with Eve at the prison and informs her Jen just woke up. She hisses it is about time … In her room Jen is caught off guard when Jack explains Eve pushed her. Here comes Gina, who hugs her with fanfare. For a spilt second Jen looks suspicious … Eve exclaims at least Jen will inform the cops she is innocent … Gina sits and asks Jen what is wrong. Jen whispers she is not sure. Jack repeats what he told her about Eve. Jen informs “Hope” she remembers being on the balcony but does not have any recollection of Eve being the one who pushed her …

Will reminds Ben that even his lawyer could not convince the court that Victor was culpable. In addition the fact that Ben was associated with Victor made Ben look even more culpable … Ciara is sorry for accusing Victor of killing Jordan after Ben was accused. He wonders how she feels about Ben now. She sighs he is a killer and always will be … Jack wonders. If Jen was not pushed by Eve, then who? Jen claims she cannot remember and cries in frustration. Gina – as Hope – plays along until Jack suggests taking Jen back in time to go over the details. Gina argues the surveillance caught Eve on the camera just after she threatened to ruin her happiness in front of their wedding guests. Jack is relieved she did not succeed. Gina sheds an insincere tear and thanks God … At the park Sonny admits Ari is stressed. Rafe feels for her. Evan appears with long faced Ari and little David. She feels down about being teased by some boys about her folk’s history. Evan gives her a pep talk and Sonny calls him awesome … Eve thanks attorney Justin a million times for the news. He warns Jen might not exonerate her. She argues she may have been drunk but she knows she did not do it! She snaps to get what really happened from Jen … Jen feels deep down Eve did not do it. Gina urges her to just relax cos the cops did their job and Eve got her just desserts being in jail. Time to focus on her hubby, future and family. Unsuspecting Jack seconds that. Gina discreetly departs. Jack cannot wait to take Jen home but suggests she rest. She laughs she rested long enough … Outside the room Gina quietly curses Kayla to herself for believing Jen was ever beyond hope …

Jen and Jack are holding hands. He gushes how grateful he is. She sees he has his wedding band and wonders about hers. He boasts their bands of steel were specially made from the wreckage of the Loretta. Jen gets emotional about the last year. He goes to get her steel ring and suggests she rest until he gets back. She will be waiting. He kisses her and exits … Ciara assures Victor she was just blinded by her feelings for Ben. She appreciates the space Victor gave her. He is relieved she rid herself of Ben. Ciara blinks … Ben boasts Cara is still on his side. Will suggests he is wasting her time. Ben refuses to give up on getting out and being with her. He notes Will seems to have given up on Sonny. Will sighs at least he admitted he took a life. Ben tells him that means he is no better than him. Woeful Will has no answer … Victor believes Ciara will be able to focus on career and family now that Ben is out of her life. She plays along, gushes she loves him and gets going … Back in the slammer Ben waits for Will to defend himself. Will laments he made one bad decision that destroyed lives including his own. He just wishes he could take it back … Rafe departs from the park with David. Evan and Sonny can see Ari playing on the swings. David is sorry for what Sonny had to go through. Sonny thanks him and is about to leave but David has a question …

Justin blasts Eve for bashing Jen. She stops him from storming out and apologizes. He admits he is having a hard day. Eve convinces him to try and talk to Jen on her behalf … Gina glides into sleeping Jen’s room. Jen wakes up. Gini ominously states she had to see her one more time. Kayla said she would never wake up … Jack comes back with the steel wedding band. Gina gives the pair their privacy. He places the ring on Mrs. Devereaux’s little finger with great emotion that they made it. Jen gazes. He calls her his wife now and forever … Justin catches up with Hope, gushing about Jen’s good news. Not realizing he is speaking to Gina, he explains Eve is innocent. She suggests she is guilty as soap sin … Will assumes the visitor that is announced is Sonny. Alas it is someone for Ben … Evan lets Sonny know he is available to look after Ari as well as David. He could use the extra money. He loves his work but at least has the night off. Sonny can relate to being busy. David now invites him to try out the new Japanese restaurant at the square. Sonny must meet Justin so not this time, thanks him again and goes … Ben faces his visitor. Tis beautiful smart sophisticated Ciara …

Eve gets miffed on the phone with Justin cos Jen cannot remember her fall. She hangs up enraged … Jen gushes this ring is a perfect fit made for her. She and Jack wish one another a happy anniversary and he romantically kisses her … Gina is painting in her room, thinking aloud. She smiles about Rolf doctoring the footage to make Eve look guilty and hopes Jen never remembers. She decides to let sleeping dogs lie at least for now. She then slyly asks Steffy if he agrees. A man’s manicured hand pauses with his cigar … Ciara frets for she assumed Ben would win the appeal. He sighs as did he. She assures him they will win and updates him on lying to Victor, the first stage of their plan. The patriarch was pleased. She knows with time she will get the proof he killed Jordan! They kiss in bliss … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor shuts a drawer and drinks good riddance to Ben … Sonny joins Justin at the town square café. He asks how his father fares. Justin laments that one year ago yesterday he remarried Adrienne right here. Sonny cries he cannot believe she is dead … Will holds Sonny’s picture and apologizes for his actions … Sonny sadly states he still cannot believe his own husband killed his beloved mother. Justin gives him a hug but nothing can make it better. For now …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, November 12, 2019